Slight Disappointment and The Black Rose by Shawn Micallef

27 Oct

I had put a post out earlier in the month hoping to draw the attention of the many followers of the blog from writers to every day readers.  The hope was to have some great and unique Halloween stories to share over this week of Halloween as the time approaches.  Of course if there is someone who still wishes to submit something check out this post to see how easy it is.

Many parents have already gotten the costumes made, and some kids have worn them to local safe events. Others parents, and adults, are holding off to the last minute to get that costume before enjoying Halloween.

Although I did not get what I had hoped for this week will not be blank on the blog. I have a book by author D.K. Snape called Kin Ship which is book one of the series Moustache on the Moon.

I will also be working on some of my own short stories to help fill in the week as I am also reading a book called Hilger by author Philip Seal and already have a few other books in the waiting pile.

Now so this isn’t a very short post I am adding a unique story of my own to start the mood for Halloween. This story is not long and should be kid friendly as there is no real violence in the story. I do ask you excuse my punctuation and other grammatical errors as this is a rough draft but something I wanted to share.  It’s not really a horror or horrific story but shows how even in the bleakness of life and existence if you can pass the negative and hate joy can be found.


The Black Rose by Shawn Micallef


Black-Rose-125A single black rose sat in the middle of a wild patch of red and yellow roses on the long deserted farm. It stood out for the bleakness that it shared amongst the bright colors of the other roses. It felt ashamed as strangers drove onto the property and gathered up the more colorful neighbors within the patch it found itself. It was a rose after all and although its petals where an unnatural black people would say it had a beautiful shape. It just wasn’t want people wanted.

The other roses would laugh and sneer at the black rose as they got picked or watched their brothers and sisters leave the field. It would hear comments so mean like how it should just die and leave this world. The rose would not give the others the satisfaction and although their words were sharp, like the thorns on the plant it stood strong.

It then happened one day that a dark black vehicle drew up to the field. The other roses got into a tether, shook the morning dew off each other and tried to show all their color in the sun. The black rose got bathed with their dew but refused to be out done. It opened its petals just as wide showing off the near flawlessness of its petals.

The others waited and waited as a figure came closer. A figure clad in all black, caring an umbrella covering the sun and taking the luster away from its fellow roses. The complained in hushed whispers, but then shock took them all. The person bent down and instead of clipping the rose on the stem like so many others did a shovel appeared in their hand. The person began to dig gently around the stem exposing the roots of one of the roses. The rose in question being freed from the ground was the black rose. It was being taken from the ground ensuring it would not grow back. The colorful roses where ecstatic they were thrilled it was leaving.  They would no longer have that hated black rose in their midst.

The black rose was placed in a bucket with earth placed around it so that it would be safe in the car for its journey to a new home. Water was placed over the earth along with some pellets that helped nourish the soil and the rose feasted on the nourishment. It felt at home with this person that had taken the rose.

This all happened some four months ago and the black rose had a place of its own now. Of course a rose cannot speak human but it felt loved and each time its new owner cared for the rose it felt love. The owner was treating it so well it had last none of its luster.  The rose had a home, and it was being loved.

What the rose did not know was its new owner was much like the rose. Shunned by society due to an aversion to the sun the young woman had to dress in all black to protect her skin and use an umbrella to protect herself.   She like the black rose was pretty but due to her ailment was also bullied and made fun of. These two found kindred spirits in each other and if not for a friend the young woman would never have known about the black rose.  It was a partnership between rose and human that served each well as each saw the beauty in the other. The rose felt the love of the human and the human loved the beauty of the rose. It showed no matter whom or what you are there can be joy found in life if you stop dreading the ignorant and look for something to share your love with.



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2 responses to “Slight Disappointment and The Black Rose by Shawn Micallef

  1. Steph

    January 23, 2017 at 7:00 AM

    I love this Shawn. So true.


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