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The United States Vampire Service by Kevin Glennon

I am going to take some liberty and paraphrase the United States Postal Service’s unofficial creed here. Neither snow nor gloom of night nor length of fangs nor claws nor strength of vampire will stop the US Vampire Service from hunting their foe. You may have read that and asked what am I writing about? It’s rather simple when you take time to read the pages of author Kevin Glennon’s newest book. The United States Vampire Service is Glennon’s second book detailing the USVS and back in charge is Chief Othniel O’Connor.

The book does a great job of introducing the readers to the primary character, Chief O’Connor, the team’s mission and who his team is. The opening pages will take you their current vampire hunt and readers may get a laugh out of some of the team’s terminology that is introduced. Examples of a vampire are actually called a bug and their submachine guns those are called hoses.

Glennon also goes out of his way in the opening chapter to explain how the USVS works. You will read why the Postal Service is the best group to use as cover. The gear the team uses, from their hoses to the tactical gear they wear. There will be introductions to other team members with names like Sluggo, Cracker, Boo, and Larry. An introduction to how the team must sometimes work with the local police, and the dangers that can come from working on them. Dangers? The reader will find an accidental shooting within the opening chapters.

The United States Vampire Service will see the team take on a case near the Naval Base in Newport, Rhode Island. The case may have global repercussions as there is a major event taking place that is bringing top Naval leaders from across the globe to Newport. The complication of the potential fight over jurisdiction won’t stop with the Naval Police. The local Newport police will find themselves involved as well as the Rhode Island State Police. In truth, there are very few law enforcement agencies that will get involved in this case. It’s not hard to understand why as it seems that the bugs are popping up in so many different locations across the area.

As you continue to read a complex story, that will take you all over Newport, that will involve many beyond those already mentioned. A few locals will become invaluable to the team, and this goes from a police officer and even three little girls. There are a few members of the Navy who will also be featured within the pages. The daughter of an admiral and a very complex Commander Tommie Hubbard.

I point this out as author Kevin Glennon does a great job in handling all the complexity of the story and getting one engaged in the characters. As you read the book you will find favorite characters as you read. This is done due to the character development that is given from not just the good guys, but to the bad guys as well.

The story itself is well written and it does become clear as you read that this “bug’ outbreak in Newport has some direct ties to the USVS. There are things that will come out about Chief O’Connor that he was not aware of. The past of the team will lead them to learn about their history and who could be behind what is going on in Newport. All the time the team must avoid creating an international incident, and stopping the world from finding out about the USVS.

Those who enjoy a good mystery will find this book an interesting read due to the fact there is truly something that needs to be uncovered within the pages. Fans of horror and thrillers will also enjoy this book due to the bug, or vampire, the action that takes place within the pages. In truth, I would expect many who just enjoy a good read to find The United States Vampire Service to be a great read. If you find yourself enjoying this book and have not read Vikings, Vampires, and Mailmen yet, what are you waiting for?


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