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Obsidian Tears by Doug Lamoreux & Daniel D. Lamoreux

Yellowstone National Park is United States staple that attracts thousands, if not more, visitors each and every year. People enjoy not just the beauty of the Old Faithful Geyser but also the natural beauty that abounds the park itself. The one thing that many visitors, and maybe even some staff, do not know is the large history behind the land the park is located on.  The history includes that of the Native American’s and obsidian made artifacts have been found in the park. Why do I bring this up? I mention the obsidian as it is part of the title of the book, Obsidian Tears. The book is written by brothers Daniel and Doug Lamoreux and that deep black, glassy rock will play its part in this book.

Obsidian Tears will introduce the reader to Chief Forest Ranger Glenn Merrill who many readers may have met in the first book in this series, Apparition Lake. As in that book the reader will find Ranger Merril dealing with some alarming events around Yellowstone. The problem is these events are not just the threat from environmentalists, or campers’ causing mayhem, but something is brewing under the ground. There are earth tremors that bring signs that maybe the long dormant volcano under their feet is becoming active. There of course are the unexplained deaths that claim not just animals, but that of tourists and a ranger.

I wish to add that the book opening is quite interesting as well as it sets up some great foreshadowing of what may come. The Lamoreux brothers do a great job taking the reader back to a different time as we find the young Arapaho medicine man, Nakos, on a vision quest. The events that take place during this question and what will follow a few hundred years later will become clearer as you follow the story.

The thing is all the mystery around the park will eventually become tied to a mysterious box that is found within the park. I will not go into much detail on how, or where it is found, but just say they did have to look under something to find it. The item in that box will get things moving very fast within the pages of the book. These events will lead Ranger Merrill to search out his Shoshone friend, Johnny Two Ravens.  Along with Johnny, Merrill will also end up realizing he will need the help of a young professor of Seismology, one Dr. Betty Chmielewski or Lew for short.

The book is well written as the brothers certainly know how to work together and develop their characters. Along with the characters it does appear they have done a lot of research on Yellowstone and the history around the National Park. The book does have some violent acts, but for the most part we read more about the aftermath then get to read about the full details. I for one love this type of storytelling when it comes to violence as it engages the brain even more. The best thing about the additional engagement of the brain is it brings you more and more into the story you are reading.

Obsidian Tears is a very well written book and truly fits as book 2 in the Apparition Lake series. The reader gets to catch up on what has happened in the life of those characters they may have enjoyed from the first book. You also get a sense of what is going on within a park of Yellowstone’s size from the daily patrols that take place to dealing with some of the visitors. This is what makes not just the drama of the main story so special but you get a sense of the happenings at the park, which draws you in even more. A truly enjoyable read and I’m sure like many others, I hope for more.

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Seven for the Slab by Doug Lamoreux

There where comic books, radio programs and television shows that would give their audience short scary stories. These would often wrap up quickly and would allow the presenter to do an anthology of sorts as they could have several stories within the same production. These of course helped give birth to the numerous anthologies that can be found out there.  We can also get a sense of this style from the 20007 Horror film “Trick ‘r Treat”.

Author Doug Lamoreux takes this idea and does two better than the before mentioned film as he places seven stories within the pages of his novella. This novella is aptly titled, “Seven for the Slab”.  I’m sure many who see the title will draw the conclusion that the slab must be in reference to a funeral home. I will say that assumption would be very correct, but do not go thinking these stories take place in one.  In the contrary a funeral home does have some of the main story thread but it’s not all the reader will get out of the pages of the novella.

Seven for the Slab starts out with the one thing so many of dislike, and that is being awoken by a ringing telephone. If you ask me that in itself is a nightmare as you never know why someone is calling you so late and if you are about to get heartbreaking news. This phone call is one that brings good news for one Herb Flay, it would mean he had his job back and that the Fengriffen Funeral Home and Crematorium needed his services. It was a call he had been waiting on for what seemed like a month and with some odd glee he went out into the thunderstorm ready to do his job.

This is the setup to the novella as Flay heads out in the night to meet his boss at a home of not one but two deceased individuals, a brother and a sister. The scene is a small neighboring town and as Flay heads out to the scene we are introduced to a group of characters from firemen, EMTS, local police and a home owner.

The rain along with what is found at the home of the deceased brother and sister are what send many of the first responders to a home owner’s garage. The place becomes the official staging area for those involved to wait out the rain and their potential next assignment if something comes up. This is a welcoming option for those who had been in the home, as the bodies, well it’s amazing what can happen after a period of time. I’m leaving the details for the story itself as for some it could be slightly disturbing, but sadly it is part of life.

I’ve provided a bit of the background on why there are so many within this garage as this is where a push from one of those individuals will get the stories moving. One must realize that when you have so many first responders together they may have stories to share with each other. In this instance it is just that, they are all challenged to share a story that will fit their current settings. It is a chance for each of them to out-do the other as they tell their stores.

