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When The Tik-Tik Sings by Doug Lamoreux

Tik-TikThere are book titles that when you see them you are not sure what you are going to get when you start to read. I have to say that the book, “When The Tik-Tik Sings”, is just such a title. I was thinking is this about some sort of demented coo-coo clock? There’s a chance that Tik-Tik could be a title of a singer or a band. I had no idea what I was getting into when I first saw the title. Author Doug Lamoreux has written some great books so I tossed away my guesses on potential subject and began to read.

The book opens with veteran police woman, Erin, talking her morning run. As she runs through the area and near the peak of Eagle Point Park she is startled by a big black shape. The shape jumps out and goes up scaring the officer so that she falls and lands rather undignified in the wet grass. Whatever the thing was she had heard this odd noise, “tik-tik, tik-tik, tik…” just before it appeared. She was rightfully nervous after being startled and her imagination start to run wild but she was able to re-focus and finish her run.

It’s not long after the run that she is in her patrol car and on her way to work. It’s here that she comes across a speeding car and a very reckless driver in an expensive sports car. She does her job and begins pursuit of the driver, and it’s not long before the chase ends. It’s at the moment that she is about to confront this driver that something unexpected happens. There is a loud scream and it’s followed not long after by an explosion.

The book takes off from this point like the big bang that startled many in this small tourist town in Iowa near the Mississippi River. The next few chapters are filled with action as we are introduced to firefighters and other local police. There are mixes of great sarcastic comments from one character to another. Firefighters Ben and Nestor are some of those characters that fill the reader with some of that great laughter that will be found as the fight those in authority.

Those upcoming chapters also will introduce everyone to what is going to become the scourge of the local police. This being multiple murders that make no real sense. A woman’s body found way up in the air on the top of an old theater. There will be a common thread for most of the murders, but to find out what those are you must read the book.

There is another item in the book I found fascinating and even spoke to some I know who live in the Philippines about. The fact is that Filipino myth and lore will play a large part of what is happening within the pages of the book. Those who live in the country will tell you that the country has many myths and stories and some of those come to live within the pages of the book. In my checks it is clear that author Doug Lamoreux did his homework as he is spot on with how he uses that lore within the book.

When The Tik-Tik Sings has nothing to do with a clock as I originally thought could be possible. The part that a bird may be involved is “somewhat” right but it wasn’t something I was thinking about. The book has non-stop turns of action and with the point of view form used within the pages it is hard to put down. There is a lot of violence but the great thing is that Lamoreux does not do anything to gratuitous. The violence fits the situation and the descriptions do make the imagination work a little as you read. The book will make fans of mystery, suspense and thrillers very happy and is worth the read and is published by Creativia Publishing.

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Congratulations to Author Doug Lamoreux on Movie Development

Draculas DemeterIt’s not every day that someone who reads a lot of independent authors gets to put a post such as this out. I’m thrilled that I can say I know Doug Lamoreux through the reviews of his books and just learned something awesome for the man.

Doug has the book Dracula’s Demeter that is being turned into a movie by Thunderball Films. Even better the development must be moving forward as there are now two women signed to be in the movie.

The actresses are listed as part of a post Doug shared on his Facebook page.


Doug’s Post is below:

Meet the ladies of Dracula’s Demeter! (link to promo video)

ThunderBall Films Lid. (London) and producer Brian L. Porter, and casting director Barbara French have officially signed the lovely and talented German actress Isabella Jantz, and the equally lovely and talented Scottish actress Vivien Taylor for the roles of Ekaterina Gabor and Mina Murray (Harker) in the film adaptation of my novel, Dracula’s Demeter, now in development at ThunderBall Films.

Both actresses will first appear in the new Brian L. Porter TV series, Jack the Ripper: Reality and Myth, now in production.

My thanks to ThunderBall CEO and Producer Mario Domina, my publisher, Miika Hannila, at Creativia‬ Publishing, producer / co-writer Brian L. Porter, and Barbara French for their incredible efforts. And my very best wishes for all success with Jack the Ripper: Reality and Myth.

