Rituals by author Mark Love

30 Oct

Halloween_Blood_Roses_WallpaperAuthor Mark Love brings us the final entry in the Halloween Event for 2015 and I am taking his advice and warning readers this is a graphic story. There are adult themes within this story and would deserve an R-Rating if a movie. Mark Love wrote the book Why 319?, which was reviewed earlier in the year by me. I think people will enjoy the story if they are not to prudish when it comes to the adult content. I will stop further commenet and on to the story


By Mark Love


It happened the first night in my new place. I’d set up the video camera and the telescope, directed at the wall of apartments across the court. I took a few minutes of footage of my new neighbors in some form of their nightly routine. One broad was sprawled on a bed, working herself over with a vibrator the size of an eggplant when I heard a voice.

“Hey, whatcha watchin’?”

Looking away from the telescope, I glanced around the room. Nothing. I turned back to the view.

“I’m talkin to you.” A grotesque face suddenly filled the lens.

I stumbled away from the scope, rubbing my eyes. “What the fuck?”

“Boo!” He floated before me, waving his tongue and making a ridiculous face.

I shook my head. “I’ve got to stop eating Thai food. Now I’m imagining things.”

“You can see me?” A look I took for surprise filled his face.

He didn’t have a body, just a crudely shaped head. The image of his face was outlined in a pale green glow, revealing a cruel slash of a mouth with jagged brown teeth, a nose squashed flat onto the cheeks and puss colored eyes. The skin covering the face was translucent. Withered veins crossed beneath the surface, little collapsed roadways no longer bearing the traffic flow of blood.

“My imagination isn’t creative enough to dream up something this ugly. Who are you?”

“Name’s Reep. Who are you, kid?” I realized his voice was audible inside my head.

“Scazzatti. What do you want with me?”

He cackled sickly. “Nothing you can provide. I’m after women.”

“What a surprise. So what are you doing here?” I still believed he was the result of a spicy dinner and too much tequila.

“Came to see Shelly. What are you doing in her place?”

“She moved out last week. What’s it to you?”

The goblin’s face shimmered and his features convulsed. I couldn’t tell if it was pain or humor. A sudden blast of vulgarities filled my head.


I howled in pain. “You’re going to shatter my eardrums!”

“Huh? Oh sorry, Man, guess I got carried away. It’s gonna be hard to replace her.”

“What’s the deal, Reep?” Involuntarily I’d put my hands around my ears, hoping to muffle the volume.

He groaned. “It’s part of my curse. Years ago, I lived in this same apartment. Used to have lotsa fun here, back in the old days. Till that bitch Cassandra royally fucked things up for me. Royally!”

Intrigued, I led him to the kitchen. I opened a beer and took a pull, then set it on the table. Reep hovered above and somehow drained part of the bottle. Probably sucked the vapors right out of the air.

“Been a long time since I had any suds. Damn Shelly never drank nothing but wine. Fucking pansies drink wine. Whatcha say your name was again, Man?”

“Scazzatti. People call me Scaz.”

“Wanna hear my story, Scaz?”

“Hell yes.” I hunched forward on my chair.

“Nothing like an anxious audience,” Reep chuckled in my brain. “Back when I was living here, it was the middle of the sixties. Lotsa wild times back then. Crazy music, booze and more gash than you could shake a wienie at. Women were dropping their drawers in search of a thrill.”

“That was thirty years ago. Sounds like the early version of sex, drugs and rock and roll. So what?”

“Well, I was right in the thick of it. Only I did things a lil’ different. I’d get the girls feeling good and then I had my ritual.”

“What did you do?” Curiosity was getting the better of me.

“Kill `em. Right over there by the window, so they could see the lights of the city.” Reep cackled with laughter. I watched a thin trail of beer rise out of the bottle and disappear in midair.


“Smotherfucked. Yep, damn near twenty of `em. Got `em all jazzed up with booze or pot, they didn’t know what was going on. All naked and sweaty, bouncing around like wild animals. I’d take a pillow and smother `em, just as they peaked during orgasm. Geez, what a time!”

“Twenty homicides. How did you get away with it?”

“I’d take the bodies out to the bay. A little wire on the ankles with a cement block, and they’d never come up. By the time the saltwater eats away the wire, the fish had a feast. Anyway, this whore Cassandra double-crossed me. Just as I’m pressing the pillow over her face, she pulls out a hunting knife she’d hid under the mattress. The bitch slashed my wienie off!”

