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“From Dust to Snow” by Shawn Micallef (An Original Story)

Yes, I know, I need to get another post out I thought I’d add something original.  Why?

Well I am reading three books right now, well two as just finished one, and got to figure which gets the next review. I have finished Divergent by Veronica Roth as I wanted to see if would peak my interest in the upcoming film. After reading the book it may have just done that. I also picked up the book Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff. Lastly I am also reading The Dead of Night by L.C. Mortimer.

As I try to determine what is next I decided to write an original short story that will give the reader a look at the process on how snow is formed. Why do you ask?  Well I hope you did but if you didn’t going to tell you anyway. As there has been SO MUCH snow in my area of this big blue dot I thought I’d use the snow as an inspiration.  So without further comment from me, below is my original short story. Oh yeah legalize…This is an original work of fiction by one Shawn Micallef. Any likeness to other stories is a happy coincidence.  No dust, water, ice particles were hurt in the writing of this story, but plenty are hurt when I have to push the snow through my small snow blower. Enjoy!! Lastly grammar police and proof spellers take a vacation this was a quick drafted story that I wanted to share. GIVE ME A BREAK! LOL


SnowflakeFrom Dust to Snow by Shawn Micallef

I was born when a violent shaking of the earth was met with a large explosion that through millions of my brothers and I into the air. As I looked back on what I had left all I could see was fire, rivers of red hot liquid pouring out of the top of some large mountain.  One of my brethren said it was a volcano, but when I asked how he knew he wouldn’t give me a clear answer. All he said was he heard some weird two legged monsters talking about readings.  I did not know what he meant but well he was older than me.

I came from the lower level of the millions of us blown sky ward. He was within the top layer and was lighter colored as he had something called the sun shining on him.  He told me that we are what are called ash, or dust particles and that the eruption blew us up into the sky to live.  He sure learned a lot listening to those creatures. I want to think he said one was named Sheldon and the other Penny.

I really shouldn’t see myself being born that day as I have lived for a long time in that crater (I think that’s what he called it) for a long time. It’s just I think I’m alive now as I get to experience the sun, the wind, and even at times we get a bit wet as water comes through trying to push us back to the ground. We are so high up that those water guys are unable to force all of us down and we just travel along thanks to the wind.

I wish I could see the land below us, but we are so high up I cannot see much through the clouds. They act as a barrier between us and the land below making it hard to tell how far we have traveled. I do know we’ve been up here for at least 30 sun cycles. I count each time the sun disappears for a long time and later appears on the other side and moves around us to disappear again. I just know it’s a fascinating trip but I wonder if we are going to be stuck up here for a long time now just like the long sleep we had in the crater?

Oh wow it’s gotten cold suddenly. We keep moving and the wind has picked up and is pushing us faster now and I can see rain falling in front of us and many of my brethren are getting attacked by the water. I so hope I can get by them, but I am so cold.

NO!! One of those water things has landed on me, and I’m falling down. It’s almost like it’s trying to take me over I’m trying to fight it as I fall but the more I fight the more it envelopes me. It’s so COLD; I think I may finally perish as it’s so cold. The water thing is not speaking just clinging to me and starting to harden around me. I’m getting colder every moment it does that and I think I’m going too……

Where am I? Who am I? Why?

Oh I am new, I am white, and I am ice.

I am not ice, I am, I am, I am… Snow.

I see land below me and oh look I see more of my kind below. I don’t know them but they are all huddled together in a big opening of land. There are these big green sticks shooting out of the ground. I am falling towards some of them I hope the wind blows me away as they look like they’d hurt.

The sky the wind that is coming up at me as I fall is changing how I look. Little pieces of me are falling off, while other areas are being formed and shaped. I am starting to look so pretty I don’t want this trip to end. It’s just so pretty but I see now those sticks are much much bigger than I thought. I think I’d shatter if I landed on one of those things.

The earth is even closer now I’m going to land soon and my body has stopped changing. I look so beautiful as I fall to the Earth. I just hope I don’t land on something that will break me. I do see others below so I may find someone who knows me, but first I have to land.

OUCH! I made it. I’m back on earth and this time I’m not under so many of my brethren but I’m on top. I feel like the one who knew so much as he learned from Sheldon and Penny. I hope there are creatures like them around but it is so peaceful here. Those big stick things are all around but I did not land on any of them, just he he my brethren. There is so much talking, so many questions about where we are but me I like it. It may be cold but when the sun shines I feel warmer.

This may be where I will make my new life as I listen to the others before we all go back to sleep till the next time something awakens us. The only thing we know is that we are snow, and if it was not for that cold water stuff we’d still be floating above in the sky.

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