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Ten Plus One Questions with Author Julianne Snow

Julianne SnowNormally I try to give you a bit of information on the author before letting you dig into the questions and those answers. The great thing about Julianne she did some of my work for me by providing some great information about herself. So let’s begin.

Julianne Snow is the author of the Days with the Undead series and Glimpses of the Undead. She is the founder of Zombieholics Anonymous and the Co-Founder and Publicist at Sirens Call Publications. Writing in the realms of speculative fiction, Julianne has roots that go deep into horror and is a member of the Horror Writers Association. With pieces of short fiction in various publications, Julianne always has a few surprises up her sleeves. Be sure to check out The Carnival 13, a collaborative round-robin novella for charity which she contributed to and helped to spearhead which was released in October 2013.

Now onto those wonderful questions and Julianne’s answers. At the bottom of this post you will find a list of how and where to find her online.

Question 1: What inspired you to write Glimpses of the Undead?

Glimpses of the Undead is a collection of short stories that I had either had rights reverted back to me or that I wrote specifically with a collection in mind. Essentially, I wanted to present a view into my mind and give readers a taste of the different incarnations of the undead I had rolling around. Stories range from very short to longer in length and feature horror, humour, and even a little erotica…

Question 2: Is there any significance to the name names of your main characters?

Honestly, not really. When I’m writing, sometimes a name will come to me and I’ll use it. Other times, I’ll change the name when the story is completed. Very rarely does the character’s name take a more important role than what the character does.

Question 3: During the writing process did you find yourself thinking about any of your memories?

One of the stories is set very close to home so I did draw on my memory of the location to ensure that if you were to visit my high school, you’d find yourself immersed in the location and the story as it unfolds.

Question 4: What were some of your favorite books growing up?

I absolutely devoured pretty much anything put in front of me as I was growing up, but my favourites included the works of L. Frank Baum who made the world of Oz possible, the works of Marion Zimmer Bradley, as well as works by Poe, Christopher Pike, and Lovecraft.

Question 5: Do you hear from fans of the book, and if you do what do they say?

I’ve heard from many of my fans who enjoy my short spurts of the undead. Though admittedly, many of them want to know if the individual stories will be developed into something longer at some point. The answer to this is—you never know!

Question 6: What was the feeling like when you saw the very first printed version of your book?

Excitement at the realization of a dream!

Question 7: Do you continue to write?

I write all the time 🙂

Question 8: What is the message you are want people to take away from the book?

There’s no real message I want people to get from reading my short fiction—I just want people to enjoy themselves.

Question 9: If you could envision a future for your main character, what would it be?

Well, I’d have to say that I’d like them to live… My characters tend to become like family to me.

Question 10: Who are those in the dedication of the book, and their importance to you?

There is no dedication 🙂

The + 1 Question: If you had any one place in the world you could travel to for a book tour, where would that place be, and why?

I’d love to go to the UK and promote my work – I think that would be fantastically awesome!


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Glimpses of The Undead by Julianne Snow

Glimpses_FrontCoverBeing an avid reader you look for anthologies as a way to break the mind from the longer novels that you read. I have read several and recently had the pleasure to have read, ”Glimpses of the Undead”, by author Julianne Snow. The anthology was published by Sirens Call Publications and brings the reader some unique looks at the undead.

The stories found within this anthology range from longer short stories to some flash fiction. They take the reader into some unique stories that are sure to peak the imagination and leave a person wanting more in some cases.

To help you understand what you will find let’s take a look at some of the stories found within the pages.


When you see the title you may think of the Japanese pilots that took their planes and crashed them into warships during World War 2. You could also think of how a person puts all at risk, knowing the odds to reach a goal.

This story does follow that mold as a Melinda is going to do all she can to safer her man Lucas. She knows what she is going to do is illegal, but she loves the man. Her selfless act will lead to her being surrounded by police, but in truth this could be the safest place she can be. Just outside of this ring things have gone bad, very bad and they are on their way. The police have their focus on the wrong person they need to be watching what is going around them and not Melinda. As the realization hits it may be too late as the boys in blue may find themselves, lunch.

