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Suicide is Painless

This is not an easy blog post to write. I have started over multiple times as the subject is not one that people want to hear about. It’s one that many feels belong in the shadows, that the problem is all in someone’s head. The fact is, it is in their head. Their emotions are all over the place from any form of issues which includes, and not limited to, the short list below:

  • Grief
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Shame

The four simple emotions I listed above can lead to some of the most dangerous results in a person with DEPRESSION.  You will find that as I continue this I will be putting DEPRESSION in all capital letters, for the simple reason I want to draw attention to the word. I want people to realize how deadly it is not just to the person, but those around them.

You see contrary to a song that was popularized by a Movie and a TV Show, Suicide is NOT Painless. It impacts so many people in a person’s personal circle, but also those outside that circle. You see at one time many professionals thought the sphere of impact from suicide was on average six people. I have begun seeing new studies that say that the impact is much larger and I really do believe that is the case.

There are tons of arguments on what may be going on when someone commits suicide. They can be called selfish, heartless, loners, and even (by some) losers. The fact is that they let those emotions get to them and decided that was their way to end the pain. I will never attempt to get into the mind of someone who committed suicide as they all had their own personal reasoning’s.  All I can do is keep living and find a way to deal with those emotions.

Now I understand not all who commit suicide are doing it due simply from some behavioral issues, but some have diseases, mental or physical that causes them to feel that is the way out. Again, I will not attempt to get into their heads.

The fact is that many who do commit suicide are often deeply DEPRESSED and were unable, or unwilling to search out help.

I put a lot of the rise of DEPRESSION and suicide on our modern culture. We correspond over electronic devices without actually talking. A small pixel filled image, emoji, cannot take the place for a real smile, a real frown, or more importantly real tears. There are those who have gotten so used to this type of communication they cannot carry out a simple conversation if they had to.

We then add in the fact that many are told to hide their emotions. Keep them hidden do not share with each other.  If there is a problem, it’s probably all in their head. We adults can be just as horrible because who wishes to admit a child, a loved one, someone they care about has a problem. Very few as it can seem like it’s a reflection back on them for being such a horrible person. I got to say that’s bull crap.

You see, I’m going to get into my own past personal dark space here. I first and thankful for the help my parents was willing to get me. If not for them, and even my future, fiancé/wife, I may not be here to write this post. I can even say thank you to the great psychiatrist’s, and counselors I saw during this struggle.

You see I was in college, away from home for the first real time for a prolonged period. As I was away I was surely missing my family, and although a few hours away by car, they were away. This was also a period before computers where everywhere and texting was actually costly. I lost not one, not two but three dear family members within a year, and a couple just months apart. I started to struggle with my grades, fell into a deep DEPRESSION and at one point had a knife in my hand by the bathroom sink of an apartment I was living in. I looked at myself in the mirror, did not recognize the face looking back at me and realized, WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING!

So I ended up flunking out of college for a term. I was able to get some help during that period off and it was due highly to my parents pushing me to get that help. I got back into college and even attended therapy sessions while in school. I was put on medications, I took them, and I beat it. I beat the DEPRESSION and I’ve done all I can to keep that specter in the back of my mind.  I know it tries to emerge at times and really tried when Multiple Sclerosis came calling. I, however, have really changed the way I view my life and will NOT let DEPRESSION take me down that rabbit hole again.

What I learned out of that experience is that the male myth of not showing emotions is bull. Men can certainly show emotion and talk about their emotions. If someone sees you as weak, then they are truly the weak ones for not being able to handle the truth and who you are. We have to find ways to get a circle of people who care for us, and do not let petty disagreements come in the way of true friendships.

I now go back to that song, Suicide is Painless. I surely disagree with that title as it may be to the person committing the act, but those left behind it is a pain that may never go away. The pain of being a survivor, wonder what happened, blaming first the individual, and then maybe turn it back on themselves helps no one. What can really help is to stop and be there for those fighting DEPRESSION so it does not lead to suicide. This may mean you have to admit your own failure, but isn’t that worth saving someone’s life?

