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Sweets and original story by Shawn Micallef

The story I am sharing is an act of fiction written by myself. Those people who have followed my blog for some time may notice it resembles a story from last year at Halloween. The story was titled Numbers and Fear and shares a story thread with my original work, Sweets, below. The common thread that ties these two stories together? I will only say that it’s a simply rhyme and a little girl. If you wish to see Numbers and Fear just follow the link.



Sweets by Shawn Micallef

Jason just LOVED the fall season. It wasn’t because he was accidental and tripped a lot, yeah bad pun, it was because he loved the changing season. The changing of the leaves as they turned their colors from their vibrant green to the pale shade of yellow before they fell of the trees. The color palate alive in each leaf as it went from the green they see too shades of reds and yellow that must rival a beautiful sunset. He enjoyed documenting the changes with photos and would often go to several of the local parks with his camera.

He of course had another reason for his love of the season, and that was Halloween. It wasn’t because the man loved to dress up, far from it. There was a Grinch for Christmas and he was the creature’s unhappy cousin. He hated to see the children running around in costumes and adults using the day as just another reason to party. No he loved the period due to all the candy. It would not be shocking to find the man in a store looking at the bags and mimicking movie characters like, “Get into my belly”, in a bad faux English accent. Thank you Fat Bastard.

There was of course on big problem with love of candy, those bit sized candy bars that fit so well in the mouth with one bite. Those scrumptious bits of chocolate with nuts, nougat, peanut butter, caramel and other items filled within those shells. He even found it funny how some of these candies came in ghoulish designs and laughed at those he thought looked like coffins. In any shape, or form, it was candy and he just had to have it and with the money he made as a freelance programmer he could afford it.

It was a job that fit the man, almost as perfect as a designer leather glove fitted to your hand. He was able to sit behind a computer desk his fat fingers flying across the keyboard as he typed code. The glare of the twin monitors often seen from outside his one bedroom apartment window as he worked late into the night. He had all he needed in that apartment and most importantly a desk that let him have his favorite caffeine filled beverage on his right and a plastic orange pumpkin bowl to his left always full of candy.

He even had an exercise bike in his bedroom as his doctor had told him more times than he could remember to stop eating the candy and get some exercise. He took the doctors instructions as less than orders and more as an advisement and he would follow on how he felt. The bike was an attempt to at least get exercise but since it had no cup holder it became a clothes holder. He had his shirts hanging off several parts of the bike and a jacket tossed on the seat.

Sadly he was not the cleanest man as he would often tear open the packaging of his favorite treat. He took the candy between his lips, pulled it from its plastic covering and chewed, and would toss the wrapper anywhere but into the empty garbage can. This lead to a hoarding type of situation as 10 years of life in the same apartment and all that candy the piles would grow, and grow. His landlord even stopped answering the complaints about the smell from his apartment. He did this as Jason paid the man extra every month and it did help he always paid in cash. (What the tax man doesn’t know, right.)

It was thus on a Halloween Eve that things went wrong for Jason. He had just returned from a run to a local store to stock up on more candy. He had a mixture of bags, as usual, and after dropping those on the floor ran to his bedroom as he heard the answering machine, beep beep beep. He of course had to have a landline to make some of his more paranoid clients happy. I mean when you code for a national bank and a military supplier last thing they want is a cell phone call being heard by other ears.

As he ran to the room plowing through the candy wrappers like a twin bladed snow plow opening up four feet of snow he forgot about his stationary bike. He ran into one of its legs stubbing his foot badly and as he reached to stable himself he fell hitting the corner of his dresser. He landed hard, candy wrappers crunched under him and others flew into the air with several landing on his body. He was out cold, bleeding from his forehead and nearly covered with candy bar wrappers. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. You would almost see this on some viral video site as a massive fail.

He awoke hours later dizzy and in severe pain. His foot throbbed with pain going up his leg and his head, ouch, what was that he felt. He put a hand up to his head and well of course candy wrappers stuck to his head. He sat up and started to pull them off when he looked at a few and saw the dark red tint of dried blood. He was lucky to be alive and then he heard an odd noise. The beep, beep, beep of his answering machine was still going but that wasn’t what he heard. He heard, no that cannot be right, he heard a voice singing and in HIS apartment.