Vanier’s Blueprint: A Zombie Tale

I will admit this is one of my favorite, if not favorite, story out of the anthology. This story takes place in Canada and finds a woman, Vivienne, making her famous pasta salad for familiar activities for the upcoming Canada Day. The problems of the day begin to unwind as the television news shows a freighter smashing into Queen’s Quay. The impending disaster just gets worse as those who go to help become the first to die as the onslaught of the undead poor out into the city like the tide.

The woman is eventually joined by her brother, Gavin, and they realize they must get out of the apartment. They hit the road and we follow their escape and search for safety as they drive her Prius. They eventually are able to talk to their mother and are told to head to the High School. What will they find at the school? Will it be more death, will their parents be alive? I just will give you a glimpse that the mind of Julianne Snow will take this story into an interesting place and one I really enjoyed.

Must Love Zombies

I’m going to give this story just a few sentences as not much needs to be said about this interesting story. All I will say is imagine that the world has found a way to make the undead normal and still functioning. You combine this with a round of speed dating with men and undead women, and the outcome well let the imagination flow.


This is one of the flash fiction stories within the pages of the book. This shows that even animal is not safe from the hunger that seems to grip the undead. A horse, a majestic creature, which has eyes that show intelligence is trapped within its paddock as zombies circled the outside. The horse knows what it must do and will it escape.


The last story that I will tease within the pages of Glimpses of The Undead is another of the flash fiction stories. This one is about a struggle and the fight that we must wage inside. The story is short but the struggle must have been epic as it is fought down to the smallest level of humanity.

As I read through the other stories within the book, there is something for everyone within the pages. Those who feel zombies are not the only undead will be surprised to find a vampire tale within the book.

The imagination of Julianne Snow is in full work within “Glimpses of The Undead”. The book is a great read and the turns and twists in the longer short stories to flash fiction will keep you reading and well entertained a great book for fans of the undead.

Additional Information from the back of the book:

From the mind of Julianne Snow comes an undead collection of stories that feature the gamut of emotions and situations. Presented in flash fiction and short stories, the tales are sure to leave you wanting more and checking over your shoulder.

How would a group of children handle an uprising of the undead? What would you do to save a loved one only to find out that you’re facing a different threat altogether? How would a country react to a timely warning at the end of a war? What happens when a vampiric Romeo hits on an unsuspecting human? In a world where the undead are common place and protected, what happens when speed dating produces a love match?


  • The Treehouse
  • Kamikaze
  • Vanier’s Blueprint: A Zombie Tale
  • Must Love Zombies
  • Flash Fiction Duo: Fight and Hunger
  • EXIT
  • BITE
  • Love Bites: A Valentine’s Day Misadventure
  • An Excerpt from Days with the Undead: Book One

 Amazon: US, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, India, Australia


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What’s coming in 2015 and Thank You 2014

ThankYouThe year of 2014 has been an exciting one as I was able to read over twenty books and post reviews on the blog.  The greatest thing is that often an author, or publisher, has reached out to me regarding their book. This to me is exciting and helps to show that I am reaching the right audience with the reviews.  The audience I refer to is those people who look for authors, publishers and books that often fly under the mainstream market place. My eyes, and then fingers, help put out a forum for their books and draw attention to their works through my reviews. The word reviews is used as I don’t just put them on my blog but cross post to Amazon and just recently all went up on Goodreads as well.

These individuals produce books that are just as engaging as a Stephen King,  Stephanie Myer, Suzanne Collins and other well-known authors.  They bring imagination to life which is what I believe many authors endeavor to do with their readers. The pages can be digital, or physical, but have the same effect no matter how you read. It is why I write this post as I want to thank those that helped my imagination over the past year. I hope my review helped other readers find their books and enjoy them as much as I have. This is the main reason on why I never say NO to a review request.

Before I start with listing and thanking those who gave me the great opportunity of discovering a new world through their prose let me share with you what I have coming for 2015.  As you will see the list is growing and it’s how I want it to be.

