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The Media (Does it report or just looking for Ratings)

I’m going to start by just saying that all below is my original thoughts. I do not claim to speak for anyone else, or my employer. I just am writing and sharing what I have come to feel when it comes to the media today and the major influence they have on the world.

————————————————Post Below————————————

I’ll start by saying that when I was in high school I was asked to try out for the Forensics team.  The goal of Forensics is to help high school students get better at communication through things such as theatre, debate or speech. I went for a piece of that which gave me an opportunity to take provide stories and make a news story out of it. This eventually led to one of my first paying jobs outside of my father’s auto body shop.

I did have to leave the Forensics Team but I was hired by a local radio station and I ended up working in radio in both High School and in college. I would read the local news reports and even was given options on how to edit them to keep them to a specific length. These lengths and topics were important as we wanted to keep listeners and bring them back. I was allowed to leave out important facts if I needed to make sure the newscast did not go to long and more importantly what would get folks to come back later.

I had an even a short period of time than many news casts that have maybe thirty minutes and try to fit in as many stories as they can. Actually if you think about it a thirty minute news cast may only have time for 10 minutes of news as they have weather, sports and commercials to deal with. It’s also important to note that these newscasts face ratings and really their job is to keep you coming back to their channel. Often they say they are there to inform but really they are giving the highlights, the buzz words they know will get you talking and of course watching.

They also get to pick and choose what they wish to focus on and what they wish to leave out of their newscasts. You have to ask yourself, are they really covering everything in that 30 minutes or just what someone else deems to be the topic of the day.

I’m not talking about Fake news but real news as in CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, CNN, MSN, and any other network. I know this to be true as some of what I’m saying are things I was told to do when I worked in Radio. No matter what you think the news is often spoon feeding us what THEY want us to be concerned about. They will use all the words and videos they can find to get us coming back and watching their program.

As a few examples of what I mean on the tricks they will use to get you back. They will a tease stay tuned to learn about this, or coming up in our next half hour, and things like that. However, if you stick around has the news really changed or is it basically a wash and repeated version of what you sat through already with a few minor changes. They can edit a video any way they like to get the story to tell what they wish to show.

So just stop and think who is pushing the divide in the United States. Who is reporting day in and day out about the problems to get RATINGS? You think they actually care? Well when did it go from a news report to a news story? I mean a story can be written in many ways to influence someone over a report that gives us, the facts and lets us decide. I know this as I had to write news stories and did my best to stick to the facts as it was NOT my job to influence but to report.

It’s why I personally have unplugged from the news as I see them as part of the gasoline that is creating the issues we see. Sure you can say they are bringing light to an issue, but are they doing so to alert us or to get more ratings. Just my two cents having worked in a form of media. I’ll close by saying I’m not even going to start on print news they can be just as bad as again how you phrase a sentence, or words used, can shape an opinion.

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Life was Stormy but Brighter Things Are Coming.

I’m sure by now there are those who follow my blog wondering what the heck happened. Where am I? Did I stop writing? Did I maybe die? Did my Multiple Sclerosis decide it wanted to take some joy from my life? No to all of those as I can honestly say that none of those are true and really they are the furthest from the truth. I do need to edit this piece a bit as MS did decide to flare up and I’ll get to that in a bit.

I could go on a long babbling story about what really happened but I want to make this post somewhat short as really it is a re-introduction to what this blog is for. So let me hit the points now to explain how the end of 2016 was stressful and how 2017 is finally calming down.

The month of August saw me traveling to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, not for myself but my mother. She had been dealing with some health problems for a while and just before she planned to take a trip away from her home her hairstylist, of all people, pointed out how she looked jaundice. This led her to get to a doctor and after much testing they told her she had developed cancer. This is what brought the trip to the Mayo Clinic for the first time in 2016 and it would not be the last time. After surgery to remove a spot from her lung, we went back so the doctors could remove the original tumor that was found. She actually had two surgeries on that last visit over a span of a week and being the family we are she was one of the unique ones to be fighting two cancers at one time. I have to say the good news the doctor shared after the primary surgery made being in a hotel over Christmas worth it for us.

