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Lessons from a Movie Screening

Recently I had the fortune of being invited to a private screening of a horror film that was shot here in the state of Wisconsin.  Prior to the start of the screening the directors shared some of the love they had for their film but more importantly their heart felt thank you to all involved.  It was inspiring to see these two young men thank this large room of people for all their help. They instilled into everyone there how this film was not just their film but how it belonged to all involved.  They added their thanks in the closing credits when they again gave a thank you to all involved by listing their names.

As I left the screening this got me thinking about how these two young men turned their labor of love into something special.  It showed me that people can take something they believe in and through passion infect those around them.  It can get people wanting to be involved in the creation process to the ending of the journey. As the audience stood and cheered at the end of the film I cannot guess what was going through their minds. I just know for that brief time I got to witness a special film and the culmination of the group’s efforts.

I also realized that this was something that so many of us take for granted. We think that no one will help if we ask for help. Often people go through life thinking they are one within the crowd and no one notices them. I hate to say this, but I think these feelings are what lead to some of the depression and suicides that come from those feelings. It also shocks me to think that there are those out there who see someone hurting and turn a back to it, or make things worse.

Now how did I make such a leap in my thoughts, well it’s simple.  I saw two men who asked their friends, family and others for help. They cared about what they were making and they infected those who listened to want to help them. Those in depressed stages may not be able to make that reach, or although trying to tell people they are ignored.

The whole point here is that passion does play a huge role in getting people to help, but the bigger part is listening. Allowing those men to pitch their idea and their willingness to ask for help was a key factor in what they accomplished. We need to see this as a society and stop just walking by those we do not want to see but take a moment and listen to them.

It may not be a case of helping some depressed, it could be just listening to someone talk about their day. Their future plans in life but the big thing is that you are listening.  You may find someone as passionate about something they are doing as these two young men were with their film. You could find that you could be able to take part in an adventure that could be life changing for not just them but you as well.

My message here is simple; just take time to listen to those around you. It could be amazing on what they are trying to say.  Who knows you could be missing out on their great ideas, or helping them deal with an issue.

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