Audio Interview with Author VR McCoy

17 Jun

AudioIn this audio interview with Author VR McCoy of Shaman The Awakening you will get a bit more background on the man. Each section covers a good topic and if you want to hear the Interview as a whole a link to the Blog Talk Radio site is also included. So here we go.  We can thank his publisher, Miika Hannila and the good folks at Creativia ( for publishing Shaman and it’s following books.

His other book,  “Those Without Sin” is a political thriller being released later this year and is published by Catt Dahman and the good folks at J.Ellington Ashton Press (


Part One:  Find out what got VR McCoy interested in writing Shaman. All I’ll say is it involves some history.



Part Two: Living in Washington D.C. and security work for the State Department? Oh did we mention his other book, and the TV shows Burn Notice and Cagney and Lacey?



Part Three:  What is VR’s favorite aspect of writing and where does he get his resource? Libraries, laptops and cell phones anyone?



Part for Four:  What’s next for Shaman, you as a writer and what about that bucket list, and did he already know the question?



Blog Talk Radio

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