I’m going to end with that open question and hopefully my own story, and this article is found to be helpful.  I have a list of Helpful links below and I do want to add a caveat on one of those links. The link on Suicide Risk Factors and Civil Liabilities is from a law firm in California that reached out to me about collaborating on a link share. I am being honest as it took time to think on if I wanted to do it, but considering the topic I felt it was worth it. If they can help get my blog post out, and I can help them then why not.

Also, I own no rights to the song, “Suicide is Painless” is written by Johnny Mandel (music) and Mike Altman (lyrics).

Useful Links


Two Final notes

  1. The image above is owned by me. Anyone wishing to use the image should reach out to me as it is a photo I took during a trip to Upper Michigan.
  2. I am not a counselor or phsycologist. I do not claim to be one, and suggest people use the above links for help. If you wish to know more about my struggle you can reach me by email on my About me Page.
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The Costume by Shawn Micallef

jack-olanternSome readers will remember my past two Halloween entries which featured a man with no fear, and a gluttonous candy loving computer geek. This year the little girl in the past two stories re-appears and she gets a title of, Dark Princess. She will be dealing with a very vain woman who is into the world of Cosplay. If you have not heard of Cosplay, well you are not alone. It wasn’t until somethings came up on my Facebook feed and a TV show on SyFy that I really understood what it was. To help the readers who are uninformed such as I am its where people dress as TV, movie, video game, Japanese Animation or other characters. They go to great lengths to get the perfect costume and is growing part of fan conventions. So with that stated lets get to the story.


The Costume

By Shawn Micallef

Mackenzie was not well liked around the cosplay circuit. She was one of those women that many disliked not because of her costume work but for her attitude. She was pretentious, rude and full of herself, and many labeled her a vain bitch. She would not take photos with others due to the fear of things like red eye, or a chance her costume would get messed up. There was one convention where she nearly got walked out of the building after someone took her picture, without her permission, so the lighting wasn’t perfect. Her outrage at the photographer came out clear through a tirade that was swear word filled. The photographer by the way was a 5 year old little girl who was actually taking a photo of woman to Mackenzie’s left.

Mackenzie was one of those women who made it clear what she thought of you, and how you should think of her. She was perfect and if she had her way humanity would be walking in front of her with a gold carpet as red was for the “little” people. Yes she was one of those people and one had to ask why she was so popular in the cosplay culture. It was simple; she had a great figure but more importantly her costumes where outstanding. If she chose to take a character on you’d be sure that she would nail every aspect of the costume.

Accompany that was her ability to manipulate her voice and do great impersonations. This helped so much more when it came to the character she was playing. It was thus no surprise that she was so popular on the circuit even if she was a very vain individual as people will overlook that when you are famous. I mean all you got to do is look at some of the so called “celebrity” families with reality shows, am I right?

It was then that to no surprise to Mackenzie that she would get invitations for all types of conventions. They would often offer to pay for her travel and hotel accommodations to have her attend. She was looking over invitations on three such conventions when a new one came, not by email but by postal mail. It was in written in a script she did not recognize, but read as follows:

Ms. Mackenzie,

Your presence is being requested at the upcoming inaugural Halloween Ball scheduled for October 31st of this year. The location of said event will be forwarded to you if you RSVP back stating your intention to attend the event.

All travel and hotel accommodations will be covered for you in the event you wish to attend along with an appearance award of Five Thousand Dollars if your likeness can be used in our press release.

We understand there is concern of other featured Cosplayers having the same costume as you and is why you are the only one being invited to the event.

The focus will be around all things Halloween from the History of the holiday to its modern day popularity.

Please use the enclosed pre-addressed stamped envelope to respond with your intentions on if you will be attending by July 31st.


It would be a lie to say she was not excited at getting such an invitation as this would be the first type of convention where she’d be the only featured cosplayer. She’d normally have to share the floor with other popular women, but to be the only one was hard to let go. Yes, it was true she wanted to know costumes in advance not to have two in the same. She knew she’d be the best but in no way wanted the other person to feel awkward wearing the same costume and being so bad in it. I did mention she is a very vain person, I hope.

