Halloween, Share the Fear–Open Call for Stories

01 Oct

thI’m getting the word out a bit earlier this year as I do love this time of year. The season brings out the fall colors as the leaves turn as summer has ended. A warm fire is a way to chat with others and share stories. Those stories can be timid to frightening and of course TV will have many horror movies on the airwaves.

To me what makes Halloween great is the ability to use the imagination to create that stand out costume or decorations. Even more important the ability to give a jolt or scare to others as it’s the time of year all expect to be scared, no want to be scared. So, I want to give readers of the blog a chance to share something that could give someone that feeling of creepiness like bugs traveling down their body. The feeling of was there something they just saw out of the corner of their eye or was it a shadow. The sense of foreboding like there is someone right behind them about to attack. Those feelings that drive every hair on the body to quiver in nervous energy and is about to activate the flight or fight reaction.

This is why I’m opening the blog up to ALL, from the authors to fans, who wish to submit a story. The story can be from your real life, or completely fiction. My only requirements that it activates the imagination and creates imagery in the mind that will shock the reader. It can be something simple from a ghost sighting or dark like demonic possession.


  • Provide a Title to the Story
  • Name of author or “pen name”
  • No longer than 5000 words, although if a bit longer I will still post.
  • Submissions due by 10/23/15 as publishing happens week of 10/26/15.

If interested all you need to do is write the story and submit it to me at with a subject line of: Halloween 2015.

You will be notified of the date on which you will find your story posted.

Below are links to stories I’ve written the past few years.


Any questions please contact me, and to all good writing and Happy Halloween.


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