Ten Plus One Questions with Doug and Daniel D. Lamoreux

06 Aug

David L




Meet Daniel D. Lamoreux a nature photographer.

Doug L



Meet Doug Lamoreux author and actor.

Together these brothers wrote the book Apparition Lake not one time, but actually two times. The have diverse careers at this point in their indivual lives, but they are still brothers to the core. You will sense that in how they answered those questions.  You can find David’s business Master Hunter Products by clicking on his image and Doug’s twitter account is found from his photo. So without further comments here are those questions…….

Question 1: What inspired you to write Apparition Lake?

Dan: What started as a technical explanation to Doug about temporal lakes turned into a “what if” joking session during a 2-hour drive from Yellowstone Park back to my home just south of there. By the time we hit the house, the idea had blossomed into the seed for Apparition Lake.

Doug: I remember it like it was yesterday. The novel was conceived in Yellowstone. What a glorious setting for all hell to break loose.

Question 2: Is there any significance to the names of your main characters?

Dan: Not really. The characters created their own names.

Doug: I agree. What significance there is comes from the characters.

Question 3: During the writing process did you find yourself thinking about any of your memories?

Dan: Absolutely. The great part about memories is that they’re not necessarily “accurate.” We remember most what we most feel. Whether that be anger, joy, fear, awe or whatnot. It is the rekindling of these emotions that lead to the most passionate writing.

Doug: That covers that.

Question 4: What were some of your favorite books growing up?

Dan: I have always enjoyed the old classics – Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities, War and Peace… but frankly I rarely remember meeting a book I didn’t like.

Doug: Treasure Island, Captains Courageous, all of the horror classics, of course, anything. The whole Sherlock Holmes canon, Poirot, Nero Wolfe. I read two or three novels at the same time, all the time. Read! Read people!

Question 5: Do you hear from fans of the book, and if you do what do they say?

Doug: Always, comments about the realistic characters and settings. One of the reason readers are able to be frightened or thrilled is the fact that you put them into the story; they’re seeing Yellowstone, they’re with the ranger and his Shoshone friend. And, once they are there, they’re in a position to be happily freaked out.

Dan: The greatest comment I ever heard went like this, “Apparition Lake does for camping what Jaws did for swimming.”

Question 6: What was the feeling like when you saw the very first printed version of your book?

Doug: The original Apparition Lake was our first book. You’re enamored with your first child. But to see this so many years later, not just a new edition of the book, but a completely re-envisioned, rewritten Apparition Lake, with new characters, new plot twists, more frightening scares, a deeper mystery, a stronger message… For me, it’s virtually a whole new novel. It’s been a thrill to see it happen. And it’s a brand new baby were looking at. In a glorious edition from Creativia Publishing.

Dan: Hooorrrahhhhh!!!!!!

Question 7: Do you continue to write?

Dan: Yup. How could I not?

Doug: A writer writes.

Question 8: What is the message you are want people to take away from the book?

Dan: There are many messages that can be found throughout the book – none of them having been preconceived. We didn’t want to write this story as a social agenda or to teach life-lessons. We simply wanted to write a good story. The best part about this entire process, in my estimation, is that by writing honestly and passionately the “messages” find their own way to the forefront regardless of our intent. The message that any reader should take away is the one that means the most to them, as an individual.

There certainly are messages about ourselves and our world. But I’m an entertainment guy so, first and foremost, the message from me is always “Boo!”

Question 9: If you could envision a future for your main character, what would it be?

Dan: A long and illustrious career of chasing off personal demons and dispelling commonly accepted myths about our world and those who live within it.

Doug: I smell a sequel…
Question 10: Who are those in the dedication of the book, and their importance to you?

Dan: That’s not applicable this time around.

Doug: Dedicating a book is a very personal endeavor. Personal endeavors are mostly set aside when you write with another author. We went without a specific dedication to just let Apparition Lake speak to whoever it speaks to.


The + 1 Question: If you had any one place in the world you could travel to for a book tour, where would that place be, and why?

Dan: My home town… because it’s the single place on the planet where nobody truly knows who I am…

Doug: Dan’s home town. My brother is one of the most interesting people I know. It would be entertaining to watch people discover who he is!

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One response to “Ten Plus One Questions with Doug and Daniel D. Lamoreux

  1. Henry Rogers

    August 7, 2014 at 8:32 AM

    Very interesting, Dan is a personal friend of mine and he is quite the showman and very intelligent in many ways. The Book is one I read and enjoy very much, being that I live close to Dan and can understand what he and Doug discovered in the beauty of the Tetons and Yellowstone. Kudos to both of these fine Authors keep up the dream.


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