My hands clutched my groin. Sympathy pains. “Then what?”

“We both died on the bed by the window, part of me still inside her. But Cassandra cursed me, doomed me to spend eternity here. I watch what goes on, but can’t ever get involved.” Reep’s voice grew softer in my head.

“You’ve been here imprisoned here ever since?”

“Cassandra’s spell allows me a little fun. Just enough to get me riled up, without any chance of release.” Reep was mumbling now.

“What do you mean?” I was still clutching my jewels.

“Some of `em I can control. Like Shelly. She was the best so far. Damn shame she’s gone,” the spook said with a sigh.

“What kind of control?”

“When she was sleeping, I could get her to do stuff you wouldn’t believe.”

“Like what?”

He cackled. “You’re a peeper. What would you make `em do, if you had the chance?”

I shrugged. “Dunno. Depends on how willing they were.”

The cackle turned into full-throated laughter. “Willing! I make `em do whatever I want. Get inside their dreams and get `em all worked up. Especially if they’re alone, like Shelly always was.”

“So how come I can see and hear you, but no one else could?” I didn’t like him laughing at my expense. Suddenly it stopped and his eyes glowed bright yellow.

“You like to watch. That’s all I can do. Maybe we’re meant to work together, have a little fun. How `bout it?”

For a moment I swore both of his eyes went to one side of his schnoz. I blinked and they returned. “What kind of fun?”

“Pussy pussy pussy. Blonde, red, brown, black. Right bout now, I’d kill for a lil’ fresh gash.”

“Seems to me you already did.”

“There may be a way, Scaz, we can both have our fun.”

“What are you talking about?”

His voice was showing signs of impatience. “Okay, kid. Pay attention. Upstairs at the back of the building is number 4-C. There’s two broads live there. One’s Lucy and the name fits. Frizzy haired blonde with roots black as coal. Her favorite body part is a tongue, if you get my meaning.”

“Yeah, she likes oral. So?”

Reep’s voice bellowed in my head. “So! Shut up and listen.”

“Jesus! Not so freaking loud, Reep.”

“Stop interrupting me. Lucy and her roomie always have a gathering on Thursday. Every broad in the building is invited, and some of `em always show up. They start out with wine and a little dope and they talk about cock. Shelly used to go there every week and get her big ass all worked up.”

“All they do is talk?”

Reep’s voice turned to a sneer. “No they don’t just talk. Lucy works at some bookstore over by the college. You know the kind with the dirty magazines and the peep shows.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it.”

“Well this place also rents movies. She’s got a machine up there and she brings a couple home with her every week. You know the kind. Lotsa firm bodies with big muscles and cocks long as baseball bats. The broads get themselves worked up, watching that shit.”

“So what does this have to do with me?”

Reep’s transparent face split into a grotesque grin. Those slimy teeth reminded me of corn on the cob. Indian corn. “Wherever you go in this building, I can go. As long as you’re inside, I get to tag along.”

“You can leave this apartment?”

“Only with you, Scaz.”

“Can anyone see you?”

“Nah. Just you. There must be something special about you, Scaz. Anyway, we’ll pay a visit to Lucy’s. We’ll get there when the movies are over and the broads are all hot.”

Reep floated alongside me as we climbed the stairs. It took a conscious effort not to stare at the spot he occupied. If people saw me gazing at nothing, they’d think I was a little crazy. Like I’m not. We stopped outside of 4-C and he floated through the door. I leaned against the wall and waited. After a few minutes he came back out, wearing that grotesque grin.

“They’re just finishing up, Scaz. Now the fun begins.”

“I’m not sure about this, Reep. Being around women makes me nervous. I’ve never done anything more than watch them from a distance.”

“What are you saying, kid? Don’t you want to do more than yank your own crank? Get some hot bitch to do it for you!”

“I don’t know, Reep…”

“Fuckin A!” His head spun around in a circle and he whirled across the hall. “Gotta do it all myself.” His voice grew louder. “Fuckin A!”

Reep spun faster and faster, his distorted features blurring. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I couldn’t move. There was no way to block out Reep’s voice. He was screaming like a demon. Suddenly he broke off his revolutions and came hurtling across the gap, slamming into my chest. I let out a groan and collapsed against the wall.

“Sorry, kid. Didn’t know if it would work or not.”

