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M(s)onster Awakens -A True Story

MSonsterI wish I could say that the reason for the lack of content over the last few weeks was due to something new and exciting. Sadly I would be lying if I stated that as much of my lack of content has been more relating to health issues.

I’ve written about my Multiple Sclerosis before and after the survey results it was revealed people wanted to see more content around it. So this post is a glimpse of the struggles I’ve been dealing with over the past few weeks. They are health related and I have no fear exposing myself, not in that way people, to the world when it comes to the MS. Yes I am still me and got to throw out some odd humor to lighten a serious mood. It’s just who I am. I must now get back on track, so back to the meat of the post.

This past winter has been a cold one in Wisconsin. The snow wasn’t too terrible this year but when it came I felt I had to get out there and shovel. I saw it as needed exercise and a reason to get out and be active and not worry about gym dues. (Money is tight all over). I would get out there clear the sidewalk around our house and I got to say fun having a home on a corner. Oh and I won’t even get on a rant about the wonderful city plow drivers as that is a post in itself.

Along with the physical activity something else changed as I was given the opportunity to change from my daily shot to a three day a week regiment which meant fewer needles. I was doing well with much of that and then spring started to show up. The weather was not being nice and the hitchhiker decided it was time to try and take the wheel. The hiker is the MS which has been dormant for me since I originally was diagnosed those many years ago.

I’m used to the soreness in my arms, the fatigue and some leg issues but this time around I got a new experience. I had some cognitive issues and those scared me. There were things such as just forgetting a word when talking to someone, forgetting what I had just read and a few other issues. The other thing is I found myself having mood swings. The emotions where all over the map and I’d find myself having to fight back anger, and frustration, over the dumbest of things and I had decided enough was enough.  There was insomnia that medication was not able to help and that added to the already tired feeling I was having.

I had struggled with these things for a few months and even noted for a time I was not taking other medications I’m on. Oh trust me I’ll hear about that from my upcoming doctors’ appointments but it was my own fault. I saw/felt what was going on and I waited and waited saying it will pass. I was in no real mood to worry about myself, but at same time often will put others in front of my own needs. It’s just how I’m wired.

I finally got out of that funk and went to my neurologist. This is where the person I consider a lifeline, the one who can help me understand what is going on let me down. I was in and out of his office in 15 minutes and beyond ordering an MRI he put me on an anti-seizure medication to help with the arm complaints I have. The problem is the long list of negative side effects and as most where mood related I told him I did not want the medication. He got it anyway.

I have come to find out that many of his patients are feeling something has changed in the doctor as I’ve noticed for the past year. I’m not sure what is going on but I do know after this MRI I am going to be looking for a new Neurologist.  How you may ask well there are websites that will give you ratings on your doctors.

All this crap going on and of course the daily financial concerns and ensuring your family is cared for just pushed me down. I’m not working on climbing my way back out of the pit I was in. I have noticed that by refocusing my energies the cognitive issues are going away. I just had to find a method that worked for me that helped me refocus. The method you ask, well when I had moments I had to put the energy somewhere else. I cleaned, re-arranged things and did all I could to keep my mind on one simple task. It’s helped and I feel more and more normal every day.  Oh I’m sure I hear some of you going, Normal?? Yeah ok for me as normal as I feel I can be. Sure I still have the financial worries and other concerns but I’ll find a way to deal with those things, but now just in no shape for a part time job. Yet!

So with the reinvigorated process to stay focused I’ve begun reading again and find that I’ve begun getting through books. This is one of the reasons I closed submissions for a while as I needed to get caught up on what I have. I also realized that I need to ask for help sometimes. So if you have read this far and want to help get in touch. How I mean, what am I looking for, well get in touch tell me what you can do. I mean it’s not hard to write a guest blog post for me to post during down periods. Who knows may be you want to start posting your reviews on my blog. So again I am not letting this Monster get me as I find a way to adapt and move forward. Now if only we could do this as easily with bills, he he.

