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Mermaid by Kate O’Connor

Mermaid CoverMermaids have been around in history or lore since man was sailing the seas carrying cargo too far off places. There are even reports that Christopher Columbus had seen them upon one of his trips to the Americas. These tales of men seeing beautiful half woman and half fish fill books across the world. They have been painted as evil creatures that have caused shipwrecks and death. On the other hand, they are also known to be kind and beautiful. A being that is fascinated with the human world and would rather fall in love with a man over ever harm them. There is thus no surprise they have been seen in books and movies throughout this entire time.

Author Kate O’Connor brings us a new tale in the lore that surrounds these creatures of the deep. In this instance we find them in the pages of her book, Mermaid. The book will show that there is indeed something under the waves. The creatures that are half woman and half fish do exist, but in this case they were created by man.

Mermaid introduces the reader to a potential near future where man must cultivate some of the world’s food from under the seas. These creatures are artificial and primarily electronic in their build. They do have human characteristics but at same time had more than two arms as they have six. Either way they are human like in their face, and more importantly some in their curiosity.

The book opens with one of these creatures feeling the surge of an impending storm. Her name is Coral and she had grown used to her job for World Food Company of tending her patch of the seaweed farm. In this instance the thrill of the storm, its energy was almost calling her name. She did what she shouldn’t and swam out to experience the storm and enjoy chasing it in deep water.

During this chase Coral makes one major mistake she comes across a boat full of humans. She knows it is best to turn back and get back to her patch of seaweed. Instead she got closer to them. She wanted to see them, and sadly she missed a bright shiny object in the water. Before she understood what was happening she was on the ship with a mix of humans staring down at her. Afraid, caught like a fish she could barely speak let alone move. It was this moment that she saw Rob. He knew immediately what she was and how she came to be, it helped that his father owned the company.

Rob was able to get his friends to release Coral back into the water, but the delay on their fishing trip would cost them dearly. They failed to notice the storm moving up upon them, and soon their small boat was sinking to the bottom. Coral had to make a hard choice that day. She had to choose to ignore the chaos of the event or safe the humans. She saved a woman from the boat named Kiera first and she pushed Coral to go and find Rob.

Coral did all she could that day to save those two from the boat and it stirred a new sensation within her. She was going against the things that she should have been programmed to ignore. She wanted to find Rob, she wanted to be HUMAN.

The book will follow Coral’s attempt to reach that dream and the reader will be introduced to a man that just may be able to help her live that dream. The one thing we all must remember is that sometimes those who help with a dream will have a price they may want paid later.

Kate O’Connor does a great job of getting the reader into Corals mind. In a small way you get the feeling you are following a young child grow up and become an adult. This is explained in the book as she will have to learn so much to live as a human. There is intrigue in the background of the book, but you must read it to find out what and how this will impact Coral. You will also have to make a decision does she truly reach that level of becoming a human, or was she just playing one. The book is published through Musa Publishing, and is well worth the read.

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