I could go into each story but as this is a novella I do not want to take away a readers opportunity to really enjoy them. I just will say that with each one they get a bit more thought provoking and there is a bit of everything involved. The reader will find aliens, ghosts, zombie like creatures, and the worse of all humanity. I say this as what man can do to their fellow man can be just as gruesome as the creatures that we see in our dreams.

Seven for the Slab shows off the creative mind of author Doug Lamoreux as his characters tell their stories. They are well crafted stories that will have you wondering not just about the character writing the stories but that of the author who wrote the novella. I must say that you can tell he was a fan of those old series like Vault of Horror and Tales from the Crypt. The thing is we hear some great stories from the first responders but the back ground story is just as traumatic. I’ll close by saying that it is amazing what some will do to keep a job.

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When The Tik-Tik Sings by Doug Lamoreux

Tik-TikThere are book titles that when you see them you are not sure what you are going to get when you start to read. I have to say that the book, “When The Tik-Tik Sings”, is just such a title. I was thinking is this about some sort of demented coo-coo clock? There’s a chance that Tik-Tik could be a title of a singer or a band. I had no idea what I was getting into when I first saw the title. Author Doug Lamoreux has written some great books so I tossed away my guesses on potential subject and began to read.

The book opens with veteran police woman, Erin, talking her morning run. As she runs through the area and near the peak of Eagle Point Park she is startled by a big black shape. The shape jumps out and goes up scaring the officer so that she falls and lands rather undignified in the wet grass. Whatever the thing was she had heard this odd noise, “tik-tik, tik-tik, tik…” just before it appeared. She was rightfully nervous after being startled and her imagination start to run wild but she was able to re-focus and finish her run.

It’s not long after the run that she is in her patrol car and on her way to work. It’s here that she comes across a speeding car and a very reckless driver in an expensive sports car. She does her job and begins pursuit of the driver, and it’s not long before the chase ends. It’s at the moment that she is about to confront this driver that something unexpected happens. There is a loud scream and it’s followed not long after by an explosion.

The book takes off from this point like the big bang that startled many in this small tourist town in Iowa near the Mississippi River. The next few chapters are filled with action as we are introduced to firefighters and other local police. There are mixes of great sarcastic comments from one character to another. Firefighters Ben and Nestor are some of those characters that fill the reader with some of that great laughter that will be found as the fight those in authority.

Those upcoming chapters also will introduce everyone to what is going to become the scourge of the local police. This being multiple murders that make no real sense. A woman’s body found way up in the air on the top of an old theater. There will be a common thread for most of the murders, but to find out what those are you must read the book.

There is another item in the book I found fascinating and even spoke to some I know who live in the Philippines about. The fact is that Filipino myth and lore will play a large part of what is happening within the pages of the book. Those who live in the country will tell you that the country has many myths and stories and some of those come to live within the pages of the book. In my checks it is clear that author Doug Lamoreux did his homework as he is spot on with how he uses that lore within the book.

When The Tik-Tik Sings has nothing to do with a clock as I originally thought could be possible. The part that a bird may be involved is “somewhat” right but it wasn’t something I was thinking about. The book has non-stop turns of action and with the point of view form used within the pages it is hard to put down. There is a lot of violence but the great thing is that Lamoreux does not do anything to gratuitous. The violence fits the situation and the descriptions do make the imagination work a little as you read. The book will make fans of mystery, suspense and thrillers very happy and is worth the read and is published by Creativia Publishing.

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What’s coming in 2015 and Thank You 2014

ThankYouThe year of 2014 has been an exciting one as I was able to read over twenty books and post reviews on the blog.  The greatest thing is that often an author, or publisher, has reached out to me regarding their book. This to me is exciting and helps to show that I am reaching the right audience with the reviews.  The audience I refer to is those people who look for authors, publishers and books that often fly under the mainstream market place. My eyes, and then fingers, help put out a forum for their books and draw attention to their works through my reviews. The word reviews is used as I don’t just put them on my blog but cross post to Amazon and just recently all went up on Goodreads as well.

These individuals produce books that are just as engaging as a Stephen King,  Stephanie Myer, Suzanne Collins and other well-known authors.  They bring imagination to life which is what I believe many authors endeavor to do with their readers. The pages can be digital, or physical, but have the same effect no matter how you read. It is why I write this post as I want to thank those that helped my imagination over the past year. I hope my review helped other readers find their books and enjoy them as much as I have. This is the main reason on why I never say NO to a review request.

Before I start with listing and thanking those who gave me the great opportunity of discovering a new world through their prose let me share with you what I have coming for 2015.  As you will see the list is growing and it’s how I want it to be.