“One, two, three,

I come for thee,

Four, five, six,

Beware what I will inflict.”

It repeated over and over and he started to look around. He then yelled, “Who is in here? If this is some joke get out of here or I’ll call the cops.” He said that as he tried to pull himself up and get to his phone. He heard it again, but this time the lyric changed.

“One, two, three,

I come for thee,

Four, five, six,

Beware what I will inflict.

Seven, eight, nine

Watch how thy shall dine,

Now with ten,

Your life is at an end.”

Yes he was in severe pain but when you hear a young girl’s voice say your life is at an end what are you going to do? Sit there, hardly, you are jumping up to your feet to find the source. However how do you react when you see a little girl dressed in the oddest of costumes? She had a princess costume on but instead of being pink it was black. She had small horns by her ears and blood red lips that were a contrast to her pale white face. Her hair was jet black and oddly tied up in dual pony tails that did nothing to hide those horns. She was seated on his bed; her legs dangled and moved back and forth as they kicked the mattress.

“Who the hell are you, and how did you get in my apartment? Better yet you know it’s not Halloween it’s tomorrow.”

She looked at him her eyes black and cocked her head to the left and spoke in a manner much older than the years she looked.

“One who fills his mouth with the sweets of the world should have better manners when addressing a stranger in his home. It is complimentary of a host to ask a guess if they want something to drink.” She paused looked him eyes locking on his sending a chill through his spine as she spoke the next words. “Or perhaps something to eat.”

Ok he was officially creeped out and there was no way in hell he was giving this girl any of his candy. He had NEVER shared with those kids foolish enough to waste time knocking on his door at Halloween and was not going to start now.

“I don’t care what you think and how I should act. This is my apartment, you are in here illegally and best get out or I call the cops. Oh don’t even think of touching my candy it’s all MINE!”

She closed her eyes and shook her head and repeated her creepy song but she paused for a few seconds before saying the last word.

“One, two, three,

I come for thee,

Four, five, six,

Beware what I will inflict.

seven, eight, nine

Watch how thy shall dine,

Now with ten,

Your life is at an (pause) end.”

He had enough and walked, well hopped through the mess of candy bars to the front door. He tried to open the door but it did not move. He pulled and pulled, checked the lock and tried again. The door would not open.

“Listen here you little, ahh hell, BITCH! I don’t know who you are, or give one shit where you came from but get the hell out of here now…”

He didn’t finish his thought as the moment he used the word bitch she was in front of him in less than a second. He didn’t even see her move she was so fast.

“I have mentioned to you about your manners but you have left me no choice. Your name is Jason and you are not the first I collect. You are a glutton who picked your sweets over a blessed life. I have song my song of warning for you two times and now we are at three. You may not know what this means for you “, she paused and sang that song.

“One, two, three,

I come for thee,

Four, five, six,

Beware what I will inflict.

Seven, eight, nine,

Watch how thy shall dine,

Now with ten,

Your life is at (long pause) an END!”

It was three months later when Jason was found. His landlord got tired of knocking at his door month after month to get his rent. He finally broke down and called the cops to come and witness this dispute.

The police ended up breaking down the door and after getting it open there was only one sound to be heard. The beep, beep, beep of the answering machine was all anyone heard. The landlord ran out of the apartment, the police backed out and eventually called dispatch.

The scene was never put out to the public but rumors did hit the internet. One even claimed to have an eyewitness account from the landlord. It was said not to be credible as the man sold the property, fled the state and last was heard heading to Alaska.

The story went as followed and readers can judge for themselves if they think the man was a crazy or was there truth in his story.

I was pissed and figured that fat slob would be in their eating candy typing on his computer. The cops busted the door open and I thought I’m adding the cost of repair to his back rent. I don’t care if he’s been paying me extra, and then I saw the room. It was nearly spotless all those candy wrappers were piled in a huge pile in the middle of the room. It was then when I looked at the pile I saw the the the blood. It had dried and the wrappers had an odd color to them but the dark red color was unmistakable it was blood. As I started to look around the room I saw more blood. The wall was sprayed, the ceiling, it was everywhere. I didn’t see a body but painted on the wall by the bed room there was something written in blood. None of us spoke. It read:

“One, two, three,

I come for thee,

Four, five, six,

Beware what I will inflict.