The fact that there was also a five thousand dollar payout was just another sign to her that finally someone understood she could be the only feature needed. She automatically responded with a yes she will be attending and dropped the envelope in the mail that very same evening. It’s somewhat sad that she did not take time to check out the address as the fact it was going to a street address of 66 6th street may have given her some alarm. It was no matter to her as she was finally getting her place as the feature and went right to social media to share the news with her fans.

She didn’t respond or even read any of the comments as she was too busy searching for an inspiration for her next costume. She did only have a few months to decide what to construct for this convention. It was too bad she did not read some of the comments as many stated they had heard of such a convention. The things a person will miss when their focus on the one thing that is most important to them, and that being Mackenzie.

The internet had always been a great source for her inspiration but after a few hours she had not found something she could easily construct in those few months before Halloween. She had looked through thousands of Japanese Animation, TV and movie characters not finding anything she liked. It was only after 2am she decided to call it a night and went to bed, she did have a day job to get to the next day.

It was during those few fitful hours of sleep that saw her tossing and turning all night that it came to her. She dreamt of the twisted costume she would wear for Halloween. She imagined a darkened princess dress that was a bit frilly. A wig would be needed to give her large pony tails, and dark red, no bright red lipstick against a pale face. This meant no tanning for her prior to the event and she’d do all she could to avoid the sun to let her copper colored skin go pale. She would do all she had too to look perfect. The horns, oh yes horns would be needed on her head as well.

This was what she needed and after a few hours of sleep she awoke refreshed and ready for the day. It was like a fast forwarded movie the next few months for her. She would go to work, shop for costume items, and spend hours behind her sewing machine working on the costume. She took photos along the way showing her fans what she had purchased, how dye tests worked out and the progress in making the costume. Her fans gave her compliments on the work she was doing but many still asked what convention what are the details, where is it but she felt why read the comments. Their thoughts would not change her work as she knew what looked perfect and she’d be perfect as always. Even those questioning her changing skin tone from her beautiful copper toned, thank you tanning booths, to the pale white she had become went unnoticed. Those comments went just as unnoticed as the time that was flying buy. Her routine had become so mechanical she nearly did not realize it was now late October and there was no follow up letter on where she was to go for the convention.

It was just this way when on October 30th a letter did finally arrive and Mackenzie finally realized the date. The letter was simple and in the same odd script as the first and held just a few sentences.

Ms. Mackenzie,

The Halloween Ball is being held in your local town. A stretch limousine will be at your home at precisely 10pm on the 31st to pick you up and bring you to the event.

She read the simple note and finally realized what the date was, and instantly went to social media and posted the day was almost here. This lead to hundreds of instant likes, loves, and any other positive button that could be pressed for a posting. There again was the problem of comments that continued to ask where, what time, how much and other questions that went unanswered. She was ready and the small people that felt their life was better for following her did not matter. Mackenzie was all that mattered and she was going to make five thousand dollars and get a ride in a stretch limo. She was in heaven.

The thirty-first arrived and at precisely 6pm she began the long chore of putting her costume on, checking her hair, using the perfect red lipstick and using some glue to stick the horns on her head. She was thrilled how real the horns looked and the fact that online store was true in the advertisement of them and how easily they’d stick to the head with the right glue. It was 9:55pm and she was finally ready and at exactly 10pm as promised a stretch limo pulled up outside of her home.

She wasn’t sure if it was a man, or a woman, but someone came to her door and knocked. She stood there and let the person knock a second time before she answered the door. She was not going to let whomever it was think that she was waiting for them. She opened the door to find a person in a black suit, white shirt, black tie and a dark hood over their face and head. There was a light yellow showing through the hood at where the eyes would be and this caused a slight raise of the hair at the back of Mackenzie’s neck. She quickly throw the thought of slamming the door and saying “hell no” away and instead just asked why are we waiting here lets go.