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Apparition Lake by Doug Lamoreux & Daniel D. Lamoreux

ApparitionYellowstone National Park is something of legend due to its beauty and majesty. It is known to be one of the first, if not the first, national park in not just the United States but the world. The scenic beauty of the land it encompasses draws visitors from all over the world. Many of them come to see the beauty of the famed Old Faithful Geyser and many of the other natural beauties. Of course with all that beauty people can be forgetful there is danger to be found as there are bears and other wildlife throughout the park as well.

The book Apparition Lake by Doug and Daniel D Lamoreux will take the reader into much of the beauty of Yellowstone. Their descriptions of the park will leave a yearning to go and visit the park as you read a tale that focuses on the chief ranger, one Glenn Merrill, and some vicious bear attacks.

The book opens with a scene out of the old west. A period in which the Native American’s had been forced to choose the life on a reservation, but not all accepted that life. A band of the Shoshone had disagreed with their leadership and gone back to the land that would become Yellowstone. This opening will help the reader get a glimpse on what has been lost to many and that is the ways of the old believes of Native Americans. A strong belief in Mother Earth and how we as a world need to remember all beings are part of a greater world.

The reader gets to witness an event which involves members of the band performing their own part. There will be drums, warriors and much more  in the ceremony. Silverbear is the one who leads the call to the Great Spirit asking for help against the white man who has been insulting Mother Earth by killing animals for their pelts. These devils were not killing to use the whole animal and this was against the Native American beliefs. They needed help and they were calling to their ancestors to deal with the white man. The opening passages will take the reader through this fascinating ceremony, before bringing you back to a more current timeline.

As we read into the modern world we find out about a bit of those potential dangers within the park. That danger is man who thinks it is ok to get very close to a bison and ask it to pose for a photo. An animal of that size does not understand English, let alone an invasion of its personal space. So a tourist is set for a short run and the description of the event left a smile on this readers face. Even up to the point where the tourist meets the chief ranger and gets a reminder of the dangers to be found with irritating a full grown bison.

During this point we are introduced to a theme that can be found throughout the book. The theme is that ignorance about park wildlife seemed to be a rule with many. A rule that could lead to dangerous repercussions and possibly death as readers will find out will happen to soon. The first being one of the bears of the park, but later things will get worse for the park, the rangers and those taking advantage of the wildlife.

What is Apparition Lake beyond the title of the book? This is something that readers will learn is another of the mysterious wonders of Yellowstone, at least in the book. The description by the brothers is well done and the lake itself is a bit of a mystery. The things that begin to happen around this lake will lead to far reaching events for those within the park.

The events I’m alluding to are things such as a man being mauled by a huge bear. This attack leads to the man’s death but although his wife witnesses the attack, and a photographer is snapping away at photos there is no proof it was a bear. How does that happen? What would drive a man to be so scared he dies in such a manner? Other attacks will get more gruesome, but never to disturbing. The reader will get the sense of the attack and its aftermath. It will be up to the reader to learn how the chief is going to solve these attacks. Along the way he will get help from some Native American’s in the area along with a wildlife biologist.

Apparition Lake is so well written it is hard to get a sense it was done by two people, and just not one writer. The stream of the book moves along well and it shows the brothers must have collaborated well in framing this book. The descriptions of Yellowstone may make readers wish they could see the locations themselves. The characters in the book are well developed, and this includes a local news reporter that has it out for the chief. To end this review I have to add that Doug and Daniel D Lamoreux had written the book previously. This is one of those rare times I don’t want to see the original book as I think this one is a great read brought to reader thanks to Creativia publishing.

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Reading + Writing + Multiple Sclerosis = Frustration

WritingI don’t complain much on the blog when I write about my Multiple Sclerosis. I try to keep things positive and this is one of those times were I may lash out a bit. I’m going to be up front and honest about some emotion and although it’s not to terrible it’s more frustration than anything else. The frustration is due to a feeling of being neglectful of myself imposed duties to the blog I write.