Seven, eight, nine

Watch how thy shall dine,

Now with ten,

Your life is at an



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Kin Ship by Author D.K. Snape

Kin ShipChildren of military parents are used to being taken out of school, the life and friends they have to move to their parent’s next base. It is something that becomes a reality for those children and can lead to new and exciting events for the children. In some cases they struggle to make new friends, and make connections but if strong they will be fine.

The question is what if you are not in the military and suddenly some strangers show up at school. Your father has sent them and you are to leave with this people immediately. They look human but do not quite act human, and the bag they use to pack your belongings in holds everything you have at school. The bag is then taken and folded up that it will fit in a pocket.

This may seem strange enough but things get a bit more unbelievable in the book Kin Ship, which is book one in series. A science fiction book written by author D.K. Snape and will bring something new to Aliens and how Earth was initially inhabited. The book has been published by Sirens Call Publications.

Kin Ship will take the reader into Marnie’s life as she is pulled out of school. We learn that the Earth has been on a planet wide alert for years as a strange event happened on the moon. The moon suddenly developed a “moustache” of sorts as something laid itself across the service. There is of course hints of panic, questions, Earth governments trying to posture to find what is that thing. This is something Marnie will find out largely due to the decisions her father makes that impacts his whole family.

As you read you will discover a very plausible theory on how the Earth found humans to be on the planet. There is a gene found within many individuals, like Marnie’s father, that make them candidates to travel the stars. The will find out that they are not the only ones and a large group of families from many types of lifestyles. These people will need to work together on their new journey and will have to form a community.

Author D.K. Snape does a great job of telling the story from the 15yr old Marnie’s mind. We read and learn to understand what has brought all these people together. There are of course aliens and the reason for the moustache on the moon will become known and discover it is called a Beigorri.

Kin Ship is a great read in the science fiction genre and does a great job of introducing new things into the genre. The aliens, their technology and mode of travel are unique and not something I personally have read before. The description of the special gene that makes some members of humanity special is also well defined. The book is part one of a series, so in hopes there will be more Marnie, her family and the aliens (the Euskadaz).

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Real Places to Scare other than a Haunted House

H HouseWho doesn’t love going to a scary ghost house, spooky mansion or haunted house during Halloween? They pop up all over the United States and other parts of the world and people pay good money to go inside and get scared.

Often these scares come from people in costumes and odd devices built to startle the person as they do their walk through. It gets the blood flowing, the fight or flight reaction kicks in and there is good reason why many do not allow the worker to touch the guests. I say that as some people may turn to the fight mode and punch the person scaring them if they had the chance.

I however love hearing about the real thing. Those haunted locations that are rumored, sometimes proven, to have spirits within their grounds. This is why I am sharing some of those with you all as frights of this nature do not need to come just at Halloween.  I’m posting links to some of my favorite attractions in the US I’d either love to see or have visited. Those of you with an international setting I am sharing that came from me from Elizabeth Ward at Agenda 21 in the United Kingdom. I received the link to Jury’s Inn map of the Haunted Isles. I’m also tossing in a link for those I know in the Philippines.

If readers wish to use the comment section feel free to share your suggestions as well.

The United States

The Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California.  The cruiser liner now a hotel that has spirits aboard booked never to leave. Featured in several reality ghost hunting shows and always have seen something interesting in those shows.

Salem, Massachusetts A place full of haunted houses, ghost stories and who cannot forget witches.

Winchester Mystery House in San Jose California. A home built but an heir of the Winchester rifle family who felt ghosts tormented her due to the blood money the rifle earned the family. Some believe this is what caused the woman to keep adding rooms and corridors to the home that can get a person lost instantly.

The Paulding Light just outside of Watersmeet, Michigan.  A mysterious light shows up down a road that is said to be an old railroad track location. The light is said to be from an old rail worker killed as he tried to signal a train.


Green Bay, Wisconsin

The city I call home has a few options for a ghost tour, and I can say I have been in a few businesses and felt a presence.

Green Bay Ghost Tours 


Detroit, Michigan

I was born in this great city home of my beloved Lions and Red Wings. There is also the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Pistons within this city. The city may feel like a ghost town as it rebuilds after years of mismanagement at this time I write this post but there is still things that make the city great, or scary.