The driver did not speak but instead gave a slight bow and crossed the right arm across their waist as in gesturing to say after you. She clip clacked, in her heels, all the way to the back door of the limo and waited for the silent driver to open the door. She looked inside and seeing no one else climbed in back of the limo and marveled how spacious it was. All this room for just her, yep she had finally gotten the admiration she had deserved.

She sat down showing off some leg to the driver hoping to see him do a second take but no luck as it just nodded and closed the door. She shrugged that off thinking to herself what did that matter that was just the driver. She knew she looked gorgeous in this costume and those at the convention would love the look. She had the perfect princess dress that when standing went just below the knees with a nice frill around the bottom.

The dress was dyed a dark black and had simple straps over the shoulder with an offset short sleeve that ran from top of shoulder to an inch above the elbow. The wig was perfect for the dark dual ponytails coming off just above her ears. The horns where placed perfectly at the top of the forehead just even with the outer edge of her eye brows. Yes, she knew it people would want to copy this look for next year. The red high heels where the perfect match to her bright red lipstick and she was lost in her small compact mirror when the car stopped.

The door opened and she thought they had arrived at their destination but no someone else was coming in. This got her a little upset till she saw the small red tennis shoe coming thru the door. They obviously belonged to little feet but that did not make her to angry, it was when the little girl sat across the limo from her that things, well, she’d yelled at children before.

“Who the hell do you think you are,” she questioned and after the only response being a small grin she continued raising her voice.

“DID YOUR MOMMY THINK IT WOULD BE FUNNY TO HAVE HER LITTLE GIRL DRESS LIKE THE GORGEOUS MACKENZIE, AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY… (She drew that word out) LIMO,” and before you could on further the little girl gave a toothy grin.

The problem was that this grin showed interlocked perfectly white fanged teeth between those red lips. There was a chill in Mackenzie as she’d never seen such teeth except in online photos of deadly creatures on the internet. This left her speechless for a moment and due to the situation she hadn’t noticed the black limo had not moved since the little girl got inside. It was only a small humming that got her to bring her back to the moment.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU HUMMING” she screamed out the question not caring about the language.

The smile deepened to a frown and then what could only be called an angelic voice a response came from the little girl. As she spoke Mackenzie eyed the costume realizing it was a perfect, to perfect copy of what she was wearing and the only difference was that it was on a small girl.

“One, Two, Three it is you who look like me,” the girl sang.


“Four, Five, Six, it was in your dreams I fix.”


“Seven, Eight, Nine, soon I shall dine.”

Hearing the word dine Mackenzie stopped herself at another loud outburst. She instead looked over and that little girl was again smiling all toothy again. She did not like where this could be going, so she sucked things in a bit and stopped yelling and decided to try something she had never tried, some tact.

“Ok, I get it so we have the same costume. We can call you the Mackenzie mini-me and I’m sure the fans will love this. As for dining I did not know they’d be feeding us so why don’t we sit here quietly and let the driver get me, I mean us to the event.”

She smiled at the little girl being sure not to show her own teeth as last thing she wanted to do was to make this little girl think she got to her. It was only then that another of her little songs filled the limo.

“One, Two, Three, someone should be praying for thee”

“Four, Five,….”


The gleeful smile and look on the little girls face disappeared within an instant. Mackenzie felt every hair on her body stand up as she felt a wave of anger fill the limo and knew she crossed a line. She went to apologize but the words never came from her mouth. The little girl just said a few words, “ten, you are at your end”.

There was a slight shake of the limo at that point and after standing near the back door the entire time the driver finally moved. His face still covered he opened the door and those little red shoes came out of the back seat and hit the pavement. She waved the driver off and he climbed back into the front seat, and little girl just skipped down the road away from the scene. If anyone had seen, or heard, her they would have heard humming.