As my mom was going thru this my younger brother was dealing with his own life/death situation. He is one of those who likes working outside, and he and his wife own several animals. They have horses, chickens, dogs, and I could go on but really you probably don’t want to read about their small “zoo”. Anyway somewhere between the work around his home and the work in community a horrible infection took hold and he’s been battling that for some time now. As it is his story I will not go on to much more on that except to say that he is doing better and using a strong faith to help him deal with things. This faith along with support from family and friends is helping so much.

As for me, I started reading again and was lining up some reviews. I even have a few I am about done writing and wanted to share but then mid/late February things got weird. My left eye sight started to get blurry in the vision. It reminded me of what my grandmother went thru when she started losing her sight. A look out the center of the eye resulted in blurry vision but my peripheral vision for the most part was fine. I figured with some fatigue and other issues I had going on this was an MS flair up.

I had a normal six month checkup with my neurologist and mentioned the issue to her when I had that visit. A MRI was ordered and after having that done on a Friday, after a day or two of phone tag I got the results. The person who read the MRI said that it was NOT MS related but did state they had found three new lesions in the brain. Okay not the news I wanted when it came to the lesions but that is the disease but I still thought this eye issue was MS related.

This lead to an eye doctor visit a week after the MRI and that is where things got moving, and moving fast. First I got to say I have an outstanding eye doctor as she went well above the normal to help me on that visit. At first there was talk of a fix being glasses but then the retinal exam took place. She was going on about how healthy the right eye looked and the left eye she stopped. She asked if a few other doctors where available and next I knew she was consulting with retina specialists and then on the phone with the on-call neurologist for where I go. It came back that, yep it was MS related and I had a few choices. I could wait till Monday or get into the Emergency Room and get started on steroids that night. As we dealing with my eyes I went in that evening and started a steroid therapy treatment plan. I got to say that after just a few days my eye is feeling a bit better.

I realize these are a lot of excuses and I do HATE making excuses. There were some positives over the end of last year and the start of this year as well. Mid-year in 2016 I got promoted to a Front Line Leader (Supervisor) in the department I work within at my employer. I know have a small team of people reporting to me. The interesting thing my team is spread around the company but I am enjoying the challenges and most of all my team. My wife and I were given a small inheritance from when my mother sold my father’s business. This has allowed us to take on some home projects that we had been putting off. So, it hasn’t been all bad. Of course there is the joy in seeing my wife get ready to go visit her father who lives out of state who she hasn’t seen in a few years.

I just wanted to make sure that those reading knew that although it has been a rough six or eight months it wasn’t all bad. Things are picking back up for the positive and as always I am one that is trying to get back to the things I love doing. This means I do plan on getting those reviews I started out there, and more importantly getting all those authors waiting on a review realizing I did not forget their works. So, get ready as I may have to blow up the zoom in my Microsoft Word right now to write, I will be writing.  This is why the photo I used is one that was taken of a rainbow after a rain as to me it shows that thru all the stormy weather that life can bring something beautiful is waiting just behind it.

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March Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

MS RibbonI know I promised more book reviews and those are coming. I just know that if you use Facebook and know anyone else with Multiple Sclerosis you may have seen posts stating that March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. I can honestly say I am not sure if that is a national event, or not, but I want to do my part and bring some awareness to MS.

I have not seen much in the way of awareness being brought to the disease other than those images. I realize at the time I am writing this the month has already started but I’m sure you know by now MS is something I deal with daily and want to get people to understand it more. I also want people to understand it’s not a death sentence, don’t hide, and most importantly NEVER give up.

MS is often called an auto immune disease and there is no known cause. There are theories out there that it could be genetics and environmental factors or even something from an infectious disease. I do know it’s more prevalent for those who live up North where they may not get enough sun. It’s why many doctors push Vitamin D when they are diagnosed.

I personally like to call MS the “Chocolate Store” disease as your average box of chocolates does not hold enough pieces to handle the differences possible with MS. I do believe I read an article sometime back that state there are at least 50 different problems that can lead to a MS diagnosis. So, this is why I believe the “Forrest Gump” analogy of, “Life is like a box of chocolates” doesn’t work here.

When it comes to my personal diagnosis story it started just over 10 years ago. I had just begun a new job and had instances were my arms just started to flex without me doing anything. Flexing is probably the wrong term but my arm muscles would tighten and this forced my arms to bend in toward my chest. I got to say scary and when it happened in the car as I drove to work it was time to get serious. I also had issues with severe cramping like feeling in my legs. I had thought maybe a potassium deficiency but I was wrong.