Haunted Detroit Tours


Lastly if you are looking for a ghost tour in your state in the US check out

Ghost Tour Directory

Spirit Expeditions



As I know some people in the Philippines I wanted to share a blog I found out about that offers advice on tours and some great information. You can find the information at Philippine Ghost Tours.


United Kingdom

Lastly as promised here is that link from Elizabeth Ward of Agenda 21 which brought the Jurys Inn Map of The Haunted Isles to my attention and sharing with you all.

They have collected stories of haunted locations from around UK and Ireland  and Here is a link to the Jurys Inn site to get those in the UK, Ireland and Europe started on their ghost adventures.


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Slight Disappointment and The Black Rose by Shawn Micallef

I had put a post out earlier in the month hoping to draw the attention of the many followers of the blog from writers to every day readers.  The hope was to have some great and unique Halloween stories to share over this week of Halloween as the time approaches.  Of course if there is someone who still wishes to submit something check out this post to see how easy it is.

Many parents have already gotten the costumes made, and some kids have worn them to local safe events. Others parents, and adults, are holding off to the last minute to get that costume before enjoying Halloween.

Although I did not get what I had hoped for this week will not be blank on the blog. I have a book by author D.K. Snape called Kin Ship which is book one of the series Moustache on the Moon.

I will also be working on some of my own short stories to help fill in the week as I am also reading a book called Hilger by author Philip Seal and already have a few other books in the waiting pile.

Now so this isn’t a very short post I am adding a unique story of my own to start the mood for Halloween. This story is not long and should be kid friendly as there is no real violence in the story. I do ask you excuse my punctuation and other grammatical errors as this is a rough draft but something I wanted to share.  It’s not really a horror or horrific story but shows how even in the bleakness of life and existence if you can pass the negative and hate joy can be found.


The Black Rose by Shawn Micallef


Black-Rose-125A single black rose sat in the middle of a wild patch of red and yellow roses on the long deserted farm. It stood out for the bleakness that it shared amongst the bright colors of the other roses. It felt ashamed as strangers drove onto the property and gathered up the more colorful neighbors within the patch it found itself. It was a rose after all and although its petals where an unnatural black people would say it had a beautiful shape. It just wasn’t want people wanted.

The other roses would laugh and sneer at the black rose as they got picked or watched their brothers and sisters leave the field. It would hear comments so mean like how it should just die and leave this world. The rose would not give the others the satisfaction and although their words were sharp, like the thorns on the plant it stood strong.

It then happened one day that a dark black vehicle drew up to the field. The other roses got into a tether, shook the morning dew off each other and tried to show all their color in the sun. The black rose got bathed with their dew but refused to be out done. It opened its petals just as wide showing off the near flawlessness of its petals.

The others waited and waited as a figure came closer. A figure clad in all black, caring an umbrella covering the sun and taking the luster away from its fellow roses. The complained in hushed whispers, but then shock took them all. The person bent down and instead of clipping the rose on the stem like so many others did a shovel appeared in their hand. The person began to dig gently around the stem exposing the roots of one of the roses. The rose in question being freed from the ground was the black rose. It was being taken from the ground ensuring it would not grow back. The colorful roses where ecstatic they were thrilled it was leaving.  They would no longer have that hated black rose in their midst.

The black rose was placed in a bucket with earth placed around it so that it would be safe in the car for its journey to a new home. Water was placed over the earth along with some pellets that helped nourish the soil and the rose feasted on the nourishment. It felt at home with this person that had taken the rose.

This all happened some four months ago and the black rose had a place of its own now. Of course a rose cannot speak human but it felt loved and each time its new owner cared for the rose it felt love. The owner was treating it so well it had last none of its luster.  The rose had a home, and it was being loved.

What the rose did not know was its new owner was much like the rose. Shunned by society due to an aversion to the sun the young woman had to dress in all black to protect her skin and use an umbrella to protect herself.   She like the black rose was pretty but due to her ailment was also bullied and made fun of. These two found kindred spirits in each other and if not for a friend the young woman would never have known about the black rose.  It was a partnership between rose and human that served each well as each saw the beauty in the other. The rose felt the love of the human and the human loved the beauty of the rose. It showed no matter whom or what you are there can be joy found in life if you stop dreading the ignorant and look for something to share your love with.



