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The Media (Does it report or just looking for Ratings)

I’m going to start by just saying that all below is my original thoughts. I do not claim to speak for anyone else, or my employer. I just am writing and sharing what I have come to feel when it comes to the media today and the major influence they have on the world.

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I’ll start by saying that when I was in high school I was asked to try out for the Forensics team.  The goal of Forensics is to help high school students get better at communication through things such as theatre, debate or speech. I went for a piece of that which gave me an opportunity to take provide stories and make a news story out of it. This eventually led to one of my first paying jobs outside of my father’s auto body shop.

I did have to leave the Forensics Team but I was hired by a local radio station and I ended up working in radio in both High School and in college. I would read the local news reports and even was given options on how to edit them to keep them to a specific length. These lengths and topics were important as we wanted to keep listeners and bring them back. I was allowed to leave out important facts if I needed to make sure the newscast did not go to long and more importantly what would get folks to come back later.

I had an even a short period of time than many news casts that have maybe thirty minutes and try to fit in as many stories as they can. Actually if you think about it a thirty minute news cast may only have time for 10 minutes of news as they have weather, sports and commercials to deal with. It’s also important to note that these newscasts face ratings and really their job is to keep you coming back to their channel. Often they say they are there to inform but really they are giving the highlights, the buzz words they know will get you talking and of course watching.

They also get to pick and choose what they wish to focus on and what they wish to leave out of their newscasts. You have to ask yourself, are they really covering everything in that 30 minutes or just what someone else deems to be the topic of the day.

I’m not talking about Fake news but real news as in CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, CNN, MSN, and any other network. I know this to be true as some of what I’m saying are things I was told to do when I worked in Radio. No matter what you think the news is often spoon feeding us what THEY want us to be concerned about. They will use all the words and videos they can find to get us coming back and watching their program.

As a few examples of what I mean on the tricks they will use to get you back. They will a tease stay tuned to learn about this, or coming up in our next half hour, and things like that. However, if you stick around has the news really changed or is it basically a wash and repeated version of what you sat through already with a few minor changes. They can edit a video any way they like to get the story to tell what they wish to show.

So just stop and think who is pushing the divide in the United States. Who is reporting day in and day out about the problems to get RATINGS? You think they actually care? Well when did it go from a news report to a news story? I mean a story can be written in many ways to influence someone over a report that gives us, the facts and lets us decide. I know this as I had to write news stories and did my best to stick to the facts as it was NOT my job to influence but to report.

It’s why I personally have unplugged from the news as I see them as part of the gasoline that is creating the issues we see. Sure you can say they are bringing light to an issue, but are they doing so to alert us or to get more ratings. Just my two cents having worked in a form of media. I’ll close by saying I’m not even going to start on print news they can be just as bad as again how you phrase a sentence, or words used, can shape an opinion.

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