He was inside me! The bastard had taken over! It was my voice speaking now, out loud for anyone to hear. But they were his words.

“Relax, Scaz, and lemme show you how it’s done. We both get our fun. I get laid and you get to watch.”

I had no control over my own limbs. He was in charge. I saw my own hand reach out and rap loudly on the door. My efforts to respond were squelched. Reep ordered my hands around my body, checking things out. He worked my hand down to my crotch and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“Just hang loose, Scaz. You’ll lose your cherry tonight.” The door swung open. Half a dozen women were inside, lounging on the floor and the sofa. A chunky woman with frizzy blonde hair stood leaning against the door. Her eyes ran over my body.

“Well, hello cowboy. I didn’t know the rodeo was in town.”

“I just moved in downstairs and was wondering if I could borrow a light bulb. All of the sockets are empty, and I didn’t bring any with me. I keep stumbling around in the dark.” Reep’s words rolled smoothly off my tongue.

She grinned and hooked her fingers on my arm. “C’mon in. I’ll have to see if we have any spares. We were having a little party.” She propelled me toward the sofa. Two bleached blondes made room for me.

“I’m Lucy.” She jerked a thumb at the far end of the room and began calling off names. “Marie, Lisa, Cassie, Josie, Carla and Bev.”

“Hope there ain’t gonna be a quiz before I leave,” Reep said. “Name’s Scazzatti. Everybody calls me Scaz.”

In unison they said, “Hi, Scaz.”

Carla and Bev were the two blondes flanking me, and they looked similar enough to be sisters. Someone pressed a glass in my hand and Reep automatically gulped it down. He made a funny noise as he swallowed.

“What I wouldn’t give for a beer,” Reep said.

“I’ve got beer at my place,” Bev cooed, rubbing a hand across my thigh. She wasn’t bad looking, with firm little tits under her blouse.

“Let’s go,” Reep said enthusiastically.

“You just got here,” Lucy protested as he stood up.

“I’ll be around.”

“What about your light bulb?” Lucy asked.

Bev was clutching my hand tightly, afraid I might change my mind. Right now I couldn’t change my socks. Reep gave her a squeeze and smiled. “Maybe I’ll come by later,” he said to Lucy.

“I’ll be up.” She held her eyes on mine. I could scarcely talk to any woman without shaking. Reep was dealing her as if he’d been born to it.

“I’ll bet you will,” Reep chuckled. He followed Bev out the door and down the hall.

She had the apartment at the front of the building, facing the courtyard. We barely got inside her room before she started grabbing at me. Reep responded in kind, tugging at her clothes and guiding her toward the bedroom. When she was naked, Bev tried to hide beneath the covers. Reep wouldn’t hear of it.

“No need to be shy. Been a long time since I’ve seen a babe like you.” Reep pulled the blankets off the bed and stared down at her.

“Turn off the light,” she pleaded.

“I want to look at you.” She wasn’t bad at all. Her boobs were taut and her stomach was almost flat. There was some extra meat on her hips, but she was maybe a hundred and ten pounds, if that. She twisted on her side in embarrassment as Reep stroked her ass. The flesh was lily white, ice cold. Bev gasped and pulled away.

“What d’ya like, baby?” Reep asked.

“I like anything. Just go easy with me,” Bev whispered.

“Whatever you say.” Reep lowered me down and began to ride.

I was helpless to stop him. Reep was in total control. Not only of Bev, but of me too. All I could do was watch as he used my body to screw her. Bev slowly responded as Reep began to thrust away, her body bouncing in the rhythm of mine.

Reep was insatiable. After he’d brought her off once, he hardly slowed down, shifting positions and pumping away. My body felt huge, as if every muscle and ligament were going to burst through the skin. Bev began to moan as she climaxed again.

“God, you’re wonderful!” she cried.

“I’m just getting warmed up,” Reep laughed, “Want me to stop?”

“Hell no!”

Reep dropped one hand to where my jeans were laying on the floor. Deftly he pulled the leather belt out of the loops and brought it up to the bed.

“Time for something new.” He slipped the belt around Bev’s wrists and quickly made it fast to the headboard.

“Oh bondage,” Bev gasped. “Just like in the movies.”

Reep arranged the pillows beside Bev and lifted her legs up to my shoulders. She hadn’t shaved in a while and the stubble pricked my skin. Reep didn’t seem to mind. He just kept banging away, holding her ankles in the air while grinding my crotch against hers.