The limo was found two days later at the side of a deserted road. There was no sign of a driver and the black paint had something reddish brown rubbed across the paint. The police officer finding the car then went to the back and knocked to see if anyone was in side. He heard no response so opened the back door. In a flash he was at the bumper of the car throwing up the donut and coffee had head for lunch.

The crime scene technicians flipped a coin to see who’d just take the evidence photos as no one wanted to go inside that limo. It was later determined the reddish brown color was dried blood that had been painted around the limo. The interior was unimaginable and the type of thing you’d only see in a horror film. There was no body but enough blood that no one could be alive after losing that much. Ever spot of the car was splattered with droplets, or pools, of the dried substance. The only sign that anyone had been in the vehicle was the only blank space that showed where someone had been seating. It was only after request for help went outline that fans of Mackenzie realized that it had to be her.

There was one final comment on Mackenzie’s social media page that drew attention from her hundreds of followers. It was simple and the name used was DarkPrincess6x3. It stated…..

“One, two, three I warned you of me,

Four, Five, Six, your heart no longer ticks,

Seven, Eight, Nine, you are now mine.”

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Halloween, Share the Fear–Open Call for Stories

thI’m getting the word out a bit earlier this year as I do love this time of year. The season brings out the fall colors as the leaves turn as summer has ended. A warm fire is a way to chat with others and share stories. Those stories can be timid to frightening and of course TV will have many horror movies on the airwaves.

To me what makes Halloween great is the ability to use the imagination to create that stand out costume or decorations. Even more important the ability to give a jolt or scare to others as it’s the time of year all expect to be scared, no want to be scared. So, I want to give readers of the blog a chance to share something that could give someone that feeling of creepiness like bugs traveling down their body. The feeling of was there something they just saw out of the corner of their eye or was it a shadow. The sense of foreboding like there is someone right behind them about to attack. Those feelings that drive every hair on the body to quiver in nervous energy and is about to activate the flight or fight reaction.

This is why I’m opening the blog up to ALL, from the authors to fans, who wish to submit a story. The story can be from your real life, or completely fiction. My only requirements that it activates the imagination and creates imagery in the mind that will shock the reader. It can be something simple from a ghost sighting or dark like demonic possession.


  • Provide a Title to the Story
  • Name of author or “pen name”
  • No longer than 5000 words, although if a bit longer I will still post.
  • Submissions due by 10/23/15 as publishing happens week of 10/26/15.

If interested all you need to do is write the story and submit it to me at with a subject line of: Halloween 2015.

You will be notified of the date on which you will find your story posted.

Below are links to stories I’ve written the past few years.


Any questions please contact me, and to all good writing and Happy Halloween.


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Numbers and Fear by Shawn Micallef

Fear is a physical reaction to stimuli that gives the appearance of danger. It is a word that Jason knew very well but never saw it used to describe him. He was what many people called fearless. The man was cool under pressure and instead of running from a fire he would run towards it.

This lack of knowing fear had put Jason into many dangerous situations. He had been shot at during a bank robbery. He refused to drop to the floor when ordered to by the robber. This act allowed a guard to get the drop on the would be robber and the situation was resulted with no one getting hurt, except the robber.

There was another situation where an exploding gas tank led to first degree burns on his body when his shirt caught fire.  He had just pulled a small child out of a burning car and as he rushed the child to safety the gas tank exploded.  The blast forced him to fall to his knees and some of the debris hit his back causing the burns.

Friends of his had tried to test his fearlessness for much of his life. They played practical jokes on him all the time. They would try to scare him from the dark jump out and wearing a mask to scare him. After a few broken noses they gave up on those attempts. Plastic spiders were left in his car, his office, and even a real snake was left in his sock drawer.  He learned at that time it was important to lock his front door when leaving for an errand.

It was like this for his life up to the year 2013 as he turned thirty three just in time for Halloween.  He prepared as always to give out full size candy bars to the children in his neighborhood. He knew the kids loved to stop at his home and often they try and scare him as well.  He would smile at the children and often tell them nice try and it was like that Halloween as well.

