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The Disclaimers on Knightmist’s Blog

DisclaimerI apologize for this possible re-post for some but as I gain new followers I want to put out a disclaimer on my blog and my blogging practices. Also as it’s a new year it’s that time for a re-post.

First there is the source for my books. I do get some from authors who reach out to me and ask me to review their books. It’s always a great honor to have an author come to me, and this has also happened in the case of other media. A great example is Midnight Syndicate who reached out to me about their music.

I also use forums, and groups, on GoodReads as a way to find authors.  There are groups out there that you can join and put your name and blog out there, or look for those who want reviews. I have gotten books from individuals that way as well.

The other source is my own “leg” work in which I find a book on Amazon or a local book store and pick the book up.  I will try and contact the author to see if they’d be interested in doing the interview questions I have on the blog and if interested I will post those. In fact I am now doing my best to get an interview with all new authors I read on my blog.

So, yeah, some of the items are sent to me, but one thing I DO NOT GET PAID for my reviews. If anything I will often get an Ebook format of the book, or an occasional hard copy. It is up to the author involved if I have not purchased the book.

My review style is not here to point out what I dislike about the book, or what does not work. My style is to give you highlights about the book and hope that you find them worthy of checking the book out yourself. I do not want to turn someone off of something just because I dislike it, and at same time if I like something it’s possible the next reader will not.  So that is why my reviews do their best to point out what others may enjoy who are fans of the genre in question.

I will review just about anything that I can as you may have noticed. I will review movies I stumble across that I feel have not gotten enough attention.  There are review books, music and movies, and who knows what could be next.

The books I review are read in order received, or purchased.  They are done as soon as I can as I find I’m an avid reader and can often get through a book in a week and the smaller ones sooner. I however try to keep it down to one review a week as not to take the spotlight away from the item I am featuring.

After a review sits on my blog for a week, or a few weeks, it will get crossed posted to their places. Often this is Amazon and on GoodReads and its just something additional I do without being asked and just something I decided to do.

My personal life stories and my short fiction are just that mine. They are works that come from my mind and reach the internet through the formation of words that become a sentence and thus paragraphs. They are then entered into the WordPress new post engine and posted on the internet. Those stories that are fictional are just that. Names and places are not meant to correspond with anyone real and if they do, well just a lucky guess on a mashed up name I came up with when writing. Now, if it’s a city or location well that is on purpose to help tell the story.

So there we have it this is the end of my Disclaimer and basically how the blog works. If you have questions you can email me at Knightmist72@gmail(dot)com.  Yeah I did the (dot) to make it harder for scammers as some cannot think. Oh and please no grammar coaches or spelling “bees” need apply as this is a quickly put together post to be informative.

Thank you all who continue to follow the blog and take time to check out the new posts. If you like what you are finding share with your friends, family, and even enemies if you want. As an avid reader it is always good to know people are reading my words as well. So again thank you for taking time in visiting the blog and don’t be a stranger.  You are welcome back at any time and can help yourself to the internet fridge and find your favorite beverage as you read. If you prefer coffee, tea or hot chocolate there is always a single cup coffee machine available as well.

Shawn “Knightmist” Micallef

Also to  make it easy this time I have put contact information to email me, but note to avoid some Spam there are slight changes to email address to avoid spam. Some spaces and words where symbols belong.

Reach me by email at: Knightmist72(at )gmail (dot) com

On Twitter: Knightmist72

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