About Knightmist

Shawn-MeKnightmist is an individual who was born in 1972, in Detroit, Michigan. He grew up in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michingan before moving to Wisconsin.  He is a late arrival to the horror genre and this is somewhat of a shock considering he grew up during the horror genre boost that came out in the 1980’s.  The reason for this could be the fact he grew up loving those classic films from the golden age of movies the 1930’s to 1960’s.  Of course like many he later grew to love other genre’s including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedies and eventually horror.  He is not your typical horror fan as you’d be surprised he lives with his wife and 2 cats.  Just like his movie tastes his choice in music goes back to the big band era to modern rock.  Along with enjoying movies he is also a fan of several supernatural television shows and has a nice collection of Japanese Anime.  Being originally from Detroit his sports allegiance belongs to the Lions, Red Wings, Pistons and Tigers. His real name, is Shawn J. Micallef, and I will now start talking in first person. LOL  As you can see I like to be a tad mysterious hence why I prefer to be a bit hidden but at the same time a really good guy hence my name, Knightmist.

I will add that Horror is not the only thing I’m into when it comes to my movies and reading.  As I mention above I love films of many genres and find myself enjoying almost everything from Disney to Rob Zombie, and between.  I love reading books on either my Kindle app device or in t heir original paperback versions.  I have a large collection of sci-fi, fantasy and even some history tossed in.  There is so much more I could say, well write, but believe those who want to know will ask.  Well, I hope.

As you will see my blog is also a place where I share my original stories, life and now more and more book reviews. Some of these are things I have purchased on my own, but most are those that were shared by an author, or publicist. If you have something you’d like read and reviewed please contact me at and I’m open to all genres. You will also be happy to know that my reviews are also posted on Amazon and if possible smashwords. So just something to think about if you’d like me to read your book. The key is I’m doing this for fun and make no profit. Often I get a digital copy but if someone wants to send me a signed copy of the book, well that works too. I NEVER resell those books as I consider that to be special. So thank you for checking out the about me section and again you can email me at with any questions/comments.


4 responses to “About Knightmist

  1. Kalla Monahan

    July 28, 2012 at 7:41 PM

    Hi Shawn,

    How would someone go about contacting you to see if you’d be interested in reviewing a book? I have been reading your site and I think I have a few that you’d really enjoy 🙂 Send me an email for more information if you’re interested!


    • knightmist

      July 28, 2012 at 8:17 PM

      It’s rather easy to contact me and I need to add that to my About part on the blog. You can email me at Knightmist72@gmaildotcom. To avoid getting spammed by robots I did spell out the word dot instead of placing the little black punctuation. 🙂

      As for dropping me a line please do. I’ll also get a hold of you as well, probably the next day as I’m about to head out for the night and just saw your comment.
      Thank you
      aka Shawn

  2. Neal James

    June 30, 2014 at 5:26 AM


    I’m Neal James, British crome writer. Is there room on your show for me?


    • knightmist

      June 30, 2014 at 5:42 AM

      In truth this goes to anyone who is interested in my work. Go ahead and send me an email at knightmist72@gmail(dot)com and we can certainly talk about reviews and other things. Of course the (dot) is to help avoid some spam as that does happen. Who would have that such a thing existed (Heavy Sarcasm).


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