Kin Ship by Author D.K. Snape

29 Oct

Kin ShipChildren of military parents are used to being taken out of school, the life and friends they have to move to their parent’s next base. It is something that becomes a reality for those children and can lead to new and exciting events for the children. In some cases they struggle to make new friends, and make connections but if strong they will be fine.

The question is what if you are not in the military and suddenly some strangers show up at school. Your father has sent them and you are to leave with this people immediately. They look human but do not quite act human, and the bag they use to pack your belongings in holds everything you have at school. The bag is then taken and folded up that it will fit in a pocket.

This may seem strange enough but things get a bit more unbelievable in the book Kin Ship, which is book one in series. A science fiction book written by author D.K. Snape and will bring something new to Aliens and how Earth was initially inhabited. The book has been published by Sirens Call Publications.

Kin Ship will take the reader into Marnie’s life as she is pulled out of school. We learn that the Earth has been on a planet wide alert for years as a strange event happened on the moon. The moon suddenly developed a “moustache” of sorts as something laid itself across the service. There is of course hints of panic, questions, Earth governments trying to posture to find what is that thing. This is something Marnie will find out largely due to the decisions her father makes that impacts his whole family.

As you read you will discover a very plausible theory on how the Earth found humans to be on the planet. There is a gene found within many individuals, like Marnie’s father, that make them candidates to travel the stars. The will find out that they are not the only ones and a large group of families from many types of lifestyles. These people will need to work together on their new journey and will have to form a community.

Author D.K. Snape does a great job of telling the story from the 15yr old Marnie’s mind. We read and learn to understand what has brought all these people together. There are of course aliens and the reason for the moustache on the moon will become known and discover it is called a Beigorri.

Kin Ship is a great read in the science fiction genre and does a great job of introducing new things into the genre. The aliens, their technology and mode of travel are unique and not something I personally have read before. The description of the special gene that makes some members of humanity special is also well defined. The book is part one of a series, so in hopes there will be more Marnie, her family and the aliens (the Euskadaz).

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