By now you are either still wondering what am I writing about, or lost interest and waiting for the next post. Either way here we go folks so let me get to the true reason for the post and the subject.

I’m writing this blog post with my MS word zoomed in two hundred percent to give my eyes a break. My arms are a bit sore and my hands ache a tad as I type. Up to this point I have had to stop at least two times to close my eyes and reopen to focus and shake my hands and arms out. I’ve had to change my sitting position at least four times and hopefully by the end this will be the last time.

What is causing this discomfort and problems? It’s simple it’s the side effects of my Multiple Sclerosis. It can mess with SO much of the body and for me it’s been pretty light. However as temperatures cool and then rise, then repeat it hits my physically and sometimes emotionally. You add in the full moon that has come and gone and it’s worse than the world’s longest roller coaster.

My eyes have gotten blurry a few times, my arms ache and there is not much I can do with it. I try to save the energy for the fourty hour work week which makes blogging a bit difficult. This is where the frustration comes in as I try and get a new book out to all of you at least one time a month. It’s due to these factors I have been a bit off as of late in getting new product out to you.

Thus I finally had to blow my screen up and write this explanation and most importantly let people know I am not done, I have not gone away, but just a small break. I have some vacation from work and plan on using the time to relax and get back to form and back into my normal blog patterns.

In the between time let me share with you what I have waiting for my attention, and get the word started on these books.

First up I have Doug Lamoreux’s book, which he co-wrote with one Daniel Lamoreux (his brother), titled Apparition Lake. The book has been rewritten by the brothers and is going to be made available by Creativia Publishing. The book is a reimaging of what Doug called, “mistakes of youth”, and should be a great read. Doug’s other books can be found online and of course on Amazon.

I will follow that book up with one from Author Kate O’Connor titled, Mermaid. This book was released on March 21, 2013. The book is through Musa Publishing and a description of the book is posted below for anyone who may want to read it before I do.

WMERMAIDhen genetically engineered sea drone Coral saved two drowning humans, she didn’t expect to end up questioning the foundations of her world… but humans don’t seem as different as she’s always been told. With nothing ahead of her but mindless days of harvesting seaweed for World Food Co., she has to know why humans are free to choose and drones aren’t.

Coral’s only hope of transforming her future lies in taking on a battle her people gave up a century ago. However, each step nearer to drone freedom brings her closer to falling in love with Rob, the man she saved and heir to the company she is fighting to change.

Struggling to unravel politics and passion, Coral begins to realize that she stands to lose more than just a chance at being human. Both her life and Rob’s may just balance on whether or not they can create a world where drones can be free.


The last of the trifecta I have on my to-read list is the book, The Dragon and The Needle, by author Hugh Franks. This book came to me all the way from England, and borrowing the English vanacular, through the post. This is one of those times I received the paper edition of the book and thrilled that arrived. I have shared a book description below and this book is from the Book Guild Publishing.

DragonA mysterious syndrome is striking down political leaders across the Western world. Named Extraordinary Natural Death Syndrome, or ENDS, it has baffled medical experts. The Western prejudice against the mysteries of Oriental medicine, and the growing acceptance of acupuncture as an effective method of treatment, are just two of the contrasting approaches explored in the story.

A brilliant young British doctor, Mike, and a glamorous Chinese acupuncturist, Eleanor, become involved in finding the cause of ENDS. They think they are on the right track, but the implications are shocking. Could this be an audacious ideological plan for world domination? And how does Eleanor’s dead husband Chen fit in? When the secrets of The Dragon and the Needle are revealed, where will Eleanor’s loyalties ultimately lie?


You can see I have some books to read and do not plan on stopping for any long period of time. I just have to take this short break to let some pain go away and see 20/20 again. Good thing this eye issue doesn’t happen when driving and for those saying, Get your eyes checked, I did they are fine.