These problems required me to get all types of medical testing. The hooked up sensors to my scalp, and that glue not fun to get out of your hair. They pushed needles into my arm to test nerve reactions. The final major test that proved everything they thought might be going on was an MRI. I will say I’m not a fan of those and today need some meds to relax me or it is not happening. Either way the results came back there were these white blotches in the MRI results on the brain and even the spine. It was official I had Multiple Sclerosis.

I believe I have shared this in a past writing but I got to say I took the diagnosis in stride. I did not see it as a death sentence. I was told I had relapse remitting which is a type of MS that will come and go and for many of my years I believe I am in remission. The point is I knew I had to be positive that getting down on myself, even contemplating my funeral would not do any good. I had to think of how I want to spend my life, and I decided on staying positive. I am sure family members took the news worse than I did but I hope by staying positive and explaining to them what may or may not happen it helped them.

You see that is why we need an awareness period with MS. It’s sad but as a recent actress showed people hide the fact they have the disease. They are afraid of how people will react, how their employer may react and more importantly their family. I should avoid this analogy but it seems that people are much more willing today to come out as gay, or transgender, than to say they have MS. I realize that statement is a stretch but look around the world is accepting people’s different sexual orientations more and more. However, there is a stigma with disease like MS were people are afraid to admit they have it. I get many reasons on why that could be, but as in anything in life when you have a problem you must admit to it. As for MS I love to say, “I have MS, it does NOT HAVE ME”.

The positivity that you can find by connecting with people with MS through support groups, either online or through MS organizations are huge. They can help you find others in similar situations but not always the same. I did mention my chocolate store analogy for a reason. The key is do not be sorry, upset or give up on anyone who gets a MS diagnosis. The medicine and treatments have come a VERY long way since the disease was first found.

This is also a disease that will hit anyone from race, creed, religion, ethnicity, and celebrity status regardless of who you are. So the key to tell someone with MS is no matter what you think you are not alone and just be their friend. Reach out to those you may know who have the disease and instead of saying sorry ask them how they doing. Even better ask if there is something they want to talk about, do for the day and just be there for them. I for example do NOT want to be treated like I’m made out of eggshells.

You will find people that are ignorant, who say they care, and do not back those words up. I have seen this myself but well I like my job so will not go further. I will say my immediate supervisor, and coworkers, have been very understanding and backup what they say. Now, back to the point, those negative folks need to be cut out of your life as negativity breeds depression, and depression is a major side effect. (Mental note that sentence was really long) Ok so by now as you have been reading you have noticed I am mixing some humor within this post as that is who I am. I want people to see I am me and I have my up and down days just like anyone else with MS. I for one just want people to understand that and be there regardless of the type of day.

I hope this long post opens up some of your awareness to MS and I will close by saying much of this is based on my experience and observations of others with MS. I cannot speak for all as there is just too many versions of the disease and how it may impact someone. I will close by listing just a few of the celebrities that have MS and still are alive and kicking now and working in their trade. I’m doing this to help show regardless of who you are it’s your mindset and how you react that, to me, is the biggest help when dealing with MS.

Celebrities Past and Present

  • Jack Osbourne (Reality TV Star)
  • Annette Funicello (Actress)
  • Neil Cavuto (Fox News)
  • Montel Williams (TV Personality)
  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Actress)
  • Trevor Bayne (Nascar Driver)
  • Clay Walker (County Singer)
  • Teri Garr (Actress)
  • David Lander (Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley)
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Where have I been?!?

Lost & FoundI was going to originally title this piece, “Where’s Waldo”, but was afraid of a trademark infringements. There was also the thought that someone would think my name was Waldo, or people would be looking for a photo crowded with people and hopes of finding a guy with a red hat and glasses. I however must stop with my pitiful attempt at humor (if you laughed YIPPEE) as I’m sure many are about to stop reading about now. So let me get down to what has been going on since the end of last year.

I’m going to be sharing some medical information and do my best not to turn this into a pity party type of post. It’s just to show that life has its own plans for us as what we may want to do can be very rudely interrupted by what life brings at us. It’s a fact that many of us know but at same time something many cannot overcome. They instead find ways to let the bad make things worse over finding a way to dig their way out. It’s why I write posts like this to share that with strength the bad things of life can be overcome if you try.

