A Cold Goodbye: Ned Fain, Private Investigator (Book 1) by Sam Abbott

18 Sep

A Cold GoodbyeThe world has seen skirmishes, battles, police actions and wars for too long. It’s a fact of human history that at some point humanity has been fighting each other for some reason or another. This violence impacts so many from the home fronts to those fighting the battles and there are many common outcomes of these battles. One of the biggest is what to do with those who come back damaged, either physically, mentally or both. What will they be able to give to society and what will society do for them?

The book A Cold Goodbye will introduce the reader to one such soldier, Ned Fain. He is a former JAG officer who was fragged by someone in Afghanistan. He was defending some foreign soldiers and after the outcome of the case someone tossed a grenade into the bathroom. Unfortunately, Ned was in that bathroom and things did not go well for him.

He’s now back in the states, working as a painter while trying to get a real job. His wife has left him and the visual scars cause people to turn their heads. He’s out looking for a new job and is very unimpressed with the man he is about to interview with. Ned does not like how this supervisor tosses one of his own employees “under the bus” for work not done. So, he does what anyone should in that point walks out, not interviewing and heads to the bus stop.

The one problem the bus won’t be there for some time and decides again to stop into the local zoo. This decision will put him in the spot to witness a very icy murder. The fallout will happen in front of a class of children on a field trip and thanks to Ned’s quick thinking he may spare those kids years of therapy.

It is here when the book really takes off. We find out that there is a young teacher who went to the bathroom at the wrong time. She becomes a prime subject and while Ned is talking to the police she hears how he was at one time a JAG officer. This woman will seek out his help and he will get involved in the case. He may not be a practicing lawyer but this down on his luck ex-soldier is about to get back into the action. The best thing about the job is he gets himself a sweet car to make get rid of the need for public transportation and for this Mustang fan it’s the perfect choice.

A Cold Goodbye will take the reader into Ned’s life. We get to see how the “accident” may have transformed him physically but mentally his mind is still there. He is even able to give information to the police, and district attorney, items they have not gotten to themselves due to his keen observation skills.

Author Sam Abbott does a great job of putting imagery into the mind so the reader can picture some of the things happening in the book. The use of the imagination in this form helps connect the reader with the story. The characters are very believable and you will find yourself routing for the young teacher, and Ned. This is book one in a series and we will see how he will find himself getting ready for a new career as a private investigator.

This is a great entry into the Mystery and Thriller genre and should have readers wanting more from Ned. The book will end faster than you think but as a reader you will not feel let down. A Cold Goodbye is a great read, and I will share that there is one more mystery. Sam Abbott is pseudonym for the actual author, whose name will remain a mystery at least from my point of view.

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