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Childhood Nightmares: Under The Bed

Growing up many parents tell their kids bedtime stories, which often have a lesson to be learned and a happy ending. Some of these stories even become feature films that bring those childhood memories to life in front of your eyes. The one thing many don’t realize is that many of the older bedtime stories did not have the happy endings we find today. The characters were not always warm and cuddly but instead dark and dangerous.

Stories were originally told to scare children, and get them to listen to the dangers of the world around them. A great example is, “The Boy who Called Wolf.” In this story the young boy calls wolf one to many times and when one does appear he is eaten along with the sheep he was guarding. This story taught the importance of telling the truth and not to lie, with a deadly lesson.

The anthology, “Childhood Nightmares: Under The Bed”, brought to you by Sirens Call Publications is full of dark stories. These are not the things you want to read to a young child, and often the lesson learned is by the parents.

There are twelve different stories within the anthology, each representing the imagination of one of the authors featured within the anthology itself.  The stories all have a major common theme, and that is a child and something going pump in the night. Innocent objects are used to create some of the nightmares seen within the pages, and some can be as simple as a sock drawer or beloved teddy bear.

Each author provides a story that will surely keep the reader on edge. They will get to follow each story and its plot lines, and little twists to an end that may surprise. The stories may be the type that teach a lesson, or just leave Goosebumps along the arms as you read. These can be caused by any of the stories, and mainly if you find yourself really relating to one of them, if not more.

The thing about any anthology is that the reader may not find themselves liking all the stories. A fan of any genre must not quit in their reading but move on to the next story, and further on. The reader is sure to find at least one story they will truly enjoy. The authors within “Childhood Nightmares: Under The Bed” have turned in quality tales that will surely asking for more. The anthology’s list of great authors and the title of their stories are just below.

Forgotten by Jack Wallen

Baby Teeth by Kim Krodel

Madeleine by Julianne Snow

Telling Tales by Phil Hickes

Excess Baggage by Lisamarie Lamb

Timothy by Joshua Skye

Show and Tell by Kate Monroe

The Confession of a Confirmed Has-Been by John McILveen

Seeing is Believing by Amber Keller

Bent Metal by Nina D’Arcangela

Shade of Red by Colin F. Barnes

Socks by Brandon Scott (using his real name now which is Adam Ickes)

Anthology brought to us by Sirens Call Productions


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My September Plans: Book Reviews and Short Story Continuation

This is just a quick post to let people know what is coming up in September on the blog.  This not a complete list by all means but things I hope to get out to the general public to enjoy.




  • Blue Remembered Earth by Alastair Reynolds (releasing 9/3)
  • Childhood Nightmares: Under the Bed (Anthology) Edited by Kate Monroe
  • Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity (Anthology) Edited by Kate Monroe
  • Born of Blood by SB Knight
  • Haywire by Justin Macumber

Short Stories:

  • Encircled in Malta: The Beginning
  • Encircled in Malta: The Trip

On a personal note for all the book reviews I list above these are being done for FREE! I do not make any  money off the reviews and wanted to share that point. All I ask is that those who want a book reviewed by me to contact me at and we can take it from there. After I clear the list of books above I will be wide open again if anyone needs a pair of eyes, and two hands, for a review.


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