As for the subject of this post being somewhat of a horror tint to it, it was intentional. MS is not fun it can hit those who have the disease in so many different ways. If life is like a box of chocolates the MS is a store full of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get and you are not allowed to design your own box, it picks for you.

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Feedback and Poll Results

Thank_YouI first want to thank the just over 30 people who stopped and took time to provide their thoughts on the blog. Although there was only one comment provide to me through email it was a very great idea. I’m going to provide you with the top two vote getters in each poll question and I will say one was a bit shocking.

First I want to touch on the email I received. It was a heartfelt thank you about my posts on my life on Multiple Sclerosis and how I stay positive. I did ask the writer if I could share in this post but they asked that I do not. I will just say that there was a great suggestion that I breakout my posts on MS. The thought is in their own category people do not have to look through my personal area to find. I found this great idea and will be doing just that by the end of this week.

So now onto the poll results:

Question: Thoughts on author interviews

Top votes went to Like and can I change the questions.

Thus I will put my thinking cap on and see about changing some of the questions. I will look at past responses and see what questions seem to be glanced over or not answered and think of something new. If you have a suggestion you can send me the question.


Question: What are thoughts on Reviews?

Top two vote getters were Like and Make me want to read book.

I have to say that was the results I had been hoping to see as it means I’m hitting my mark with the reviews.


Question: What do you like most?

Ok this is the one that shocked me when it came to results. I got to say that when I saw most enjoyed my personal content and short stories I almost felt an eye ball pop out of my skull I surprise. The reviews came in third place and considering bulk of traffic is from the reviews I was shocked.

Thus I am going to see about changing things up a bit more. I may post a few reviews and then enter personal contact and reviews again. I will be doing a “small” amount of experimenting on that so bear with me.

I am also going to be looking at a new layout of the blog so take this as a warning.

I again want to thank all those who cast votes as it’s a great help to this blogger. It’s good to know how things are being received by those who do the reading. Again, thank you so much and shortly I will be returning to normal blog publishing.

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Help Wanted: Honest Feedback

question-mark-faceI thought after a few years of the blog I’d take time and put a post together asking for honest, and I mean HONEST opinions of what you think.

The past contest saw some record one day visits but the number of entries had me wondering if it was the reviews, or the books themselves.

I’m thus putting out a poll asking for you to answer the questions and help give me some ideas on the blog and may be on how to progress.

You are also free to leave comments, or use the form to send in feedback. All is welcome and most importantly welcomed and it is being requested. So don’t be shy let me know what you think.

There are a few poll questions so vote away. Note that on a few you can pick more than one answer and add comments. Please do not be shy I want things to be honest.  The results will not be shown as do not want other votes to influence a potential vote. Results will be shared in a future post.





Lastly if you do not wish to have a public comment posted use the below Contact Form to send thoughts. Email is NOT required but appreciated if you wish to discuss your thoughts.

Thank_YouA thank you in advance to all who take some time and provide some Honest feedback.







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Congratulations to Winners, and What’s Next

CongratulationsThis past Giveaway saw a large influx of traffic to the blog which was great to see. Unfortunately the high traffic did not correspond to a large number of entries for one of the free books. Those who did enter are fortunate as this limited the pool and in some cases made it really easy to determine who would get a FREE book courtesy of Black Rose Writing.


So before I go any further with my thoughts here are the winners.

Hilger awarded to Nicole Nesberg
Thunder Bay awarded to Wendy V
Why 319? Goes to Darrel W


As I promised I put the entries through a Random Number Generator and some it was really easy and another, well things came out so each entrant got a book.  You got love when something like that happens.  The winners should be getting contacted soon on which version they wish to have and receive their book.

As for the future of the blog at this time I am CLOSING submissions for reviews. I have a nice list of books that I must read, and when those are finished going to be doing some introspective thought on how to continue.  There is a chance the reviews may end and I will go back to just pushing my own short stories or posts on Multiple Sclerosis and life. I’m not sure at this time how I will continue, thus why I am going to be posting a feedback request with a form attached asking for comments on the blog.

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