Upcoming in 2015 in no particular order:


  • Playback Effect by Karen A Wyle
  • Glimpses of the Undead by Julianne Snow
  • The Last Bucelarii (Book 1): Blade of the Destroyer by Andy Peloquin
  • Thunder Bay by Robert Reynolds
  • Why 319 by Mark Love
  • Counting Churches The Malta Stories by Rosanne Dingli



Now it’s time to thank those authors, and publishers, for the books I enjoyed over 2014. The list is in order of reviews from most recent to beginning of the year. If I missed anyone it was not on purpose but a MAJOR oversite on my part.



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Congratulations to Author Doug Lamoreux on Movie Development

Draculas DemeterIt’s not every day that someone who reads a lot of independent authors gets to put a post such as this out. I’m thrilled that I can say I know Doug Lamoreux through the reviews of his books and just learned something awesome for the man.

Doug has the book Dracula’s Demeter that is being turned into a movie by Thunderball Films. Even better the development must be moving forward as there are now two women signed to be in the movie.

The actresses are listed as part of a post Doug shared on his Facebook page.


Doug’s Post is below:

Meet the ladies of Dracula’s Demeter! (link to promo video)

ThunderBall Films Lid. (London) and producer Brian L. Porter, and casting director Barbara French have officially signed the lovely and talented German actress Isabella Jantz, and the equally lovely and talented Scottish actress Vivien Taylor for the roles of Ekaterina Gabor and Mina Murray (Harker) in the film adaptation of my novel, Dracula’s Demeter, now in development at ThunderBall Films.

Both actresses will first appear in the new Brian L. Porter TV series, Jack the Ripper: Reality and Myth, now in production.

My thanks to ThunderBall CEO and Producer Mario Domina, my publisher, Miika Hannila, at Creativia‬ Publishing, producer / co-writer Brian L. Porter, and Barbara French for their incredible efforts. And my very best wishes for all success with Jack the Ripper: Reality and Myth.

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Ten Plus One Questions with Doug and Daniel D. Lamoreux

David L




Meet Daniel D. Lamoreux a nature photographer.

Doug L



Meet Doug Lamoreux author and actor.

Together these brothers wrote the book Apparition Lake not one time, but actually two times. The have diverse careers at this point in their indivual lives, but they are still brothers to the core. You will sense that in how they answered those questions.  You can find David’s business Master Hunter Products by clicking on his image and Doug’s twitter account is found from his photo. So without further comments here are those questions…….

Question 1: What inspired you to write Apparition Lake?

Dan: What started as a technical explanation to Doug about temporal lakes turned into a “what if” joking session during a 2-hour drive from Yellowstone Park back to my home just south of there. By the time we hit the house, the idea had blossomed into the seed for Apparition Lake.

Doug: I remember it like it was yesterday. The novel was conceived in Yellowstone. What a glorious setting for all hell to break loose.

Question 2: Is there any significance to the names of your main characters?

Dan: Not really. The characters created their own names.

Doug: I agree. What significance there is comes from the characters.

Question 3: During the writing process did you find yourself thinking about any of your memories?

Dan: Absolutely. The great part about memories is that they’re not necessarily “accurate.” We remember most what we most feel. Whether that be anger, joy, fear, awe or whatnot. It is the rekindling of these emotions that lead to the most passionate writing.

Doug: That covers that.

Question 4: What were some of your favorite books growing up?

Dan: I have always enjoyed the old classics – Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities, War and Peace… but frankly I rarely remember meeting a book I didn’t like.

Doug: Treasure Island, Captains Courageous, all of the horror classics, of course, anything. The whole Sherlock Holmes canon, Poirot, Nero Wolfe. I read two or three novels at the same time, all the time. Read! Read people!

Question 5: Do you hear from fans of the book, and if you do what do they say?

Doug: Always, comments about the realistic characters and settings. One of the reason readers are able to be frightened or thrilled is the fact that you put them into the story; they’re seeing Yellowstone, they’re with the ranger and his Shoshone friend. And, once they are there, they’re in a position to be happily freaked out.

Dan: The greatest comment I ever heard went like this, “Apparition Lake does for camping what Jaws did for swimming.”

Question 6: What was the feeling like when you saw the very first printed version of your book?

Doug: The original Apparition Lake was our first book. You’re enamored with your first child. But to see this so many years later, not just a new edition of the book, but a completely re-envisioned, rewritten Apparition Lake, with new characters, new plot twists, more frightening scares, a deeper mystery, a stronger message… For me, it’s virtually a whole new novel. It’s been a thrill to see it happen. And it’s a brand new baby were looking at. In a glorious edition from Creativia Publishing.

Dan: Hooorrrahhhhh!!!!!!

Question 7: Do you continue to write?

Dan: Yup. How could I not?

Doug: A writer writes.

Question 8: What is the message you are want people to take away from the book?

