Ten +1 Questions with Author Randi Zohr

26 Apr

Randi Zohr is the author of Confessions of a Cyber Slut. She is from rural Wisconsin and after leaving the relatively flat state she moved to Alaska. There are many similarities between Randi Zohr and her books main character. If you want to find more about Randi you can check the questions below or her website.

Question 1: What inspired you to write Confessions of a Cyber Slut?

I’ve always loved writing.  Using some of my experiences as fodder gave me something interesting to write about.  Once I started writing and some friends read it they said I needed to finish the story.


Question 2: Is there any significance to the name names of your main characters?

The names have been changed from the original people I have met.  There is a reason for each different name, but not one pattern that would cover all the characters.  Some are interesting stories and I love to tell stories.


Question 3: During the writing process did you find yourself thinking about any of your memories?

Of course, the book is based on actual events so as I was writing I did a lot of remembering.


Question 4: What were some of your favorite books growing up?

Reading started with Dr. Seuss – I still use How the Grinch Stole Christmas as a teacher besides mentioning it in the novel.  I also enjoyed fairy tales – with my long hair I had a connection with Rapunzel.  When I moved to chapter books I got into paranormal stories – like a boarding school of vampires and and homes where residents never leave even after death.


Question 5: Do you hear from fans of the book, and if you do what do they say?

The first thing most people ask is when the next book will be coming out.  One coworker said she could relate to the way the protagonist’s childhood is described as she also grew up in rural USA, moved to a big city and experienced some of the same culture shock of the main character.


Question 6: What was the feeling like when you saw the very first printed version of your book?

Seeing the first copy, an actual book with my name on it, was somewhat surreal.  Thumbing through it and seeing the words I wrote gave me a real sense of accomplishment.


Question 7: Do you continue to write?

Yes.  I have another book – more in the young adult line – well underway, the beginnings of a sequel to this book, and a folder full of other story lines ready to be fleshed out into novels.  My teaching duties don’t leave much time to write but writing therapy helps me relax during school breaks.


Question 8: What is the message you are want people to take away from the book?

Sometimes you need to just jump in and do it.  Not everything will work out the way you would like, but if you don’t try something different nothing will change.


Question 9: If you could envision a future for your main character, what would it be?

The subject of books number two and three.  They won’t be based as much on actual events but still a wild ride.
Question 10: Who are those in the dedication of the book, and their importance to you?

The words of the dedication say it all.


The + 1 Question: If you had any one place in the world you could travel to for a book tour, where would that place be, and why?

My ideal book tour would have to include a stop in Wisconsin to celebrate with family and friends and end in Alaska where I would spend the rest of my days.



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  1. Allison Waters

    April 26, 2014 at 6:45 PM

    Congratulations Randi!! 🙂


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