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Halloween Poetry by Jo Ann Gilbert Stover


The first of the 2015 Halloween Week posts is a unique submission, as this is poetry. The two poems below will be sure to engage the reader and are a great start to this week. Please enjoy, and thank you to author Jo Ann Gilbert Stover.


If I Was

‘Cause it’s HALLOWEEN! A Halloween Poem

By Jo Ann Gilbert Stover

If I was a ghost

Would I cause you great fright

If I crept up behind you

And yelled BOO! In the night?

If I was a black cat

Back arched and teeth bared

Would my loud YEOWW!

Cause you to be scared?

If I was a witch

Flying moonlit nights on my broom

Would my cackling laugh

Bring you horrible gloom?

Would a vampire bat

With teeth bared and bloody

Scare you to death

Or at least frighten your body?

Do Jack O’ Lanterns

Grinning on a fence post

Make you shiver and quiver

Thinking it might be a ghost?


Whenever October 31st

Comes on the scene

Do you revel like the devil


Bored to Death

By Jo Ann Gilbert Stover

The walking dead

Werewolves and ghosts

Vampires and witches

Jack O’ Lanterns on posts

Weird scary music

Filling the air

Blood on the moon

Giving everyone a scare

But here I sit bored

In front of my TV screen

Watching everyone else having fun

On this Halloween

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Ten +1 Questions with Author Raymond Lee


This is Raymond Lee? Answer in the questions.

Below you are going to find  bit of a “shock” when it comes to author Raymond Lee. I say this as the answers are presented you will find out that he is actually a she if the profile image did not already make that clear. So take a look at the answers below and find out not just about “Raymond Lee” but who he actually is.  Enjoy!

Question 1: When did you realize first wanted to be a writer?  

Around 4th grade. I was the school librarian’s pet, and had a thing for the really big books. I remember thinking it would be cool to make my own stories and I wrote my first book then, a story about a girl who got an adopted sister and suddenly feared not being loved anymore. The librarian read it, loved it, and that kind of started the bug.

Question 2:  How did your friends/family take the loss of your time as you wrote the book?  

Hahaha. They don’t notice any loss. They still bug me. 🙂

Question 3: What inspired you to write Mail Horror Bride?  

I was inspired by The Walking Dead. I was sick in bed New Year’s Weekend of 2014 and caught a marathon of it. I was instantly hooked and what I missed during the marathon, I  watched on Netflix and AMC’s website. I would dream of zombies every night so finally I just decided to write my own zombie apocalypse series. The one thing I find annoying about TWD is that they never said what caused the outbreak so I made sure I did that right in the beginning of my series. I chose mail order brides as the “virus delivery system ”  because it just seemed the easiest way another country could infiltrate us.

Question 4: During the initial writing process where did you get the idea for the book and its characters?  

The book was inspired by The Walking Dead. The characters were inspired by different people I know and some of them have characteristics of my own. This was a really fun book to write because there are so many inside jokes that the readers won’t pick up on, but my close friends will.

Question 5: Who were some of the authors that inspired you as a child growing up and their books?  

Stephen King. It is one of my all time favorite books. Misery was also great. I read a lot of Mark Twain, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and C.S. Lewis as well. Edgar Allan Poe is a master, of course.

Question 6: What was the feeling like when you saw the first completed version of your book?  

Mail Horror Bride is one of many books I have written so it wasn’t that exciting. LOL! I did love how awesome it looked though. The cover designer did an amazing job. Honestly, I always feel a sense of relief when I get a finished book in my hand, like I just went through birth but without the physical pain.

Question 7: Do you continue to write and in what genre?  

I write paranormal and contemporary romance under my real name, Crystal-Rain Love, and horror/thriller books under the Raymond Lee pen name.

Question 8: Who do you imagine being the people reading your book?  

I imagine a variety of people. I’ve gotten wonderful messages from people of all ages, genders, races, and backgrounds.

Question 9: Any good suggestions for those who want to try writing their own book?  

Read a lot, write from the heart, and please make sure you edit. Get editing help if needed!

Question 10: When not writing how does you like to spend your time?  

I have three kids and two huge dogs so when I’m not writing or working my full-time job I’m pretty much taking care of them or running errands.

The + 1 Question If you had any one place in the world you could travel to for a book tour, where would that place be, and why?

I’d love to do a tour that included every state in the U.S. because one of my major life dreams is to visit every state. I have a lot of states to go!


Where to find:

Mail Horror Bride

Raymond Lee Page

Crystal Rain-Love

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