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Audio Interview with Author VR McCoy

AudioIn this audio interview with Author VR McCoy of Shaman The Awakening you will get a bit more background on the man. Each section covers a good topic and if you want to hear the Interview as a whole a link to the Blog Talk Radio site is also included. So here we go.  We can thank his publisher, Miika Hannila and the good folks at Creativia ( for publishing Shaman and it’s following books.

His other book,  “Those Without Sin” is a political thriller being released later this year and is published by Catt Dahman and the good folks at J.Ellington Ashton Press (


Part One:  Find out what got VR McCoy interested in writing Shaman. All I’ll say is it involves some history.



Part Two: Living in Washington D.C. and security work for the State Department? Oh did we mention his other book, and the TV shows Burn Notice and Cagney and Lacey?



Part Three:  What is VR’s favorite aspect of writing and where does he get his resource? Libraries, laptops and cell phones anyone?



Part for Four:  What’s next for Shaman, you as a writer and what about that bucket list, and did he already know the question?



Blog Talk Radio

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Ten Plus One Questions with Author VR McCoy

snoopyAuthor VR McCoy is an author of not just Shaman a but he has written Crime Thriilers, Action-Adventure, and of course Paranormal. As you read his answers you will find out some great facts about him and his writing style. If you are interested in finding about this Washington D.C native, now resident of Atlanta, Georgia, here are some places to look. Some may wonder about the image I used for this post, and just want to say it’s the one from VR McCoy’s own website.   His image can be found at one of the below publisher websites.


VR McCoy’s Website

Publisher Creativia Publishing Author Page

J. Ellington Ashton Press Author Page


Now the Questions

Question 1: What inspired you to write Shaman – The Awakening?

I was inspired to write “Shaman-The Awakening” while I was researching my maternal ancestry in North Carolina.

Question 2: Is there any significance to the name names of your main characters?

There is definitely a significance to the character names. Most of the characters names are based upon actual acquaintances of mine and the protagonist’s name has a subliminal message that will be revealed during the series.  As the readers get to know Christian more they will realize the symbolic nature of his name and enjoy the enlightenment.  I would hate to currently spoil the surprise.

Question 3: During the writing process did you find yourself thinking about any of your memories?

 Absolutely! In most of my novels and manuscripts a part of me is hidden within the characters.  This novel in particular because as I have stated I have personal ties.

Question 4: What were some of your favorite books growing up?

The “Odessy,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Most of James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare works. I also enjoyed Emily Dickerson, Thorough, Charles Dickens and of course Dr. Seuss.

Question 5: Do you hear from fans of the book, and if you do what do they say?

The responses have been overwhelming.  5 of my six reviews have been 5 Stars. The readers are urging me to release the second book of the series.

Question 6: What was the feeling like when you saw the very first printed version of your book?

 It was a feeling of accomplishment. To actually be a published author with a contract and to see my work accepted by readers was a dream come true. I felt very blessed.

Question 7: Do you continue to write?

I’m always writing. Even while marketing the current novel I will jot down passages for another manuscript or for the Shaman series.

Question 8: What is the message do you want people to take away from the book?

 Tolerance and acceptance of others; races, religions and cultures. The protagonist is divided between questions of culture, race and religions during his journey and attempts to resolve some of these issues pertaining to himself.

Question 9: If you could envision a future for your main character, what would it be?

Shaman-The Awakening is only the first novel of the “Shaman” series, therefore I already have a vision of his future. Christian is on a Vision Quest in which he will discover more about himself; his abilities and his heritage as he continues to track down unorthodox serial killers.

Question 10: Who are those in the dedication of the book, and their importance to you?

Of course my mother and sister are mentioned. My mother has always been my rock and my sister has always been there for me. She’s seen the good and bad. Several of the characters are based upon very close friends and acquaintances. People who I cherish.

The + 1 Question: If you had any one place in the world you could travel to for a book tour, where would that place be, and why?

My tour would begin in Cherokee County, N.C. then pass through the tribes of the Southwestern States, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado then I would visit Greece where most of our modern literature was born.


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