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Days with The Undead: Book One by Julianne Snow

The United States Government made headlines when on the Center for Disease Control posted a Zombie, or Undead, Plan. Most of us saw this as a way for the CDC to get attention to their site and mission.  People would naturally go to the CDC website to investigate the plan and find other resources that may be of use to them.  However, how many people may have taken this plan serious and began making their personal plans?  Would such a plan ever be needed?  Is there a chance a Zombie outbreak could happen, and where?

As you read through the book, “Days with The Undead: Book One”, by Julianne Snow you may find reasons to listen and to plan.  The book takes you into the lives of several survivors of an Undead outbreak that stars in a very surprising location.  Unlike many stories out there, this did not start in Africa, Europe, the US or South America, but instead in Canada.

The city of Toronto becomes the epicenter of what may be the death of cities, states, and nations. It is even more important this could be the death of humanity as you read the survivors journey. The groups plan is to try and stay ahead of the oncoming tide of the Undead as they move further away from Toronto, and Canada.

The group had used the backgrounds of each of its members to plan for such an event, but who know this would happen. They end up using each group’s member’s strengths to their advantage as they travel.  The group contains two ex-Canadian Military men, two with medical degrees, and two others that are just as important. They have an Environmental Scientist who will be a great benefit in finding what is edible in the wild as they travel. Another member is a man who spent a lot of time alone and had fallen in love with Geography and has many many maps.

This group sets out from Toronto as the outbreak begins, and one member even escapes from the Hospital that sees the outset of the disaster. The outbreak begins in the Hospital as a lone comes in sick and dies, only moments later he’s back to life and attacking others.  As those who died at the hands of this “undead” man they would rise and repeat his horrible actions. The group’s doctor saw friends, colleagues, and eventually we learn of a loved one that all die as the disease and the undead spread. As others arrive at the scene of the carnage it is only inevitable that this would spread. The doctor’s story is told to us through the writing of one of the survivors. In all truth, their complete stories are captured on a blog by a member of this group.

This is what helps make “Days with The Undead: Book One” a great read.  You do not get the feeling that you are reading a book, but instead you are reading a survivors story.  You read along as Julie, shares the story of their travels. She does not skip many details in her story, and even provides hints on how the Undead work.  The one thing I found really different from other books of this genre is how humanity was not the only one impacted. There is other wild life that become infected and in turn become a new form of terror. They travel in packs and eat all in sight down to the bone much like a piranha would in a river.

The other thing that I really enjoyed about Julianne Snow’s book is how for a long period no matter how bleak the world got around her, Julie tried to give you hope. Her group has to make some tough decisions when it came to their survival and you may question their morality at times. However, in a world that has gone out of control would you do much better?

“Days with The Undead: Book One” is titled this way as there are other books in the series. This is a great perk as the story of this new world needs to be told. Julie makes every effort to do this through this book, and draws us into the lives of those she travels with.  You will find hardship and sorrow from their stories, but there is one thing you should hopefully get from this book. This one thing is to live and make the best out of what life gives you to survive no matter the circumstances.

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