Upcoming in 2015 in no particular order:


  • Playback Effect by Karen A Wyle
  • Glimpses of the Undead by Julianne Snow
  • The Last Bucelarii (Book 1): Blade of the Destroyer by Andy Peloquin
  • Thunder Bay by Robert Reynolds
  • Why 319 by Mark Love
  • Counting Churches The Malta Stories by Rosanne Dingli



Now it’s time to thank those authors, and publishers, for the books I enjoyed over 2014. The list is in order of reviews from most recent to beginning of the year. If I missed anyone it was not on purpose but a MAJOR oversite on my part.



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Labor Day, Falling Behind and Crickets.

Labor Day is a period that many workers across the United States get a day off in celebration of labor. I was one of those many people that had the day off, and with good planning had Friday previous off too. So what does this mean?

It means I fell a bit behind in my reading, blog work as the 40 hour a week job sure had same demands on one less work day. So, instead of posting a book review this week has been quite. You’d say crickets invaded the blog with the silence coming from my end. Thus it’s time to scare the crickets away, dust away the cobwebs and clear the mind.

I’m going to share with you the books I currently have in my readers list for the blog so you can see what I’m reading.

Death+in+MaltaDeath in Malta is Author Rosanne Dingli’ first novel. This is one book I contacted the author about a review as it is set in Malta. My father’s family is from the small island and one of the characters shares my last name of Micallef.

Here is the Book Description from Amazon:

Disillusioned and depressed, Gregory Worthington sets off from Perth in search of inspiration. He arrives in Malta full of resolve to reignite a flagging writing career. Quaint surroundings, the potential of a love affair, and the antics and warm-heartedness of villagers he befriends fuel his imagination, but his writing brings him more disquiet and confusion than he could anticipate.

What is inspiration, and what is the reality behind the disappearance of little Censinu Mifsud, a ten year-old boy who was never found? There is a twenty year-old secret in the village, one Worthington resolves to unravel, to turn into a novel, despite warnings from a retired doctor and the antagonistic parish priest. They are ambiguous about his involvement with a young Maltese woman, but are very clear about one thing: the author has no business nosing around his old rented farmhouse, looking for clues and disturbing the past.

Poignant and moving,
punctuated by comical scenes and passionate
interludes, Death in Malta is a powerful novel of love and loss,
disappointment and dislocation – curiosity and consequences


The next two are listed in no special order.

People of MarsAuthor Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli has released her second book in her science fiction series, “Red Desert”, titled People of Mars. This is on my electronic book stack as one of the upcoming reviews.

Description here is from Goodreads:
After 995 days on Mars, the enthusiasm of the Isis crew has turned into frustration and intolerance. Their research hasn’t provided the hoped for outcomes, the resources at their disposal are insufficient, and NASA had previously cancelled the launch of a second mission, which would have brought more colonisers and equipment to the planet.
Relationships among the five members of the expedition have become difficult. Station Alpha is home to a complex web of conflicts, secrets, alliances, and rivalries.
Now a new launch window is about to open, but the news from Houston isn’t reassuring at all. While the finding of a possible ice sac might give a positive turn to the events, Anna, embittered by the unusual behaviour of Robert and the cold war against Hassan, is considering the opportunity to return to Earth.
When death strikes amongst the five inhabitants of Mars, Anna finds her only possible choice is a solitary escape.
But Mars has got an incredible discovery in store for her, a key to a mystery hidden in the depths of Valles Marineris.

The first book is “Red Desert – Point of No Return”.
The third book, “Red Desert – Invisible Enemy” (a novel), will be published at the beginning of 2015.

Note for the reader: this book is written in British English.


Sun GodThe remaining book in my stacks is by author Elliot Baker and titled, The Sun God’s Heir.

Description again from Amazon:

When an ancient evil awakens, one young pacifist is all that stands between the world’s freedom and the red tide of slavery.

In 17th century France, a young pacifist kills to protect the woman he loves, unwittingly opening a door for the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian general determined to continue a reign of terror begun three thousand years ago.