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Ten Plus One Questions with author Elliott Baker

elliott-baker-printAuthor Elliott Baker is the man behind the book, The Sun God’s Heir.  As people will find when reading his website he was a bit clumsy growing up. Why do I write that? In his about me section he mentions how after high school he went on to “bump” into many things.  In fact people will read how this man has led many careers before landing on the one that makes him happy. This love was the joy of creating things from musicals to writing a book. So without further comment please enjoy his answers to the questions.  Also, if you want to find more information at the end of the questions are multiple links to find the man on places like Facebook and where to find his book.

Question 1:

What inspired you to write The Sun Gods Heir?

I had had the first part of Rene’s story as a quasi dream/memory for years. It just took NANOWRIMO to push it to critical mass. Critical mass being the point where anything acquires a life of its own. The fact that The Sun God’s Heir touches on aspects of life that are meaningful to me is just one of the perks of writing.

Question 2:

Is there any significance to the name names of your main characters?

Names are powerful. It’s hard for me to explain, but I would go down lists of names listening for the character to say, “Yep, that’s my name.” Even so, I’ve had to change a name or two when some kind of conflict arose, so my hearing isn’t 20/20.

Question 3:

During the writing process did you find yourself thinking about any of your memories?

As a hypnotist with a first and second hand experience of reincarnation memories, I definitely found a familiarity about certain scenes. Not as a lead character, but rather as “I’ve been in this marketplace before.” I’ve no need to argue for reincarnation as a fact. I don’t know. Still, if something is a useful tool in the prosecution of life, I think it should be used. My take is that the scenes that are the most vivid to me are the ones I write best and hopefully some of which ignite familiarity or memory in others.

Question 4:

What were some of your favorite books growing up?

All of Robert Heinlein’s books, Ursula LeGuinn, John Nelson’s Starborn, Alexei Panshin’s Rite of Passage, and Madeline L’engle’s A Wrinkle In Time. I have to stop this now, or I’ll still be here this time tomorrow listing authors and stories that ignited my imagination. As you can probably tell, I am grateful to these folks. What are we if not a heroic story.

Question 5:

Do you hear from fans of the book, and if you do what do they say?

Not sure I have any fans yet, but the comments and reviews have been great. The best comments have been about their impatience to read the sequel which, by the way, is completed. Nothing makes a writer feel better than that.

Question 6:

What was the feeling like when you saw the very first printed version of your book?

I’ll let you know when the printed version comes out in November.

Question 7:

Do you continue to write?

Routine is the mainstay of art, any art. I do my best to write every day. I don’t always succeed. The joy of writing a story is very close to the joy of reading one. I have an idea of where I’d like the story to go, but it is often as surprising and fun for me as for the reader. We’re both reading the story for the first time.

Question 8:

What is the message you want people to take away from the book?

Having more power is not the answer. Enslaving someone else does not make you safer. The only way to get across the finish line is arm in arm.

Question 9:

If you could envision a future for your main character, what would it be?

Hah, almost got me there. I am envisioning a future for Rene. Read the sequel. I think you’ll enjoy it. Like life for all of us, it has moments of victory as well as those of loss, of doubt and frustration. And like all of us, he will face his demons and grow stronger with experience.

Question 10:

Who are those in the dedication of the book, and their importance to you?

My wife Sally Ann is probably the reason we are having this conversation. Her unwavering support for my artistic endeavors has resulted in this book. How important is air?

I don’t believe in coincidence so everyone who comes into my life has something to teach me or remind me. By reading aloud to our sixth grade class, Mrs. Lillian Walker introduced me to the joy of the story as well as great frustration when class time ran out and she couldn’t read the next installment. Patience then was not my strongest suit. Now that I think of it, probably not so much now either. I went to the library, found the book, and ate all the rest of Walter Farley’s books. Sitting here, I look over at my wall of books and I am so grateful to that lady.


The + 1 Question:

If you had any one place in the world you could travel to for a book tour, where would that place be, and why?

I like meeting and talking to people, and will be happy to go anywhere someone wants to further explore my book. As long as we’re pushing imagination here, I think it would be interesting to give a book tour in a country where the book has been translated into another language.