He had put up with his friends trying a new tactic of trying to use superstition to get to him this year. They pointed out that this year he had too many threes to be safe this year.  As usual he laughed them off and pointed out how any number can be seen as evil if given that reasoning. He knew that the number three had been told to have a bad connotation to it much like the number six. Fate was tempted one night when a friend would not let the thing drop. So, Jason yelled out the numbers three and six multiple times repeating each one three time. His friend had enough asked him to stop and even made the sign of the cross over his chest.  Jason rolled his eyes at that time and asked his buddy who was the scared and superstitious one?

Halloween had come and he had just turned off his light that night after giving out nearly all the candy bars he had purchased that year. He had about two to three bars left and was about to open one for himself when a knock came from his door. He shook his head, rolled his eyes and went to the door while he put the candy bar back into the small bucket.

He opened the door and found a cute little girl dressed in the oddest of costumes. She had a princess costume on but instead of being pink it was black.  She had small horns by her ears and blood red lips that were a contrast to her pale white face.  Her hair was jet black and oddly tied up in dual pony tails that did nothing to hide those horns. He took in her appearance and just told her that he only had a few candy bars left and asked what she’d like from the bucket.

The young girl looked up at him, as she stood no more than four feet tall. She smiled her cheeks rose and split to show small dimples. There was no sign of cracking makeup when she did this and he saw her eyes were pure black.

“I do not want your candy, but instead I am here for you.”

His right eyebrow rose as he let those words sink into his mind.  He stepped out a bit and looked to the right and left to see if any of his friends or neighbors were around.

“Did someone put you up to a joke or is this someone’s attempt to scare me?”

Her smile faded into a stern look and if possible flames may have escaped her eyes as she stared at him. Her mouth opened so slight and he heard a small voice come from her, but it was loud within his head.

“I am here for you.  The man of no fear in the year of his threes who has summoned me.”

“Excuse me, but what are you getting at little girl? “

“You have summoned us, and your time is nigh and I am here to collect you for the one who collects those of three.”

“Hey are you guys out there? It’s not cool to use a girl to scare me you know this won’t work.”

“No one shall hear the words from your throat, you yell to the nothingness that now will claim you.”

He hadn’t noticed, but as he looked around he saw no street lights, no life, just a pale glow on the girl coming from the lights inside his home.  A shudder spread down his spine and he began to sweat.

He questioned himself silently, is this what fear feels like.

She repeated her claims again to Jason.

“You have summoned us, and your time is nigh and I am here to collect you for the one who collects those of three.”

“I heard you the first time. If this is some joke to get me scared it is fucking working. You can tell those who are pulling this prank off congratulations. After thirty three years they finally got me. Now will you please get off my porch as I do not want to slam my door on a little girl.”

He attempted to shut the door as he backed into his house but the door did not move. She just looked at him and grinned. Her mouth parted this time to show teeth that were pointed like daggers.  She then parted those teeth and used a fork tongue to lick those blood red lips. She stepped toward him and through the door again a small whisper of a voice said.

“I am here for you.  The man of no fear in the year of his threes who summoned us as you will not be shutting me out.”

He tried again to slam the door the fear he held onto for so many years finally claimed his body. The sweat ran down his body causing his shirt to turn wet. His heart raced and he saw images of the close calls from his life. The robber, the fire the snake, it and so much more came to his mind at that moment. The girl just stared at him and slowly walked further into the home the door closed itself.

A loud scream pierced the neighborhoods silence. People turned on their lights again to see if they saw the source. Children stopped in their tracks as they were heading home and all turned toward his now darken house. The scream echoed one more time in the night and as smaller kids dropped their bags of candy and ran home, neighbors slammed doors and lights turned out.

Someone in the neighborhood had enough sense to call the police and the darken street was again lit up by lights. These being a mixture of blue and red from the police cars and ambulance that came to Jason’s home. After hearing the door being broken down from the sound of wood being shattered some neighbors finally braved the cold night air and went outside.

