Mail Horror Bride (One Nation Under Zombies Book 1) by Raymond Lee

06 Jul

MHBThe dating world has grown significantly through the advent of the internet. Men, and women, can search the world to find that perfect match. It has allowed both genders to easily cross borders when looking for their soul mate. There are even websites, and phone apps, that will feature someone from specific countries. This is what brings me to the book, Mail Horror Bride: One Nation Under Zombies.

The book is written by author Raymond Lee and will take the reader into the world of mail order brides and a “potential” danger that can come from these women. You will read how many men look at women from foreign countries, like Russia, for love. They look for a woman that may not have the independent spirit of many American women. They could also be looking for a woman that could be a “show piece”, and ones who may just be looking to get a green card.

The book opens with a man asking his wife about her brother’s wife. The husband is asking if he is married to one of those Russian mail order brides. She’s originally upset with him as it appears they have been down that road before and is tired of her husband talking about it. However, this is not the case as he is watching the news and there is a breaking story.  It is here at the beginning of the book that we find out the Russians have been busy. They have placed a disease into the women that have come to America to marry. The woman where implanted with a disease that would turn the women into, zombies.

The book takes off and we are introduced to a varied group of characters. There are sisters stuck in a hotel in California that after venturing out of their hotel room walk into the horror that awaits them. A man has escaped prison and while waiting for his ride he gets a phone call. The call is from his friend asking him to watch over his children, as his wife was one of those brides. A woman bangs at the door of her ex-boyfriends home demanding to be let in. She knows the type of woman he married and wants to tell him off for what he did. Those working in the film industry from a set worker to famous actor will be pulled into this mess. Lastly there is another mail order bride, but this one is from Asia. She has to not only survive the outbreak, but a husband who beats her.

These are the main characters in the book and at some point their paths may cross but all will first have to survive this new America. The outbreak will follow many other zombie books as you read about how they must survive. There are also bits of humor tossed in the pages as I personally remember doing a fist pump when I read about the death of a singer. I know, I shouldn’t do that but its fiction and the individual just annoys me so much. Oh and just a note, it wasn’t Justin Bieber, but you have to read the book to find out who I am referring to.

Raymond Lee does a great job of developing the large cast of characters you come across within the pages. The characters are all flawed in some way and this comes out as you read more and find out about them. They can be crazy and insane, over caring, and even a bit psychotic but in their own ways they do care about others.

Mail Horror Bride: One Nation Under Zombies is a book that does come from the zombie genre, but do to the writing it stands out from the crowd. The book is something people will enjoy as there are moments in the book that will play with all kinds of emotions. There are just enough bits of humor it balances out the sadness that are within the pages. The characters will be relatable as they are very real and easy to connect with. The book is a great read for fans of all types of horror genre and even those who just want a great fun read.

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