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The Devil’s Bed by Doug Lamoreux

DevilsWhen one hears the terms, “The Knight Templar”, there are several things that come to mind. There is the romantic mind that remembers knights fighting in the crusades with a red cross displayed on a tunic, or coat of arms. There are those that will think of the secretive group they were known to be by hiding their initiation rites, or there are the versions found within movies and books.

Doug Lamoreux’s book, The Devil’s Bed, will take the reader into some of the truths of the Templars.  These truths will tell you of how the powerful group met its downfall in the 1300’s due to the abuse of power by others during the time and “false” charges of heresy leveled against the group.

You may be asking yourself why the quotation marks around the word false. The answer can be found within the pages of the book. As you enter the pages you find Brandy taking a tour of an old castle. Brandy is accompanied on the tour by her best friend Vicki, whose brother just happens to be Brandy’s fiancé.

The two women are enjoying their stay in France and the purpose of this tour is to help Brandy get information on her college thesis entitled, Burial Practices Around the World and What They Mean to Life. So, it made sense for Brandy to take this tour in hopes of finding some great reference material for her thesis.

As most people know when you take a guided tour you may have those moments of lack of focus. Those moments come when the guide is imparting general knowledge or things you just are not interested in. This is how the bulk of the tour was going for the two women; till the guide finally got to the topic Brandy wanted to hear about. The topic being that of death.

It is during the discussions of the death and what became to the inhabitants of Castle Freedom that Brandy loses track of her future sister in-law. It’s during those moments that someone else takes notice of the attractive Vicki and by the time the tour is over Vicki is missing.

The book will begin moving at this point as events begin to reveal themselves to the reader. You find out what happened at Castle Freedom those centuries ago and who is buried in cemetery far from holy ground. Those entombed on this site may have been guilty of their charges, or maybe not all of those buried there are.

The story will introduce the reader to a mixed group of characters who all make the book an enjoyable read. There is Brandy’s fiancé, Ray, who seems to have quite the relationship with Brandy. They may seem to have troubles at the start of the book but they unite to find Vicki. Ray had skipped out on the tour and met the tattoo artist in the small village of Paradis instead of joining the girls.

The local newspaper reporter one Aimee Laurent will also end up joining the group as she is a reporter after all. Those running the tour that Brandy and Vicki take is being run as a possible front for the town’s local drug dealer. This is at least what the local Gendarmerie (military police) commander Colonel Mael Blanc believes.

The Devil’s Bed will take the reader into a book of mystery and more importantly murder and gruesome deaths. The murders will play an important role within the story, but not as much as who, or what, committed them. This is the great aspect of the story as Brandy and Ray run around Paradis’ small town and a beautiful maze that requires historic knowledge to move through.

Doug Lamoreux does a great job of setting the tone of the book early within the story. You will enjoy the characters as they are developed and even maybe surprised but the way some of them end up by the end of the book. The story is well written and fans of horror, supernatural thrillers, and mystery will all enjoy this book.

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