I had to stop and thing where to begin with this post. I will start that after a pretty normal Christmas season, wow it has been a time, I saw my primary physician not long after the New Year and that is when things started. The doctor felt it was time to maybe change up my diabetic medication. I had no problem with this request as I had good things about the drug. I could handle the need to urinate more frequently as I knew there would be a vicious cycle. It was a case where you would have to drink water to avoid being dehydrated but at same time all that liquid you have to go. I will say I wore out a bit of show tread there for a while.

It was about two to three weeks into taking the new medication; it was Invokana, when I started having some problems. My vision went blurry at times and I had some trouble walking. All listed side effects of the drug with the vision being one of the worse ones. I called my doctor and was instructed to stop taking, which I happily did. I was getting tired of feeling so bloated and then dry from that cycle.

I know those who are familiar with Multiple Sclerosis will say are you sure that wasn’t the issue going on? I did call my neurologist and they stated from the issues I was having it was more than likely the medication, and since they went to school for neurology I listened to them and put it down to the Invokana. So, yep there I was a bit of vision problems and unstable walking. I got to say trying to read after a long day at staring at a computer with occasional blurry eyes made reading difficult.

It was about this time I had brought up some pain I have been dealing with in my hip for at least five years. It was never too bad but it was starting to get worse and figured about time to have it checked out. So, here we go we have X-rays done and told to see a specialist. It’s off I go to another doctor and shockingly nothing is wrong with my hip or the joints. I’m a big man and to me that was a WOW moment but yeah this didn’t help the pain. This new doctor decided nothing he could really do so he sent me to a pain specialist. Ok, wait for it as there is a joke coming and it’s a bad one so move along to next paragraph if you choose. So, yep off to a pain specialist I went and this whole thing was giving me a whole new pain in my head. I did say bad joke.

I went to the pain specialist and he ordered the one thing I fear and that was an MRI on my back and hip. You’d think that having Multiple Sclerosis I’d be used to MRIs but I’m the opposite. I’ve had so many of them that I don’t want them anymore, but this needed to be done. I was lucky that they could put me in feet first and with help of a nice pill I was very comfortable. The outcome of this MRI, you guessed it, NOTHING was found. UGH! To finish this long story the pain doctor called for an outpatient procedure and had me get a steroid shot in my sciatica. I got to say it was kind of fun as I was wheeled in face down and a female nurse grabbed my scrub bottoms and yanked them down to expose some cheek. I think it was the first time I got to partially moon a room with four women in it.

I have to say there is more going on and as I see how long this is getting I’ll stop with the jokes and wrap up things pretty fast. It was early February when much of this was coming to a close and the issues from the Invokana had not gone away. It couldn’t be just the drug then so after seeing my neurologist on a six month check you’ll never guess what’s happening in a few weeks from this post writing. I’m sure some have an idea, well if you guessed another MRI you’d be correct. Oh and during all this a few dentist visits as I am approaching the end of a long process and the day that ends is the day I get my MRI.

So, if you have been reading along you can see I’ve had a lot of things going on. I have authors waiting for book reviews and I feel absolutely horrible that I have been delayed due to all the personal items going on. I have readers of this blog I also feel like I have let down but sometimes in life you need to look to what is important. This health crap that has been going on at least has met its three if you are one who believes in trinities. The diabetic medication, the hip and now a potential MS flare up. My hopes are it’s done for the year and I can get back to normal. I will say I have begun reading again and should have some reviews out soon.

I want to thank the authors who have been so kind and understand all that has been going on and are not upset. They get that life happens and are not holding any of this against me. I also want to thank any readers who have checked back for more content as well. I of course must thank my small inner circle for putting up with all the doctor visits and fun that has come with the stress levels and small mood swings. I’ll close out by saying new content is on the way just be patient as all this fun is coming to its end and I cannot wait to get back to normal.

I at least did not go into the cold and snowy weather that has been felt here in Wisconsin and the shoveling that has come with it. It’s just another fun factor from the last months. I’m sure I’m not alone by saying bring on Spring.