Elliot has a few ways people can find out about him and his book.  Check out one if not all the links below.


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The Sun God’s Heir by Elliott Baker

tsgh-coverNo matter the era a person lives there are a few things many try to keep true in life. People can feel they are honor bound to uphold a family name, a friendship, or protect someone unable to protect themselves. This type of loyalty can move mountains, but at same time lead to a hubris that can lead to someone’s demise. This is just some of the items that will meet the reader in author Elliott Baker’s book, The Sun God’s Heir.

The story will introduce the reader to a period in French History where the king still ruled, and the ruling class enjoyed a good life. The type of life that lets three good friends enjoys a day in the countryside riding their horses, a small picnic and just being teenagers. The three youths were all in their late teens and Claire was the beautiful young woman of the group, Martin the budding swordsman and Rene the pacifist. The group of lifelong friends enjoyed life and the company of each other with Martin practicing with a new sword amongst the field. Although Rene seemed scared of the sword he offered his friend some advice that will lead the reader to learn more about this man as he flashes back to training he received from a master swordsman.

This should be the hint to the reader that there is much more to come within the pages of the book. Although Rene seems to be much of a pacifist in some of his first dealings in the book things become clearer as the book progresses. His sword skills will become unveiled and the trusted advice from his teacher will come to life. Those skills will be put to the test a few times before the young man is forced to leave France, and it’s those skills that actually lead to his leaving.

There will be events that will force Rene to leave everything he knows behind, his family, his friends, and Claire to keep them safe. This will lead to a life he had not envisioned for himself but a life he may come to accept. He will show that for his years he is wiser than he shows and a great judge of people and his surroundings. These will be things that will keep him safe and his sword skills will be put to great use as he travels the Mediterranean Sea.  A trip that will not only introduce him to new people but new cultures and lead to friendships that will come to be fruitful for all involved. One of these friendships will be a woman that may rival even his sword skills.

The Mediterranean of that period is full of peril from storms to slavers and pirates. The reader will find battles taking place on the sea and as well as the foreign ports the young man will visit. The reader will get an idea of the politics of the period as one must remember the inquisition was going on during this time. This may just be a brief problem within the pages of the book but enough that it will leader to Rene’s new female friend to break the rules of her culture to save friends. It is items like this that will thrill the reader.

The Sun God’s Heir by Elliott Baker is a really well written book that does an amazing job of introducing the reader to Rene and the early 17th century world it takes place in. The books title may not seem clear at first but as you read dreams of Egyptian began to rattle Rene.  There are also others within the book who have an understanding of who the boy his and how he could be a savior for humanity. Of course if there is a savior there must be an evil and that is also found in the book. An evil so intent on bringing Rene home it may bring the most dangerous curse of the period to France, the plague. Of course the plan is to bring Rene home by having his loved ones threatened but, other events also threaten Rene’s live. It is only through reading the book will the reader get the true atmosphere, plot, and well-designed characters of the book. As well as the joy of life, and danger it can bring as one stands to be loyal and protect those he loves.  The book is published  by Musa Publishing.

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Open Call for Ghost, Horror or Creepy Stories

Halloween I tried this last year and although not a huge success I’m going to try it again. As so many of us know Halloween is quickly approaching. It is a holiday that is becoming more and more popular every year. Scary movies are often set to release in the period, decorations, costumes and candy are already for sale.

To me what makes Halloween great is the ability to use the imagination to create that stand out costume or decorations. Even more important the ability to give a jolt or scare to others as it’s the time of year all expect to be scared, no want to be scared. So, I want to give readers of the blog a chance to share something that could give someone that feeling of creepiness like bugs traveling down their body. The feeling of was there something they just saw out of the corner of their eye or was it a shadow. The sense of foreboding like there is someone right behind them about to attack. Those feelings that drive every hair on the body to quiver in nervous energy and is about to activate the flight or fight reaction.

This is why I’m opening the blog up to ALL and EVERYONE who wishes to submit a story. The story can be from your real life, or completely fiction. My only requirements that it activates the imagination and creates imagery in the mind that will shock the reader. It can be something simple from a ghost sighting or dark like demonic possession.

If interested all you need to do is write the story and submit it to me at with a subject line of: Halloween 2014.

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