Dan: There are many messages that can be found throughout the book – none of them having been preconceived. We didn’t want to write this story as a social agenda or to teach life-lessons. We simply wanted to write a good story. The best part about this entire process, in my estimation, is that by writing honestly and passionately the “messages” find their own way to the forefront regardless of our intent. The message that any reader should take away is the one that means the most to them, as an individual.

There certainly are messages about ourselves and our world. But I’m an entertainment guy so, first and foremost, the message from me is always “Boo!”

Question 9: If you could envision a future for your main character, what would it be?

Dan: A long and illustrious career of chasing off personal demons and dispelling commonly accepted myths about our world and those who live within it.

Doug: I smell a sequel…
Question 10: Who are those in the dedication of the book, and their importance to you?

Dan: That’s not applicable this time around.

Doug: Dedicating a book is a very personal endeavor. Personal endeavors are mostly set aside when you write with another author. We went without a specific dedication to just let Apparition Lake speak to whoever it speaks to.


The + 1 Question: If you had any one place in the world you could travel to for a book tour, where would that place be, and why?

Dan: My home town… because it’s the single place on the planet where nobody truly knows who I am…

Doug: Dan’s home town. My brother is one of the most interesting people I know. It would be entertaining to watch people discover who he is!

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Apparition Lake by Doug Lamoreux & Daniel D. Lamoreux

ApparitionYellowstone National Park is something of legend due to its beauty and majesty. It is known to be one of the first, if not the first, national park in not just the United States but the world. The scenic beauty of the land it encompasses draws visitors from all over the world. Many of them come to see the beauty of the famed Old Faithful Geyser and many of the other natural beauties. Of course with all that beauty people can be forgetful there is danger to be found as there are bears and other wildlife throughout the park as well.

The book Apparition Lake by Doug and Daniel D Lamoreux will take the reader into much of the beauty of Yellowstone. Their descriptions of the park will leave a yearning to go and visit the park as you read a tale that focuses on the chief ranger, one Glenn Merrill, and some vicious bear attacks.

The book opens with a scene out of the old west. A period in which the Native American’s had been forced to choose the life on a reservation, but not all accepted that life. A band of the Shoshone had disagreed with their leadership and gone back to the land that would become Yellowstone. This opening will help the reader get a glimpse on what has been lost to many and that is the ways of the old believes of Native Americans. A strong belief in Mother Earth and how we as a world need to remember all beings are part of a greater world.

The reader gets to witness an event which involves members of the band performing their own part. There will be drums, warriors and much more  in the ceremony. Silverbear is the one who leads the call to the Great Spirit asking for help against the white man who has been insulting Mother Earth by killing animals for their pelts. These devils were not killing to use the whole animal and this was against the Native American beliefs. They needed help and they were calling to their ancestors to deal with the white man. The opening passages will take the reader through this fascinating ceremony, before bringing you back to a more current timeline.

As we read into the modern world we find out about a bit of those potential dangers within the park. That danger is man who thinks it is ok to get very close to a bison and ask it to pose for a photo. An animal of that size does not understand English, let alone an invasion of its personal space. So a tourist is set for a short run and the description of the event left a smile on this readers face. Even up to the point where the tourist meets the chief ranger and gets a reminder of the dangers to be found with irritating a full grown bison.

During this point we are introduced to a theme that can be found throughout the book. The theme is that ignorance about park wildlife seemed to be a rule with many. A rule that could lead to dangerous repercussions and possibly death as readers will find out will happen to soon. The first being one of the bears of the park, but later things will get worse for the park, the rangers and those taking advantage of the wildlife.

What is Apparition Lake beyond the title of the book? This is something that readers will learn is another of the mysterious wonders of Yellowstone, at least in the book. The description by the brothers is well done and the lake itself is a bit of a mystery. The things that begin to happen around this lake will lead to far reaching events for those within the park.

The events I’m alluding to are things such as a man being mauled by a huge bear. This attack leads to the man’s death but although his wife witnesses the attack, and a photographer is snapping away at photos there is no proof it was a bear. How does that happen? What would drive a man to be so scared he dies in such a manner? Other attacks will get more gruesome, but never to disturbing. The reader will get the sense of the attack and its aftermath. It will be up to the reader to learn how the chief is going to solve these attacks. Along the way he will get help from some Native American’s in the area along with a wildlife biologist.

Apparition Lake is so well written it is hard to get a sense it was done by two people, and just not one writer. The stream of the book moves along well and it shows the brothers must have collaborated well in framing this book. The descriptions of Yellowstone may make readers wish they could see the locations themselves. The characters in the book are well developed, and this includes a local news reporter that has it out for the chief. To end this review I have to add that Doug and Daniel D Lamoreux had written the book previously. This is one of those rare times I don’t want to see the original book as I think this one is a great read brought to reader thanks to Creativia publishing.

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