Taking up the sword will not be enough. Rene must reclaim his own ancient past to stop the red tide of slavery from engulfing the world.

Joined by a powerful sheikh, his sword wielding daughter, and a family of Maranos escaping the Spanish Inquisition, they fight their way through pirates, typhoons, and dark assassins to reach Morocco, the home of an occult sect that has waited for Rene through the eons.


I should point out and thank Julianne Snow at Siren’s Call Publications for sharing with me a LARGE number of the books the company has published. I plan on reading more of those books and fitting many into the blog after I finish those listed above. I will not be stopping taking any further requests for reviews, but just a note one of the Siren’s Calls books may be reviewed first.

Now, followers you are up to date on what has kept me from reviewing the last week, and what I have planned to come. Here’s looking forward to the review of Death in Malta next week and more to come.

Here’s how you can contact or follow me:


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Carnage: After the End Volume 1 (Anthology)

ThereCarnage is a new phenomenon in the United States, and perhaps the world, of individuals predicting a bleak future for the human race. These individuals are doing all they can to prepare for a multitude of disasters that could disable a countries, or the world’s governments. These disasters would lead to some kind of apocalypse and these people want to be ready and are often referred to as Preppers.

The anthology “Carnage: After the End Volume 1” takes the reader into the mind of ten unique writers. Each of them will introduce you to their idea of what could happen after the world as we know it ends. These stories are about surviving what the world brings them and finding a way to stay alive no matter what goes on around them.

The stories have some true struggles of not just the heart to live, but that of faith. They will bring you into the life of the stories lead characters and have you sympathize with their plight. Some are told in such a manner it is not hard imagining what you would do if it was you in the story. You may even find yourself second guessing their decisions and actions. The one thing you will find in all the stories are strong individuals doing all they can with the changed world.

The stories in the Sirens Call Publications Anthology are ones that do not have happy endings. They have endings that may shock, dismay, or leave you wondering about what’s next. The stories inside involve many different types of stories, and subjects.

The Anthology gets started with a story called, “The Meat Men”, and its focus is on two men traveling through their post-apocalyptic world who stop for gas and find a few survivors. What they do is share a meal with the others they find, The meal, well  it just happens to contain some meat which is hard to find in this world. What happens as they share their meal with these strangers is up to your imagination.

Further on into the Anthology you come across the story, “The Scurrying” that takes us into a slightly different world. The Norse gods are mentioned in this story as well as the use of battle axes and other weapons. The villains in this tale are ones that many of us take for advantage every day. They are the creatures that scurry around in the garbage of cities and multiply worse than rabbits. They are four legged, beady eyed, rodents, or RATS. The problem these rats have grown much larger and are now the top of the food chain in this world. You are introduced to Alexandra and her small tribe of survivors who try to live in this new world, and stay hidden from the Rats.

The last story I will draw attention to is one that makes use of a volcanic disaster that has destroyed much of the world’s climate causing many to flee South. It is in the story, “High Desert, Starless Sky”, that we find Lyle using a small trailer to get supplies to make his mediocre existence easier. He also ensures that Marnie is safe and is willing to do so much for this woman. There is an act of betrayal in this story that causes Lyle to make a decision that will impact their lives. What drives Lyle to the point of deciding to pack up and leave Marnie alone?

In the case of the stories mentioned you can let your imagination make some leaps to what will happen in the story. The other option is to pick up a copy of “Carnage: After the End Volume 1” and read the great stories contained in the anthology.  Other stories will include a Prepper, a desert waste land, and extreme hunger.

Below is a list of the stories and the author responsible for each great tale.

The Meat Men by Rodney James Galley

Begging Death by Laura Diamond

The Scurrying by Christofer Nigro

Scents of Danger by Julianne Snow

Recissions by Shane Cashman

High Desert, Starless Sky by Michael Griffin

The Hunger by Kimberly A. Bettes

Prophecy of Numbers by Russell Linton

Mad World by Adam Millard

The Vault by Shane B. Collins


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Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity

Ever picture, wonder, or imagine what it would be like if the creatures out of Ancient Myths were real? It can bring many thoughts to the mind and many possible implications to the world we live in today. In the Anthology, “Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity”, the team at Siren’s Call Publications brings such a book together.