Groans and grunts continued as Bev rocked along. She didn’t care that he was knocking her head into the ornamental brass rails. Remotely, I felt part of my body shudder as an orgasm began to swell. Reep let out a low howl and released her ankles.

“Make a wish baby,” he cackled sadistically as her legs fell apart. My body collapsed on top of her as I peaked. Reep kept the momentum going with my hips as Bev came again. She was groaning in delight, her eyes clenched shut. Reep grabbed a pillow and pressed it over her face.

“Smotherfuckin’ time!” he cackled.

“No, Reep! You’ll kill her.” My voice echoed in my own head.

“Shut up, Scaz. This is what it’s all about.”

Bev struggled beneath me, trying to push the pillow off. Her hands remained strapped on the headboard, her body slick with sweat. She arched her back, trying to throw me off. But I outweighed her by a good sixty pounds. After a while, she stopped moving all together. I lay there gasping for breath as his disgusting features appeared before me.

“You didn’t have to kill her, Reep. She wouldn’t have bothered us.”

“Sorry, kid. But it’s the only way I get off. You’re the same as me.” Reep’s voice was gentle inside my head.

“What do you mean?”

His eyes flicked down my body and I followed them. My erection was gigantic, straining the flesh to the extreme.

“Same as me, Scaz. I always got hard as hell after I’d smotherfucked one. No sense letting it go to waste.”

“Forget it, Reep. I’m not into necrophilia.” I climbed off the bed and pulled on my clothes. “What are we going to do now? Everyone at that party knows I left with Bev. When they find her body, they’ll come looking for me.”

Reep’s voice was calm, relaxed. Thirty years of anticipation had finally found a release.

“It’s all part of the ritual. You wait until about four in the morning. Then load her ass in the trunk of your car. Two miles away is a cement plant. Jump the wall and grab a couple of concrete blocks, the kind with the three big holes in `em. You wire her ankles to the blocks and dump her in the bay.”

“And how do I get her out into the bay?”

His head bobbed knowingly. “Go down to the wharf, but away from the commercial fishing rigs. Those guys will be heading out at first light. There’s always some rowboats down there. Nobody ever locks `em up. Snag one and row her ass out a few miles from shore. Dump her over and let the block pull her down.”

“I don’t know, Reep.”

“Do it kid! None of mine ever floated back up. If it hadn’t been for that bitch Cassandra, I’d still be alive. Together we can keep going.”

I went into the kitchen and dug a beer from the fridge. Reep was drooling as I popped the top and drank down half of it. I left the rest on the counter for him to finish. There was a garment bag in Bev’s closet, big enough to hold her. I stuffed her inside and zipped it up. She was lying on the bed, vacant eyes staring up at me, pleading. Would I ever forget that look?

A knock at the door brought me back.

“Who’s there?” I called.

“It’s Carla. I want to talk to Bev.”

“Shit,” I whispered to Reep, “now what do I do?”

“Let her in,” Reep said

“Are you nuts?”

This time he slammed into me without the preliminary spin. I was beginning to hate the son of a bitch. I watched as he opened the door and smiled at Carla. She smiled coyly and slipped inside, trying to see past me.

“Bev’s resting,” Reep said with a grin. I could see my reflection in the mirror on the wall. I never smiled like that. It was eerie, seeing my body do strange things. Reep made my hand reach out and stroke Carla’s ass.

“Hey, Scaz. Don’t get carried away. I just want to make sure Bev’s alright.” Carla tried to get past, but Reep held his ground.

“Bev’s fine. Just a little tired. She had a beer with me and decided to go to bed early. I was just going to finish mine and go back to my place.” Reep pressed closer. Carla backed up against the wall. She was skinny, with bony arms and legs. Her eyes were pale green. I liked them.

“C’mon, Scaz. Maybe you should just go home.” Carla inched toward the door.

“Why don’t you come with me? Or better yet, I could walk you to your place,” Reep said. He was close enough to stir her hair with his breath.

“Guess we could do that,” Carla gasped.

“Let’s go,” Reep said. I could only hang in the background, watching it play out before me.

Carla’s apartment was on the same floor as mine. She reluctantly let Reep inside and turned on all the lights.

“Don’t you like the dark?” Reep asked, standing in front of the window.

“Not particularly.” Carla stood beyond his reach.

