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An Apology and What’s Coming

Coming BackWell this is an Apology to not just those who follow my blog but to the authors that I have books from that are waiting for a review.  I had hoped to get a new post up this week but after a vacation during Thanksgiving I fell behind on my reading.  It’s not that the reading is work but when you don’t go near the computer/tablet that holds the eBook it’s hard to read.

So this is my apology for falling a bit behind on the blog. Instead I’m going to share with you what I have upcoming in the way of books, and remind you all of the Holiday Event for the end of year.

Up first:

A reminder on the Holiday Event

All writers, authors, readers, heck ANYONE can submit for this event.  All you need to do is put your thoughts into words, form sentences, paragraphs and create a story.

The genre does not matter, what does is it must have a connection to Christmas of New Years. The length no more than 5000 words, although if it’s really good I will let a few words over go. It is the Holidays after all. Oh Submissions due by 12/20 and please put Submission in the Subject, Your Name, the Title should be in the email. Include any images you want shared and how you want your name to appear in the story. Email Address: Knightmist72(at)Gmail(Dot)com.


Now on to what I’m currently reading.

Ratpaths by Angelika Rust  

Upcoming Reads: 

  • Corpses Say the Darndest Things by Doug Lamoreux
  • In the Beginning: Three Stories from the World of The Green Woman by Jane Dougherty
  • The Carving Collection by Drake Vaughn
  • Boudicca: Her Story by T. Jerome Baker
  • Into The Killer Sphere (Chase Williams Crime Series) by Stefania Mattana
  • The Dead of Night by LC Mortimer
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