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Ten Plus One Questions with Author Andy Peloquin

Author AnAndy Peloquindy Peloquin is one of those men that seems to have been writing his entire life. You will get a sense in that just from the first answer to the questions below. He is the man who brought us the great book Blade of the Destroyer and has written about 8,000 articles. To think he’s only in his 20’s says a lot about his dedication. So see how he answers the questions below.


Question 1: When did you realize first wanted to be a writer?

I discovered my talent for writing around the age of 10 or 11. I had a teacher who was passionate about science and literature. His love of reading and writing rubbed off on me, and I have been writing ever since.

I write off and on until the age of 19 or 20, when I took a five-year hiatus. I published my very first book in March 2014, and I’ve been addicted to creating ever since!

Question 2:  How did your friends/family take the loss of your time as you wrote the book?

My wife was very supportive–and still is to this day. I spent a lot of my Christmas/New Year holiday writing, and seeing as she was working (from home, thank the gods!), it wasn’t a big problem. As for how my kids take it, you’ll have to ask them. I know there are times when they wish I wasn’t working (so I could drive them places), but so far it hasn’t been a huge problem.

Question 3: What inspired you to write Blade of the Destroyer?

After reading books by Joe Abercrombie, Brent Weeks, and Scott Lynch, I fell in love with anti-heroes and the darker underbelly of fantasy societies. I’ve always loved stories about assassins, thieves, and rogues, and it just felt natural to write one myself. There just aren’t enough good fantasy assassin stories!

Question 4: During the initial writing process where did you get the idea for the book and its characters?

The idea came to me in stages:

The creation of the “legendary assassin” started out as a short piece of prose I wrote years ago. In the piece, a terrified man tries to escape a monster hunting him. It’s this inexorable, implacable creature that kills him in the end.

When I started writing in 2013, I read over some of my older works and found that piece. The story just kind of grew from there–with the monster becoming a half-demon assassin. He is still implacable and inexorable, but more man and less monster.

Question 5: Who were some of the authors that inspired you as a child growing up and their books?

My favorite birthday gift to this day is still “The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes”. I read that book so many times before I had to give it away. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter series got me hooked on science fiction and fantasy.

Question 6: What was the feeling like when you saw the first completed version of your book?

It was such a dream come true. To feel the pages turn in my hands, to see the AMAZING cover (done by my ultra-talented sister), and to inhale that “new book” smell–it was awesome. Even now, days later, I can’t stop smiling every time I see it on my desk or see my kids reading it.

Question 7: Do you continue to write and in what genre?

I’m going to stick with dark fantasy for now. I love to explore the darker depths of human nature, so my books will be more focused on what monsters people are, rather than real monsters.

Question 8: Who do you imagine being the people reading your book?

Anyone who is interested in a gripping character, an intriguing story, and a bit of darkness. Epic fantasy readers may not like my less-than-happy endings, but I think they’ll be satisfied with them. The story is a rich, vivid, and graphic one that will paint a VERY clear picture in the readers’ heads. Definitely worth picking up!

Question 9: Any good suggestions for those who want to try writing their own book?

Be prepared for A LOT of hard work. It’s amazingly fun to write that story, but that’s all the fun you get. From there, it’s hard work re-drafting, editing, implementing critiques and feedback from beta readers, and more. But it will all be worth it when you have a finished product you can be proud of.

Question 10: When not writing how do you like to spend your time?

I’m a HUGE comic book geek, and I stay pretty up to date with the latest from the Marvel Universe. I also watch TV, hit the gym, read, spend time with my kids, and play video games. I’m a down to earth kind of guy!

The + 1 Question

If you had any one place in the world you could travel to for a book tour, where would that place be, and why?

I would LOVE to go back to Japan on a book tour. I was born and raised there, leaving at the age of 14, and it would be wonderful to visit. I plan to do so at some point in my life, but being able to have an all-expenses-paid trip for a book tour would be twice the AWESOME.


Where to find him online:

Andy Peloquin


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Blade of the Destroyer by Andy Peloquin

Blade of the DestroyerThere are those that work on the fridges of society that want cash up front for a job they will do. They may not ask many questions but will do the job and see it through the end no matter the cost involved. There are also those that you may see as the scum of the Earth due to their brutality, yet they use some of their payment to help others.  The kindness may not out weight the darkness but at least they are “trying” to help others less fortunate.

Blade of the Destroyer will introduce the reader to just such a character, the Hunter. The city of Voramis knows his name to well and those with enough sense fear the hunter. Those with enough coin can hire the man and know that he will complete his assignment.  They know not to try and trick the man as he will come for them next if they fail to pay. At the same time this dark and deadly man cares for those he calls friends much like a dark Robin Hood.

The Hunter tracks his targets through the help of a magical blade. The blade feeds thoughts to the Hunter and seems to have an unending thirst for blood. If a person is killed with that blade their soul is taken to a place far worse than any hell. The Hunter uses a specific method to get the blade onto the scent of the target and travels across Voramis to find and kill the target on how the contract may wish. In any case the worst thing any man, or woman, can do is become the target of the Hunter.

There are those that live within some of his safe houses that do benefit from the coin he earns. He will help the wretches of society by putting a roof over there home, and even provide bandages. They do not live like kings, but at least better than those on the streets through his bit of kindness. They may not know who he truly is but he does call them friends and his coin helps protect them. –

There however is one major flaw in how the man takes on an assignment. He does not ask questions and one such very rich assignment will lead him to the point of a deep despair. He will find that he has stepped into a well built trap that will lead to danger for himself, his friends and potentially all of Voramis.

Blade of the Destroyer is written by author Andy Peloquin and takes the reader into a well built world.  Peloquin builds a world with a great mythology that will come apparent within the pages of the book. The Hunter will even find out more about who he is within the book and will face even more choices before the book ends. There is darkness and death within the pages but the well developed characters shine through.

Blade of the Destroyer is one of those books that when you start reading you may struggle to put down. The way in which the book is written takes the anti-hero, the Hunter, to a point that you will hope for him to win. You will shudder at first at his lethality but by the end of the book you want him to win. This is something that many authors do struggle with and Peloquin does masterfully.  The book is certainly a great read of those who enjoy a fantasy world, but at the same time just those who love a great story.

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