“Why’d you invite me down here?”

“I just wanted you to get out of Bev’s apartment. If she’s sleeping, you should leave her alone. It wouldn’t be nice to disturb her.”

Reep grinned. “Nobody will bother her. You’re real pretty, Carla. I love your eyes.” He reached out to caress her cheek. She blushed and lowered her gaze.

“You’re just saying that. I’ve got no figure at all,” she whispered.

“There’s nothing wrong with your body. I think you’re very attractive.” Reep moved closer and bent to kiss her.


“You’ve got great legs.” He kissed her cheek lightly. “And a nice smile.” Another kiss. “Kind of warm and friendly.” One more. “But your eyes – – – I’d kill for those eyes.”

I could see her melting before me. My body and his charms. We were making quite a team. Reep was at the controls, like some miniature astronaut aboard a robot. Move the arms, bend the head, kiss the girl.

Reep stopped talking, held her tenderly and kissed her, softly on the mouth. No tongue. Just my lips, pressing against hers. Then he moved around to the neck, kissing from the ear down to the collarbone. Carla’s defenses were faltering.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned.

My hands had been on her waist. Now the right one slid down to the hem of her skirt. Slowly it inched the fabric up, until it could stroke her ass. Her legs were bare, no stockings. Reep guided my hand to the edge of her panties and slid my finger between her legs.

“Touchdown,” Reep whispered.

“Oh baby.” Carla pressed against me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She was six inches taller than Bev, damn near as tall as me. She clung to me, my face buried in her neck, my hand exploring her crotch.

“Maybe I should go,” Reep said, but he made no attempt to halt his movements.

“No,” Carla said quickly. “Don’t leave.”

“But this is all happening so fast. I mean, we just met.” Reep somehow kept his voice serious.

“Sometimes it’s meant to be fast.” Carla took one arm from my neck and led me into the bedroom.

Because this one didn’t like the dark, Reep insisted on keeping the lights off. I was amazed at how readily she agreed. A couple of quick tugs and she was naked. Reep peeled my jeans off and flopped beside her on the bed. Carla started to pull him on top of her, but Reep refused.

“I’ll be on the bottom,” he said.

She hesitated. “I’ve never done it that way.”

“Like riding a horse. Just straddle me and hold on.”

“There’s no reins,” Carla giggled as he guided her into position.

“Squeeze with your thighs. You can do it.” Reep extended my hands until they were clutching hers. Together they began to rock back and forth. Carla closed her eyes and shuddered as he thrust deeper inside her.

“Wow. This is better than I expected,” she gasped.

“This is only the appetizer. Wait `til the main course.”

I couldn’t believe this. One flight up a girl was dead, sealed in a plastic bag and waiting to be buried at sea. Down here Reep was humping away at another, no doubt heading for the same end. I was powerless. I was his vessel, his pulsating organ.

After Carla came on top of him, Reep rolled her onto her stomach. He stood at the foot of the bed and pulled on her legs until she was close enough for him to enter. She cried out as he forced his way in.

“Sorry, lover. Guess I got carried away.” Reep said tenderly. Even I thought he was sincere.

He rocked away, making her into a human wishbone. Carla kept groaning, trying to push herself back to meet each thrust. At length she crawled forward, gasping for breath. Reep was still rigid, ready to go. Carla rolled onto her back and propped her head on the pillows.

“Got to take a break,” she said.

Reep moved up onto the bed, picking up where he left off. I tried to close my eyes and blot out the scene but it was no use. I sensed him pressing the pillow down on her face, forcing the life from her body.

“You did it again!”

“Don’t sound so surprised, Scaz. I told you I have my rituals.”

“Damn you!”

My body was shaking as I struggled back into my clothes. There was no garment bag in the closet, so I wrapped her up in the sheets from the bed. I checked the time. Eleven o’clock. An eternity until four, when I could carry them out to my car and haul them away. Reep floated over to the window, turning a series of slow circles.

“You’re in luck, kid. Fog is rolling in already. You can go dump these two now.”

“Thought you said I had to wait.”

“I did. But with weather like this, ain’t nobody gonna see you. Most of the tenants will be getting to bed now, so they can work in the morning. Just do like I told you.”