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Entertainment Beyond the Written Word

Head PhonesI for one am a big fan of the written word. When it comes to my reading choices I often prefer the feel of a page turning in my fingers over the swipe of a finger on a screen.  I don’t mind that small smell of paper, or chemical, which comes from the turning of a written page. It may not happen with every book but that physicality of the book makes it so much more real when reading. However, I am not one to shy away from the digital format as I have found some great books in that format that just enjoyable to read.

The problem is there is not always enough time to sit and read a book, regardless of format, during the day. Often you will find employers will frown on your reading at work as they want you to do what they pay you for.  There is the break and lunch periods that could be used but really is that enough time?

I do need that distraction, something to help focus my mind and shut out the background noise of the cubicle world. This is where headphones and a smart phone come in handy. In my case it’s neither the IPhone nor an Android but a Windows Phone. Yep you read that right as just about all my electronic devices are Windows based. Heck I should see if Microsoft wants to cut a deal for this unpaid for, unsolicited advertising, of their products. I say products as not only is the phone, desktop and laptop all Windows but I even have a table that is Windows based. See I like being able to easily share information across all the devices but that is not the point of this post. Oh anyone at Microsoft seeing this? If so how about hooking me up. (Ha ha in my dreams)

So back to the topic the things I use to help with focus and noise cancellation is the standard music of course. I listen to a lot of eclectic music choices but seem to love the music of 1980’s hair bands like, Def Leppard, Ratt, and AC/DC to name a few. I’ll spare the reader a long list of favorite bands as that in it is another LONG post.

Instead I want to share with people the other things I listen to as I have found in discussions some people have yet to hear of podcasts.

I describe a podcast as a form of television show, and those old enough to know them an old radio program that was serialized. If that wasn’t confusing enough it’s basically a type of program that is recorded and distributed to the world through the internet. A podcast can be ongoing multiple episodes that have new episodes coming out on given time frames. The discussion can be about anything the host(s) wishes to discuss. Another form of podcast is one called a podiobook. In this instance it is a book, often read by an author, sent to the world in the form of a podcast. I know most thing of Audible when they want a book in that format but there is something to a well down podiobook. As you will find later in the post there is a website dedicated to podiobooks which are just as enjoyable as any “book on tape”.

So let me know take a moment and introduce you to a handful of my favorite podcasts and the Podiobook’s site.

First is the place to go if you are looking for books in serialized format read often by the author. These are books that come from mainly the same type of authors I review, independent, small press authors. This is a way for authors to introduce fans to their work and some do it very creatively. There are stories out there that make use of sound effects and full casts of voice talent. There are also those that are just well read books with minor flourishes.  The books are all FREE to listen to and people have an option to donate to the author with much of that money going to the author. It’s a great source for finding new books that will engage the mind through a great tale and in some cases great sound effects.

Now, as for podcasts there are several more than this list has that I listen to. In truth it’s not easy getting, finding time to listen to each of the ones below but it is something that I can do between reading a book.

The list is in no special order as they came from the Podcast application I have on my phone. I often found out about these podcasts but searching the web, the ITunes store, Podcast Alley or a large number of sites that can help you find a podcast of your choice.

Case Closed

This is one of two shows I’m mentioning that comes from the people at Relic Radio which have many shows that feature a genre from the days when radio was filled with serialized radio shows. They covered so many topics in their network but in this case the show features Radio Detectives. There are shows that may have featured old Hollywood stars but the one thing in common these where detectives. The episodes are often about an hour in length as they will have 2 shows with a small break between them and the narrator will tell you the episodes contents and the programs will begin. In many cases you even get to listen to an old radio commercial.

Darkness Radio

This is the podcast of the radio show with the same name from News-Talk radio AM1130 out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. This often features about 3 hours of entertainment as they discuss the supernatural. There will be guests, supernatural news, and even take view ghost stories. This radio show is well done and covers a large piece of the supernatural without the commercials in the podcast. The host Dave Schrader can even be found filling in as host on Coast to Coast AM. He has a great cohost in Tim Dennis and the two bring an entertaining show to your ears.

Big Problems – An Advice Podcast

At the writing of this blog post Big Problems is just fresh on the scene with just a few episodes produced so far. It features actor Stephen Tobolowsky who many remember from “Groundhog Day” and other films and TV.  He along with his co-host takes listener questions and tries and offer advice to the letter they receive. A will produced podcast and after listening to Mr. Tobolowsky the advice can be taken as well thought out. It’s something that will certainly get listeners thinking about the problem presented and advice given.

