Boudicca: Her Story by T. Jerome Baker

20 Jan

BoudiccaIt’s not rare to hear the mantra of “Girl Power” in today’s world and this actually helped to propel the Spice Girls to fame when the band hit it big. You may be asking why I am mentioning a British all girl group for this review. It’s simple the story deals with a Welsh woman from the period around 60 AD.

Her name is one that many in the England will recognize and fans of history, specifically Roman, history will also know. It is stated in the book that she had a look that could terrorize those who saw her. Her hair was flaming red hair that fell to her waste and tall for a woman, and she was known by one name. Her name was Boudicca.

T. Jerome Baker takes the reader into a part of history many will know or have heard before. It’s a story from a very unique woman from history. A woman who defied the Romans and led a revolt that killed thousands for a cause she felt was just.

The short novella is called Boudicca: Warrior Queen (Her-Story).

The novella will take the high points of her life and help give the reader a reason for the revolt. The story will also point out how “His-tory” is written by the winners, or the survivors. The novella does its best to give you an insight into Boudicca’s side of events.

Boudicca: Warrior Queen (Her-Story) may be a very quick read but as a fan of history this was a nice telling of her life. Some of the highlights from the story are what drives the revolt to happen. It began due to greed and power. The result was rape, murder and death on a large scale that saw both sides suffer. 

I cannot say what there is to take away from the story other than a history lesson. It’s a lesson that sheds more light on a reader may have learned. You will learn about some of the motives behind the different battles and the mindset of the Warrior Queen. If nothing else you may learn the reason why Boudicca is a name that still is heard in today’s culture and her importance in British History.

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