I went outside and moved my car closer to the door. There was a single exterior light by the entrance and I unscrewed the bulb. I made a hurried trip to the fourth floor to retrieve Bev. Between the second and first floor, she slipped from my grasp and thumped to the ground. I froze, waiting for someone to come rushing out to investigate. Nothing. After folding her into the car and racing back for Carla, I was glad neither one of them were heavy. At this stage, bulkiness would have been too much for me.

With both of them stashed in the trunk, I stole a glance at my apartment. Reep’s hideous face glowed from the bedroom window. He’d suggested using the cords from their phones to secure their ankles to the cement blocks. Reep was my efficient homicidal mentor.

Three hours later I made it back home, functioning on auto pilot.

Without thinking, I returned to the apartment. Common sense would have driven anyone sane away. Says a lot for me, doesn’t it?

“How’d it go, Scaz?” Reep’s voice throbbed in my head as I came through the door.

“It’s over. But I damn near ended up in the bay with them.”

“What happened?”

“When I dumped Bev in, I almost tipped the boat over. Then I rowed to a different spot and pushed Carla over. My foot got tangled in the cord and I started going down with her.”

“Great,” Reep cackled.

I went into the bedroom to get some sleep, but Reep had other ideas.

“C’mon, kid. We can’t keep the ladies waiting.”

“Go away, Reep. I’m not doing your shit anymore. In the morning, I’m leaving.”

But there was no denying the spook. In a blur he came charging into my head. Escape was out of the question. Despite the exhaustion, my body came alive when he entered.

“I’ve been waiting forever for another chance, Scaz. And I’m not letting you out easy. Now move, you bastard. We have women waiting.”

“Screw you, Reep.” But there was nothing I could do to stop him. He guided my body out of the apartment and up the stairs to 4-C. Gently he tapped the door, grazing my knuckles across the surface. It opened almost immediately.

“I knew you’d come back. I could see it in your eyes,” Lucy said as she pulled me into the room.

“Thanks for waiting up,” Reep said softly. He was giving her the look, running my eyes over her form. She was plump, with a roll of fat on her stomach and big, mushy boobs. Her ass was surprisingly small, offsetting the rest of her bulk. Lucy was wearing a loose nightgown of black mesh, leaving nothing to the imagination. Reep didn’t seem to care.

“Want a drink?” Lucy asked.

“Only if you got a beer.”

“Sorry, Scaz. I’ll buy some tomorrow.”

Reep took a seat on the sofa and patted the cushion beside him. Lucy curled up like an obedient puppy.

`Get out.’ I yelled. But my voice only echoed inside my own skull. There was no way she’d hear me.

“Where you from, Scaz?” Lucy asked.

“Denver. Used to live right by the stadium. But that was years ago.” Reep extended a finger to play with her frizzy curls. “How about you?”

“Cleveland. I came out here after high school on a vacation and I haven’t been back since.” Lucy paused and looked at my face closely. “What’s your sign?”

“Huh?” Reep sat back as if he’d been bitten.

“Astrological sign. You know Sagittarius, Cancer, Virgo. What’s yours?”

Reep hesitated. “I dunno.”

“When were you born, Scaz?”

I’d been hanging back, trying to think of some way to stop Reep. Only now did I pay attention to the conversation.

“February 29th.” Reep mumbled uncomfortably.

“A leap year baby!” Lucy exclaimed. Then she stared at him closely. “A Pisces. God, that’s hot. We’re very compatible.”

Reep moved a little closer to Lucy. She pressed against me, soft flabby flesh meeting my touch. Reep didn’t mind at all. He began kissing her arm, sliding his way up to her neck.

“We must be quiet. I don’t want to wake up my roommate.” Lucy whispered, pulling my head down between her breasts.

“Doesn’t she have her own room?” Reep asked.

“These are all one bedroom apartments. We usually sleep together. But I like a little variety. Don’t you?” Lucy was fumbling with my belt buckle, trying to get it undone.

“I’d die without it.” Reep undid the ribbons on her gown and pushed it off her shoulders.

“Were you really born on February 29th?”

“Yeah, I really was,” Reep answered.

That was what we had in common. Different years but the same day. The same birth day. What were the odds of that?

Lucy and Reep began grinding together wildly on the sofa, knocking pillows everywhere. There was no stopping Reep. He was determined to continue his murderous attacks until he ran out of women.

Despite Lucy’s warnings about noise, Reep began to cry out with pleasure as he pounded away at her. She was on her knees, clutching the edge of the sofa for support. Reep knelt behind her, arms wrapped around her back, hands fondling her large breasts. I sensed movement in the hall.

