The Sun God’s Heir by Elliott Baker

15 Oct

tsgh-coverNo matter the era a person lives there are a few things many try to keep true in life. People can feel they are honor bound to uphold a family name, a friendship, or protect someone unable to protect themselves. This type of loyalty can move mountains, but at same time lead to a hubris that can lead to someone’s demise. This is just some of the items that will meet the reader in author Elliott Baker’s book, The Sun God’s Heir.

The story will introduce the reader to a period in French History where the king still ruled, and the ruling class enjoyed a good life. The type of life that lets three good friends enjoys a day in the countryside riding their horses, a small picnic and just being teenagers. The three youths were all in their late teens and Claire was the beautiful young woman of the group, Martin the budding swordsman and Rene the pacifist. The group of lifelong friends enjoyed life and the company of each other with Martin practicing with a new sword amongst the field. Although Rene seemed scared of the sword he offered his friend some advice that will lead the reader to learn more about this man as he flashes back to training he received from a master swordsman.

This should be the hint to the reader that there is much more to come within the pages of the book. Although Rene seems to be much of a pacifist in some of his first dealings in the book things become clearer as the book progresses. His sword skills will become unveiled and the trusted advice from his teacher will come to life. Those skills will be put to the test a few times before the young man is forced to leave France, and it’s those skills that actually lead to his leaving.

There will be events that will force Rene to leave everything he knows behind, his family, his friends, and Claire to keep them safe. This will lead to a life he had not envisioned for himself but a life he may come to accept. He will show that for his years he is wiser than he shows and a great judge of people and his surroundings. These will be things that will keep him safe and his sword skills will be put to great use as he travels the Mediterranean Sea.  A trip that will not only introduce him to new people but new cultures and lead to friendships that will come to be fruitful for all involved. One of these friendships will be a woman that may rival even his sword skills.

The Mediterranean of that period is full of peril from storms to slavers and pirates. The reader will find battles taking place on the sea and as well as the foreign ports the young man will visit. The reader will get an idea of the politics of the period as one must remember the inquisition was going on during this time. This may just be a brief problem within the pages of the book but enough that it will leader to Rene’s new female friend to break the rules of her culture to save friends. It is items like this that will thrill the reader.

The Sun God’s Heir by Elliott Baker is a really well written book that does an amazing job of introducing the reader to Rene and the early 17th century world it takes place in. The books title may not seem clear at first but as you read dreams of Egyptian began to rattle Rene.  There are also others within the book who have an understanding of who the boy his and how he could be a savior for humanity. Of course if there is a savior there must be an evil and that is also found in the book. An evil so intent on bringing Rene home it may bring the most dangerous curse of the period to France, the plague. Of course the plan is to bring Rene home by having his loved ones threatened but, other events also threaten Rene’s live. It is only through reading the book will the reader get the true atmosphere, plot, and well-designed characters of the book. As well as the joy of life, and danger it can bring as one stands to be loyal and protect those he loves.  The book is published  by Musa Publishing.

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