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Halloween Week Order 2015

The 2015 Open Call for Halloween Submissions saw some amazing submissions. There are the required short stories, but as well this year I received some poems. I thus read everything and think fans of horror, suspense and great reads will enjoy this week. So without further comment here is the listing of when things will appear.

I of course will be bringing a third story that features that mysterious little “girl” from the past two events. I am not really playing any favorites here is that listing.


  • Monday: Two Poems by Jo Ann Gilbert Stover
  • Tuesday: Rose Petal Haunt by Connie Chappell
  • Wednesday: The Costume by Shawn Micallef
  • Thursday: Behind the Painted Face by John Collings
  • Friday: Rituals by Mark Love
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Open Call for Ghost, Horror or Creepy Stories

Halloween I tried this last year and although not a huge success I’m going to try it again. As so many of us know Halloween is quickly approaching. It is a holiday that is becoming more and more popular every year. Scary movies are often set to release in the period, decorations, costumes and candy are already for sale.

To me what makes Halloween great is the ability to use the imagination to create that stand out costume or decorations. Even more important the ability to give a jolt or scare to others as it’s the time of year all expect to be scared, no want to be scared. So, I want to give readers of the blog a chance to share something that could give someone that feeling of creepiness like bugs traveling down their body. The feeling of was there something they just saw out of the corner of their eye or was it a shadow. The sense of foreboding like there is someone right behind them about to attack. Those feelings that drive every hair on the body to quiver in nervous energy and is about to activate the flight or fight reaction.

This is why I’m opening the blog up to ALL and EVERYONE who wishes to submit a story. The story can be from your real life, or completely fiction. My only requirements that it activates the imagination and creates imagery in the mind that will shock the reader. It can be something simple from a ghost sighting or dark like demonic possession.

If interested all you need to do is write the story and submit it to me at with a subject line of: Halloween 2014.

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Open Blog for the Holidays (Submissions Welcome)

GiftsThe Holiday season can be a hectic, insane and just down right crazy.  It’s often caused by the hustle and bustle of getting shopping done, food cooked and spending time with family. It’s why there will be a small hiatus over the Thanksgiving period with no reviews coming till we start a new month, December.

I plan to take a break around Christmas and New Years as well.

You may catch that I said, “Plan to”, in that past statement.  The reason is I am willing to do some work during the Holidays if YOU come through on your end.

Here again I am opening my blog for ANYONE to submit a story that fits into the Christmas or New Year’s holiday period. The story can be of any Genre of fiction.  If you have a true story you wish to submit just please be sure to mention that when you submit.

So here are the rules:

  • No more than 5000 words
  • You must be author of the story
  • Submissions due by 12/20/2013
  • Submission should be Title of Email
  • Email Body
    • Title of story, Author name and how you want name shown on the blog.
    • Any links or images you want posted with story.
    • The Story can be attached or below the above in the email.
    • Email to Knightmist72(at)Gmail(dot)com
    • (at) = @ and (Dot) = .


So what happens during those two weeks of 12/23/2013 and 12/30/13 is all up to you who submit a story.


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