Lest Camelot Fall by author Danny Adams

17 Mar

CamelotCamelot is a word that brings many things to the mind. To some it is a reference to an American political family that had a “fairy tale” type of stigma attached to them. Others it brings up the thought of a round table, knights, and most important King Arthur.

The book Lest Camelot Fall by author Danny Adams will take the reader into that world of knights, the round table, and the fabled Camelot.  The reader will be introduced to some of the Knights of the Round Table at the sad end of King Arthur’s last battle on the fields of Camlann. It is here that the book will open as one of those knights, Sir Lucian, returns to Camelot to witness the death from the battle.

Lucian had headed to Camelot leaving his men in the North behind to come to the call that Merlin had sent in his letter. It saw Lucian arrive to find the carnage of a battle that we find out later in the book could have been diverted. It’s in this book that we are allowed to dig deep into the events that helped this waste of life happen. At the same time we see that these same terrible events at the beginning of the book could be repeated.

The book follows Lucian and his interactions with Merlin and the remaining Knights. These men all witness Constantine; become King of Dumnonia and Camelot. A man who has some dark sides to him and there is bad blood between the brothers, Lucian and Constantine. This blood will lead to even more turmoil for those centered within the pages.

The book will show how brother can turn on brother, and how allegiances can be born and broken due to a man’s hubris.  It’s a story that will show how men will go to lengths to safe what Camelot was, and to reclaim its glory. During the period of the book there is also another group who want to reclaim their glory and that is a new Roman Empire. An empire that has come back from near destruction and is now again moving to reclaim its lost lands.

The book is full of characters that people will recognize from the fables of King Author. There are the Knights such as Lancelot and the magician Merlin. Morgan of the Fey is also featured within the book as well as Arthur’s wife and Lancelot’s lover, Guinevere.

Author Danny Adams does a great job in weaving together a story around the myths and period of Camelot. The book uses that ancient castle as its main backdrop to tie together a story full of intrigue that will take the reader on a story as vast as the British Isles themselves. Lest Camelot Fall, is a story that fans of the era and fans of alternate history will enjoy.

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