Bullying Will Never End (Opinion Piece)

07 Apr

Bullying Not StopI know this is a title many do not want to read. There are schools across the world working on stopping bullying but often have misguided policies. There have been documentaries, books, and TV shows that have addressed the subject. Yet, the fact is bullying is still happening and there will always be plenty of blame to pass around.

I’m going to take a moment and address some of that blame. The first is the easiest thing to look to. It’s something that has made this world so much smaller but also so much meaner. It’s the same thing I wrote a paper on in college in which I predicted just some of the phenomenon we have going on today. I cannot say I had a premonition of what was to come; it was all based on common sense.

I am talking about the internet, the World Wide Web and one of the greatest inventions to unite people and the world.

I wrote at the time how the internet would be a great tool allowing the exchange of ideas across the world. Business would be able to use it to reach customers and talk about new products. I had no idea of the impact of internet sales on the global world.

The other side of the coin is how easy it would be to hide behind a screenname, and not see a person in person. It would put a divide and change the way people interact as you no longer would hear the voice, see the face and the emotions of hateful speech. It would make it easier for people to hide who they are and be ruthless to each other. It would lead to hate.

This is such a true fact as people use social media to ridicule people with opposite ideas. You can be a member of a select group, felt held down for much of your life, and felt disrespected. They get their voice, acceptance and what do they do? They attack those who may still have the nerve to disagree with them. They cannot stand that group, those people, that thinking is still out there. They take to social media and attack, death threats, close the business, attack the family and forget they have just gone through all of the same hate in the past themselves. I’m being careful here as I do not want to point to any one group of people as not all are like this. I may be somewhat generalizing but please I am trying to be clear this happens to all.

The shear amount of people on the internet makes this destroy our enemy speech grow and grow. Before people know it it’s beyond the original intent and has gained its own momentum and cannot be stopped. The original comments may not have been based on fact but just a good rumor, a well told “fib” can get thousands involved not caring what the truth is. The scary thing much of this is done by adults.

The last statement brings me to the top reason why I believe bullying will NEVER END. One simple word explains it and that is adults.

Why adults? Aren’t you one of them?

Yes I am an adult and I have learned over life children will watch their parents, sports heroes, teachers and people they trust. They will watch and learn from the behavior they see as well as what they are taught. They mimic their parents in stores and you can see this as they walk with the parents. Yes, not all children may connect with their parents to the point they follow the same behaviors but it happens.

What’s wrong with a child being like their parent? Oh now that’s a good question and here is why.

When a child sees their parent yelling and screaming at another driver will the child not learn that is ok? If the parent is online cussing out someone, venting hate on how someone thinks, or just yelling at the idiot on TV the child gets the same lesson. All of this is ok and you are free to do as I do.

The children of today grow into the adults of tomorrow. Ask yourself how many of the things you see yourself doing today are things you saw your parents doing? Yes you may hate those things you see now but how much of those actions are you doing today is behavior that was learned as a child?

We expect children to behave and be good citizens and to be the generation to stop bullying. How is that going to happen when you turn on the news and see a business being destroyed, lives ruined just because people disagree with their way of thinking? The fact is we have become a society where opposing views are not welcome. It’s a world where you think our way or we will destroy you and who you are. This will be done by cyber bullying, hate filled phone calls, internet postings and any way they can. How dare they not accept my way of thinking they need to be stopped.

This more than ANYTHING needs to stop. If you don’t like someone’s policies you cannot force them to change their thinking. I mean haven’t we seen enough of this type of hatred hold groups back across history. Skin color, sexual orientation, religious belief and so much more has held people back. So as they get their voices and instead of practicing the tolerance they wanted they follow the examples of what had been done to them. They spill hate and will bully a people all in the name of tolerance, acceptance and justice to get their way. It’s just plain old bullying at its core and is what makes us adults the most hypocritical voice to stop bullying out there in the world.

The fact is until us adults remember that not everyone is going to agree with us will bullying really stop. Ok you don’t like that business then DON’T go there. You don’t like that person, block them on social media. You hate the hate, then IGNORE the hate and focus on what the world truly has to offer. This is what makes the internet so great that you can unite with others with the same thoughts and do something positive over spilling hate in the other direction. I mean does everything in life need a “pissing” match to determine who the winner is? We get enough of this during political elections must the free thinking people of the world follow their examples.

I will not say I am a perfectionist as I am only human. I know I may be guilty of some of the things I have written about in the past but the fact is I have learned from those mistakes and moved forward. There are places I won’t go due to the company and their decisions but at same time do not expect everyone to follow my example. They have free will and do not need to think my way. This shows where I have learned from all the hate and why I wish people would stop growing the hate and maybe just MAYBE bullying will get smaller. However, as long as adults force their wills on others there will ALWAYS be bullying.

Now I know this post could cause hate and in return if it hits a nerve. I expect to see the same type of respect I showed in writing this post by not pointing fingers at a group or a people. Disrespectful responses will NOT be tolerated as I’d rather start a conversation than a shouting match.

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