Real Places to Scare other than a Haunted House

28 Oct

H HouseWho doesn’t love going to a scary ghost house, spooky mansion or haunted house during Halloween? They pop up all over the United States and other parts of the world and people pay good money to go inside and get scared.

Often these scares come from people in costumes and odd devices built to startle the person as they do their walk through. It gets the blood flowing, the fight or flight reaction kicks in and there is good reason why many do not allow the worker to touch the guests. I say that as some people may turn to the fight mode and punch the person scaring them if they had the chance.

I however love hearing about the real thing. Those haunted locations that are rumored, sometimes proven, to have spirits within their grounds. This is why I am sharing some of those with you all as frights of this nature do not need to come just at Halloween.  I’m posting links to some of my favorite attractions in the US I’d either love to see or have visited. Those of you with an international setting I am sharing that came from me from Elizabeth Ward at Agenda 21 in the United Kingdom. I received the link to Jury’s Inn map of the Haunted Isles. I’m also tossing in a link for those I know in the Philippines.

If readers wish to use the comment section feel free to share your suggestions as well.

The United States

The Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California.  The cruiser liner now a hotel that has spirits aboard booked never to leave. Featured in several reality ghost hunting shows and always have seen something interesting in those shows.

Salem, Massachusetts A place full of haunted houses, ghost stories and who cannot forget witches.

Winchester Mystery House in San Jose California. A home built but an heir of the Winchester rifle family who felt ghosts tormented her due to the blood money the rifle earned the family. Some believe this is what caused the woman to keep adding rooms and corridors to the home that can get a person lost instantly.

The Paulding Light just outside of Watersmeet, Michigan.  A mysterious light shows up down a road that is said to be an old railroad track location. The light is said to be from an old rail worker killed as he tried to signal a train.


Green Bay, Wisconsin

The city I call home has a few options for a ghost tour, and I can say I have been in a few businesses and felt a presence.

Green Bay Ghost Tours 


Detroit, Michigan

I was born in this great city home of my beloved Lions and Red Wings. There is also the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Pistons within this city. The city may feel like a ghost town as it rebuilds after years of mismanagement at this time I write this post but there is still things that make the city great, or scary.

Haunted Detroit Tours


Lastly if you are looking for a ghost tour in your state in the US check out

Ghost Tour Directory

Spirit Expeditions



As I know some people in the Philippines I wanted to share a blog I found out about that offers advice on tours and some great information. You can find the information at Philippine Ghost Tours.


United Kingdom

Lastly as promised here is that link from Elizabeth Ward of Agenda 21 which brought the Jurys Inn Map of The Haunted Isles to my attention and sharing with you all.

They have collected stories of haunted locations from around UK and Ireland  and Here is a link to the Jurys Inn site to get those in the UK, Ireland and Europe started on their ghost adventures.


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  1. hometownhistorytours

    April 19, 2016 at 5:34 PM

    Please come check out Notorious 313 tours. We’ve been telling spooky true tales about Detroit for the past three years. We have walking and bus tours. This year, we’re adding 3 new walking tours.


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