Some ran back into their homes, others stared on with eyes wide open, jaws gapped at the sight that met their eyes. Some of the men in blue were seen running back outside the broken door and were vomiting on the once green grass. Another officer was seen coming out shaken and the sounds of deep sobbing heard from the man. A paramedic came out doing the sign of the cross over his chest as he let the blood covering his hands paint the white uniform where his finger tipped had touched his uniform.

A neighbor finally had the courage to walk up the street to get a view and hoped to talk to a member of the police. He was turned back by an officer as he got close. The officer only saying that what they saw inside was worse than any acts of violence they’d seen in a cheap horror film. The neighbor tried to stand on his toes to see into the open doorway but could not. He finally got a glimpse through the reflection in a police car window and he collapsed on the spot dead from a sudden heart attack the coroner’s report stated.

Over the next two weeks the police put up a twenty four hour watch on the home. No one was allowed to enter and the press briefings were very simple.  All the police would say is that the scene was under investigation and a man was presumed dead from the amount of blood found at the scene.  Neighbors were questioned on what they had seen and heard that dreadful night. All any could remember was the odd girl in the black princess dress they saw skipping around the corner near Jason’s home singing a song. The only words anyone could remember were;

“One, two, three,

I come for thee,

Four, five, six,

Beware what I will inflict.”




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A Horrorific Opportunity for YOU!

WritingThere have been certain holidays in the past where I have posted some original work that fits the theme of the holiday.  This year life has kept me busy and I’m personally just thrilled I’ve been able to keep up with the book reviews. 

All I’ll say about this year’s fun is that home ownership finally got to be a bit expensive this year. It was about time as the house has been ours for many years. So who would be shocked when a water heater from the late 1990’s finally calls it quits? I also learned a good plumbing lesson as a power vent system is more expensive.  So yeah I’ve had enough home horrors that I could write something on that.  

However, I want to try something and I realize upfront that this could be a futile (Borg Voice) endeavor. 

What I’m doing is putting out an open call to all the followers, readers, and lurkers of the blog to put on your thinking caps.  It can be something from a real life experience, a short story from grammar school, a crazy idea, or just a dream that keeps you up at night. So what am I talking about, err writing about here? 

I’m offering anyone the opportunity to have a piece of your work; yes I said it YOUR work posted on the blog. The post will be made during the week of October 28, 2013.  Why the year?  You never know when this could be read as things do stay on the internet for some time. 

So that’s right if you have a piece of writing you have wanted to share but have no outlet, this is your chance. I just ask that you keep the story creepy and please no worse than an R-rating.  This means gratuitous violence, swearing, and limited nudity are acceptable. Granted who cares about nudity as there will be NO pictures of that on the blog. (laughs)  The only limitation I have is please NO SEX (sorry 1980’s slasher film fans), or previously published work.  The story must also have an element of fear to work with the Halloween Holiday. 

The stories can come from anyone as the point is to allow others a chance to get a feature. I wish I could say there is a prize for best story but you read about the home ownership being costly. (Smiles) 

If this at all sounds like something you’d be interested in taking part in get writing.  Send any submission you have to my email address which is just below. To avoid, hopefully, spammers I did write out the email completely.   

Send your stories, real, fictions, or ludicrous to: 


Please put Submission in the subject line and keep the story to fewer than 8000 words.

If you happen to have an image, blog or website you wanted mentioned in your posting please include with the email.


The Legal and Submission Guidelines:


All rights will remain with the owner of the original writing, and will not be edited for content.  If at any time the author wishes work to be removed, it will be removed.


I am the final decision on if the piece will be published, and when it will be published during that week.

Deadline is 10/23/2013.


Story should either be in body of email, or attached as Word Format or PDF.

Any images requested to show in story should be in JPEG format.


Include Title of story and how you want your name to appear.  (I do have the right to go with anonymous for those who give an obvious crude fake name.)


Email Subject: Submission

Body of message should contain: 


How you want name to appear in posting

Story Title 

The story itself or mention attachment and any photos.


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