Legacy of Laughs

This is the second of the entries from the Relic Radio team that in this case focuses on the comedians from radio. Listeners can find shows from Abbot and Costello, Martin and Lewis, Stan Freberg, Bob Hope, and so many other great classic comedians. You know they are doing their job if you find yourself laughing out loud at the jokes presented in the classic radio broadcasts.

The Tobolowsky Files

This is another podcast that is done by Stephen Tobolowsky and David Chen. In this instance they took their idea for the podcast from a movie that Tobolowsky did where he spoke of some of the events in his life. This podcast involves an introduction by Chen and Tobolowsky is free to do what he does very well share his life with the listener. His stories are engaging and not always fun but can be uplifting. You learn about the trials he has seen in living but at the same time much of the joy he has found. The way the stories are told makes this a must listen whenever a new episode hits my podcast feed.

The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio

The last show I’m going to mention is another great program that features the detectives of old time radio. What makes this one different is that the host, Adam Graham, takes time to give the listener an insight into the episode featured. The feed will have episodes in the best order that can be done and will feature a certain detective given the day of the week. He has shared Sherlock Holmes, Johnny Dollar, The Saint, and Dragnet. What set this apart from Case Closed are the introductions that Graham gives each episode. Also this is one show per episode averaging about twenty to thirty minutes per episode.


I do hope readers find and give one, if not all, of these podcasts and see if they help give them that needed focus/distraction. Again, this is a “short” list of the number of podcasts I download and try and listen to. There just is not enough time in a day to listen to them all but enough to get pleasure from what I hear and most importantly keep the mind engaged.


**Disclaimer, I do not own any license to products mentioned in this post. ITunes and Microsoft are owners of their respective items and all rights to podcasts named belong to their respective owners. I am not receiving any type of benefit for mentioning anything within this posting.
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Bullying Will Never End (Opinion Piece)

Bullying Not StopI know this is a title many do not want to read. There are schools across the world working on stopping bullying but often have misguided policies. There have been documentaries, books, and TV shows that have addressed the subject. Yet, the fact is bullying is still happening and there will always be plenty of blame to pass around.

I’m going to take a moment and address some of that blame. The first is the easiest thing to look to. It’s something that has made this world so much smaller but also so much meaner. It’s the same thing I wrote a paper on in college in which I predicted just some of the phenomenon we have going on today. I cannot say I had a premonition of what was to come; it was all based on common sense.

I am talking about the internet, the World Wide Web and one of the greatest inventions to unite people and the world.

I wrote at the time how the internet would be a great tool allowing the exchange of ideas across the world. Business would be able to use it to reach customers and talk about new products. I had no idea of the impact of internet sales on the global world.

The other side of the coin is how easy it would be to hide behind a screenname, and not see a person in person. It would put a divide and change the way people interact as you no longer would hear the voice, see the face and the emotions of hateful speech. It would make it easier for people to hide who they are and be ruthless to each other. It would lead to hate.

This is such a true fact as people use social media to ridicule people with opposite ideas. You can be a member of a select group, felt held down for much of your life, and felt disrespected. They get their voice, acceptance and what do they do? They attack those who may still have the nerve to disagree with them. They cannot stand that group, those people, that thinking is still out there. They take to social media and attack, death threats, close the business, attack the family and forget they have just gone through all of the same hate in the past themselves. I’m being careful here as I do not want to point to any one group of people as not all are like this. I may be somewhat generalizing but please I am trying to be clear this happens to all.

The shear amount of people on the internet makes this destroy our enemy speech grow and grow. Before people know it it’s beyond the original intent and has gained its own momentum and cannot be stopped. The original comments may not have been based on fact but just a good rumor, a well told “fib” can get thousands involved not caring what the truth is. The scary thing much of this is done by adults.

The last statement brings me to the top reason why I believe bullying will NEVER END. One simple word explains it and that is adults.

Why adults? Aren’t you one of them?

Yes I am an adult and I have learned over life children will watch their parents, sports heroes, teachers and people they trust. They will watch and learn from the behavior they see as well as what they are taught. They mimic their parents in stores and you can see this as they walk with the parents. Yes, not all children may connect with their parents to the point they follow the same behaviors but it happens.

What’s wrong with a child being like their parent? Oh now that’s a good question and here is why.

