Audio Interview with Authors Anne Montgomery and Randi Zohr

28 Apr

AudioWelcome to what is going to be a new feature here on the blog. It is the inaugural voice interview with authors who had their books featured. This first audio interview features authors Anne Montgomery and Randi Zohr. The original interview was about 30 minutes but to help those checking it out I have cut it down to the 6 pieces you see below. Take a listen to what you want to hear as we discuss several topics.

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Things such as:

  • Their books The Magician and Confessions of a Cyber Slut
  • The importance of characters and experience.
  • Amtrack
  • Allure of fiction and writing tips.
  • Teachers
  • What a bubbler is and is it pop or soda.


Part One

Meet the authors and learn about their books, and put a voice to a name.


Part Two

Characters and importance of more than one and allure of Fiction.

Part Three

Writer suggestions and getting out there.

Part Four

Teachers and a gaining of understanding the things you did not know, and finding time.

Part Five

Reading and dyslexia each have an impact, along with how mothers like to spell check.

Part Six

A goodbye but first question about their bucket list.

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