The Anthology brings twelve great authors together to give them an outlet to tell their stories. Creatures of all kind awaken within the pages of the book and the mind. There is a great mixture of stories from the scary to the cursed. In truth all those characters involved in the stories have quite the existence as the stories unfold.

Each author sets a story that will have you learning just enough about the mythological character that you should be able to place who, or what, they are. If you are unable to do this there is no real concern as the stories themselves are a great read and easily worth a review.

Out of the twelve stories some of the characters you will come across are well known. They include satyrs, gluttonous children, Morrigan, and others. After all there are twelve brilliantly written stories with in the anthology, “Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity”.

The stories are well edited and written in such a manner that even younger readers should enjoy their stories. However, keep in mind that these are adults writing stories that are meant to speak of monstrosity. There are some adult themes in a story, or is it two, that you will want to watch for. The violence portrayed in aspects of the different stories are done in a brilliant way and toned just enough that they work with each story.

Below you will find links to each one of the featured authors within the anthology and you’d miss out on their other great works if you do not check their sites out. Also be sure to look at Siren’s Call Publications for other great books.

Siren’s Call Publications

Thomas James Brown

Nina D’Arcangela

K Trap Jones

Amber Keller

Lisamarie Lamb

Edward Lorn

Kate Monroe

Alexa Muir

Joseph Pinto

J. Marie Ravenshaw

Julianne Snow

Jonathan Templar

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Childhood Nightmares: Under The Bed

Growing up many parents tell their kids bedtime stories, which often have a lesson to be learned and a happy ending. Some of these stories even become feature films that bring those childhood memories to life in front of your eyes. The one thing many don’t realize is that many of the older bedtime stories did not have the happy endings we find today. The characters were not always warm and cuddly but instead dark and dangerous.

Stories were originally told to scare children, and get them to listen to the dangers of the world around them. A great example is, “The Boy who Called Wolf.” In this story the young boy calls wolf one to many times and when one does appear he is eaten along with the sheep he was guarding. This story taught the importance of telling the truth and not to lie, with a deadly lesson.

The anthology, “Childhood Nightmares: Under The Bed”, brought to you by Sirens Call Publications is full of dark stories. These are not the things you want to read to a young child, and often the lesson learned is by the parents.

There are twelve different stories within the anthology, each representing the imagination of one of the authors featured within the anthology itself.  The stories all have a major common theme, and that is a child and something going pump in the night. Innocent objects are used to create some of the nightmares seen within the pages, and some can be as simple as a sock drawer or beloved teddy bear.

Each author provides a story that will surely keep the reader on edge. They will get to follow each story and its plot lines, and little twists to an end that may surprise. The stories may be the type that teach a lesson, or just leave Goosebumps along the arms as you read. These can be caused by any of the stories, and mainly if you find yourself really relating to one of them, if not more.

The thing about any anthology is that the reader may not find themselves liking all the stories. A fan of any genre must not quit in their reading but move on to the next story, and further on. The reader is sure to find at least one story they will truly enjoy. The authors within “Childhood Nightmares: Under The Bed” have turned in quality tales that will surely asking for more. The anthology’s list of great authors and the title of their stories are just below.

Forgotten by Jack Wallen

Baby Teeth by Kim Krodel

Madeleine by Julianne Snow

Telling Tales by Phil Hickes

Excess Baggage by Lisamarie Lamb

Timothy by Joshua Skye

Show and Tell by Kate Monroe

The Confession of a Confirmed Has-Been by John McILveen

Seeing is Believing by Amber Keller

Bent Metal by Nina D’Arcangela

Shade of Red by Colin F. Barnes

Socks by Brandon Scott (using his real name now which is Adam Ickes)

Anthology brought to us by Sirens Call Productions


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