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Leaders A Twin-Bred Novel by Karen A Wyle

LeadersCommunication is something so much of us take for advantage. One must ask themselves how they would survive if suddenly they couldn’t reach that person they are used to communicating with on a daily basis. A great example is imagine how you would deal if suddenly all the cell phone towers stopped working. I can imagine there would be some panic as so many have gotten rid of their land phone lines. There would be no internet access to talk to someone either. There would probably be some major panic across the world if this happened.

I know this is something easy to grasp but image it one step further and mankind had people living on Mars. Communication has gone blank and neither planet can talk to each other. The thought of concern for those on each planet would be tremendous. Who would send a rescue mission first, Earth or Mars? It’s the type of problem we find the Twin-Bred of Tofarn having to deal with.

Leaders is the latest entry in author’s Karen A. Wyle’s Twin-Bred series of books. I will admit it did help me to have read the first two books in the series before this one. I say that not because Twin-Bred and Reach are great books but the great work Wyle uses in creating the characters and world that is used within the pages of all three books.

The Tofa are different then man and events from the previous book saw much of the twin-bred rocketing into space leaving their home world of Tofarn behind.  Only one of their number had stayed behind and he, and his offspring, are seen as outcasts among those around them. They get second glances from others and hear whispers behind their backs. Some would plot to end them or change how society thinks of them. There of course are others who feel the offspring, Lan-sol, is their future leader. Those that have left the planet are also reaching out to Lan-sol inviting him to come and join them.

This problem communication will suddenly stop between the two worlds. Those who blasted into space have landed on a planet they are calling new Landing. Mara, a scientist behind the twin-bred experiment went with her twin-bred and is trying to live a quiet life. As one can imagine, when things go wrong people look to their heroes to save them. Thus, the twin-bred on New Landing turn to Mara to help solve what has happened with communications. They must also decide if it’s really worth the trouble to try and talk to those back on Tofarn. They chose to leave and other than friends what is there back home to really worry about.

It actually is interesting how events on both planets in a way mirror what is happening on the other. There are of course different characters along with different motives, but the main thing is do we care what happened to the others. This is where author Karen A. Wyle’s talent shows through as she is able to blend the events and stories so well throughout the book. Her character development will leave you wanting to take crib notes to ensure you don’t miss a thing as you read the story.

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Twin-Bred by Karen A. Wyle

Twin-Bred ebook coverThe novel, “Twin-Bred”, investigates a problem that has plagued mankind, and the animal kingdom, for centuries. Author Karen A. Wyle takes the reader into an ingenious idea that is put forth by a human scientist on the planet Tofarn.

Tofarn is the world that humans settled on after leaving Earth and have lived side by side with the planets native race the Tofa. The problem the humans have had with their neighbors is there is a large communication gap. Over the many years of cohabitation on the planet the humans have had a hard time communicating with the alien Tofa.

The communication gap is not the only issue as the Tofa may resemble humans in way, but are alien. The race has some differences. Those being things like 4 arms and they are tall. They also seem to react to scents differently than humans.  There are other differences but to find those you must read the book.

The story revolves around a project started by scientist, Mara Cadell. A woman who has a brilliant idea of bridging the language gap, but at the same time is flawed. Mara has a psychologist to help her through some of the flaws and she has her twin prober to help her. There is one problem with her twin. Her fraternal twin, Levi, has passed away.

Mara uses this odd relationship with her dead brother to come up with the idea behind the project. The project is to use the strength of twins to create a bond between human and tofa. The plan is to impregnate both human and tofa mothers with a human and tofa embryo. This would mean when the time came the mothers would give birth to a child of each species.

The plan that Karen A. Wyle lays out in the novel is something that could be used to solve issues back her on Earth.  How many different groups see someone who looks different and automatically distrusts them?  There have been wars and other conflicts for ages due to simple differences. So you must understand the importance of the project upon the characters in, Twin-Bred.

The story can be enjoyed by fans of Sci-fi and those who are also fans of speculative fiction. The story does not leave out some intrigue as there are those behind the scenes who want something from those within the project. It’s possible those who allowed the project to take place had secret motives.  Those individuals may not be the only ones with another plan as it could go down to the participants in the project. The key thing about Twin-Bred is it’s a book that will open your eyes to different thoughts and methods of dealing with conflict and just living together.

If you’d like to see what Karen A Wyle wanted you to get out of the book be sure to check out the follow interview with the author.

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