“Reep – – -” My voice reverberated in my head.

“Not now,” Reep hissed.

“Yes, now,” Lucy cried. “I’m ready! Give it to me now!”

There was movement in the hallway. I could definitely see it. I tried again. “Reep. Something’s wrong- – -”

“I said not now!” He grunted, trying to brush me away.

“Yes, now! Right now!” Lucy screamed, throwing herself backwards to meet him.

I turned my attention away from them and focused on the hallway. Cassie stood there. Her face, a ghastly white in the dim light, was devoid of any expression.

“Now! Yes now!” Lucy was going wild, her frizzy hair bouncing everywhere.

Reep shifted my hands from her tits up her sweating body to her neck. My hands clutched her throat and squeezed, waiting for the voice box to pop. She reached up to hold my hands. Lucy let out one final shriek and tried vainly to draw a breath. Reep shook her like a doll, making sure she was gone.

“Bastard!” Cassie leaped from the shadows, raising her right arm as she charged.

“Reep!” My voice thundered inside my own head.

“What the – – -” He began to turn toward the hall, distracted by my shout. Too late, he realized what was happening.

There was a flickering instant when Reep left my body and I wasn’t in control. Cassie was upon me before I could move. My hands were still clutching Lucy’s throat.

She drove a straight razor into my back, slashing me open. Lucy’s hands hindered mine, locking me in place.

“Murderous bastard! Two timing bitch.” Cassie


“Sorry, Scaz. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

With one last push, I broke Lucy’s grip and scrambled to my feet. Cassie stood there panting, sweat and blood dripping off her body.

“Had to have some cock. She couldn’t be satisfied. Why wasn’t I enough?” she whispered.

“I don’t know. But I didn’t do it. There’s this ghost who lives in my apartment- – -”

“She wanted your meat so bad, she died for it,” Cassie hissed.

“But it wasn’t me!”

“Lucy should get to keep it, don’t you think?” She stepped over her friend and advanced toward me.

“Oh shit, no! It wasn’t me. You’ve got to understand- – -” I backed up as far as I could. The rough plaster of the wall bit into my ass. “Cassie, don’t do this.”

“Cassie?” Reep’s voice filled my head. “Cassie! What a fucking circle. That’s Cassandra.”

She stepped closer, holding the razor low and close to her leg. Blood trickled from the edge, but I could still see how sharp the blade was.

“Strangle her, Scaz,” Reep ordered. “You’ve got to do it,”

“I can’t,” I whispered. She was almost within reach.

“Oh fuckin A!” Reep slammed into me.

This time I was grateful for his intrusion. He ran the controls once more. My hands lashed out and closed around Cassie’s throat. She whipped the razor across my arms, but I couldn’t feel the pain. Reep was blocking everything out.

“Time to die, bitch,” Reep spat as he choked her.

“Cut it off,” Cassie gasped.


She clutched the razor with both hands and slashed it across my stomach, twisting against my grip on her throat. I could see her eyes bulging as we struggled, feel her warm breath on my face. Her left hand slid down through the blood and clenched my cock. Cassie pulled it toward her like a deranged lover.

“No. Not that.” My voice was unheard by anyone else.

“Tell it good-bye,” Cassie snarled.

“Time to die.” Reep increased the pressure on her neck.

She cut it quickly, a psychotic surgeon on a deadly mission. Reep and I screamed together as he twisted her neck in my hands. A loud snap filled the room as our screams faded. Cassie stumbled back and tripped over Lucy’s prone body. We fell on top of her, amid the blood and gore.

“Sorry, kid,” Reep said softly. I felt him shimmer out of my body and hover above me. As I watched, another shape appeared beside him. Its features were equally revolting.

“You’re still the same, Reep,” a feminine voice said.

Reep’s voice began to fade. “Some people ain’t never going to change, Cassandra. See you in hell, baby.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

The voices were gone.

I looked down at the carnage they had wreaked. My body was dead, a lifeless lump amid the tangled limbs of the women. A weak glimmer of light floated by the mirror near the door. I moved toward it for a closer look. The light grew brighter, and then split in half. Two hideous yellow orbs hovered before the glass at shoulder height. The light was coming from inside them. I turned to the right and saw the reflection in the mirror twist as well.

“You killed me,” she whispered.

“You cut off my wienie.”


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