Feedback and Poll Results

17 Mar

Thank_YouI first want to thank the just over 30 people who stopped and took time to provide their thoughts on the blog. Although there was only one comment provide to me through email it was a very great idea. I’m going to provide you with the top two vote getters in each poll question and I will say one was a bit shocking.

First I want to touch on the email I received. It was a heartfelt thank you about my posts on my life on Multiple Sclerosis and how I stay positive. I did ask the writer if I could share in this post but they asked that I do not. I will just say that there was a great suggestion that I breakout my posts on MS. The thought is in their own category people do not have to look through my personal area to find. I found this great idea and will be doing just that by the end of this week.

So now onto the poll results:

Question: Thoughts on author interviews

Top votes went to Like and can I change the questions.

Thus I will put my thinking cap on and see about changing some of the questions. I will look at past responses and see what questions seem to be glanced over or not answered and think of something new. If you have a suggestion you can send me the question.


Question: What are thoughts on Reviews?

Top two vote getters were Like and Make me want to read book.

I have to say that was the results I had been hoping to see as it means I’m hitting my mark with the reviews.


Question: What do you like most?

Ok this is the one that shocked me when it came to results. I got to say that when I saw most enjoyed my personal content and short stories I almost felt an eye ball pop out of my skull I surprise. The reviews came in third place and considering bulk of traffic is from the reviews I was shocked.

Thus I am going to see about changing things up a bit more. I may post a few reviews and then enter personal contact and reviews again. I will be doing a “small” amount of experimenting on that so bear with me.

I am also going to be looking at a new layout of the blog so take this as a warning.

I again want to thank all those who cast votes as it’s a great help to this blogger. It’s good to know how things are being received by those who do the reading. Again, thank you so much and shortly I will be returning to normal blog publishing.

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