When a child sees their parent yelling and screaming at another driver will the child not learn that is ok? If the parent is online cussing out someone, venting hate on how someone thinks, or just yelling at the idiot on TV the child gets the same lesson. All of this is ok and you are free to do as I do.

The children of today grow into the adults of tomorrow. Ask yourself how many of the things you see yourself doing today are things you saw your parents doing? Yes you may hate those things you see now but how much of those actions are you doing today is behavior that was learned as a child?

We expect children to behave and be good citizens and to be the generation to stop bullying. How is that going to happen when you turn on the news and see a business being destroyed, lives ruined just because people disagree with their way of thinking? The fact is we have become a society where opposing views are not welcome. It’s a world where you think our way or we will destroy you and who you are. This will be done by cyber bullying, hate filled phone calls, internet postings and any way they can. How dare they not accept my way of thinking they need to be stopped.

This more than ANYTHING needs to stop. If you don’t like someone’s policies you cannot force them to change their thinking. I mean haven’t we seen enough of this type of hatred hold groups back across history. Skin color, sexual orientation, religious belief and so much more has held people back. So as they get their voices and instead of practicing the tolerance they wanted they follow the examples of what had been done to them. They spill hate and will bully a people all in the name of tolerance, acceptance and justice to get their way. It’s just plain old bullying at its core and is what makes us adults the most hypocritical voice to stop bullying out there in the world.

The fact is until us adults remember that not everyone is going to agree with us will bullying really stop. Ok you don’t like that business then DON’T go there. You don’t like that person, block them on social media. You hate the hate, then IGNORE the hate and focus on what the world truly has to offer. This is what makes the internet so great that you can unite with others with the same thoughts and do something positive over spilling hate in the other direction. I mean does everything in life need a “pissing” match to determine who the winner is? We get enough of this during political elections must the free thinking people of the world follow their examples.

I will not say I am a perfectionist as I am only human. I know I may be guilty of some of the things I have written about in the past but the fact is I have learned from those mistakes and moved forward. There are places I won’t go due to the company and their decisions but at same time do not expect everyone to follow my example. They have free will and do not need to think my way. This shows where I have learned from all the hate and why I wish people would stop growing the hate and maybe just MAYBE bullying will get smaller. However, as long as adults force their wills on others there will ALWAYS be bullying.

Now I know this post could cause hate and in return if it hits a nerve. I expect to see the same type of respect I showed in writing this post by not pointing fingers at a group or a people. Disrespectful responses will NOT be tolerated as I’d rather start a conversation than a shouting match.

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Feedback and Poll Results

Thank_YouI first want to thank the just over 30 people who stopped and took time to provide their thoughts on the blog. Although there was only one comment provide to me through email it was a very great idea. I’m going to provide you with the top two vote getters in each poll question and I will say one was a bit shocking.

First I want to touch on the email I received. It was a heartfelt thank you about my posts on my life on Multiple Sclerosis and how I stay positive. I did ask the writer if I could share in this post but they asked that I do not. I will just say that there was a great suggestion that I breakout my posts on MS. The thought is in their own category people do not have to look through my personal area to find. I found this great idea and will be doing just that by the end of this week.

So now onto the poll results:

Question: Thoughts on author interviews

Top votes went to Like and can I change the questions.

Thus I will put my thinking cap on and see about changing some of the questions. I will look at past responses and see what questions seem to be glanced over or not answered and think of something new. If you have a suggestion you can send me the question.


Question: What are thoughts on Reviews?

Top two vote getters were Like and Make me want to read book.

I have to say that was the results I had been hoping to see as it means I’m hitting my mark with the reviews.


Question: What do you like most?

Ok this is the one that shocked me when it came to results. I got to say that when I saw most enjoyed my personal content and short stories I almost felt an eye ball pop out of my skull I surprise. The reviews came in third place and considering bulk of traffic is from the reviews I was shocked.

Thus I am going to see about changing things up a bit more. I may post a few reviews and then enter personal contact and reviews again. I will be doing a “small” amount of experimenting on that so bear with me.

I am also going to be looking at a new layout of the blog so take this as a warning.

I again want to thank all those who cast votes as it’s a great help to this blogger. It’s good to know how things are being received by those who do the reading. Again, thank you so much and shortly I will be returning to normal blog publishing.

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