Cryptic Title: A Non Resolution and Multiple Sclerosis?!? by Shawn “Knightmist” Micallef

02 Jan

First I want to thank Wendy Vorphal for her beautiful true story that she shared with us all for the Christmas Holiday. I know it’s not easy putting yourself out there for others to see and provide something that could be used as a judgment.

I had hoped for additional submissions but I know from my own life this is a busy time of year. There are of course others who have other places they share their work with so I’m not disappointed. It just made stop and take a break and write this to share with you all.

I want to start by saying, Happy New Year, to all my followers, occasional viewers, and fans of the blog. It was a busy 2013 as I managed to read nearly a book a week and get some type of review out, and boy are my eyes tired. (Ha Ha)

Ok in truth my eyes are tired, my arms hurt and it’s not from holding up an e-reader, or book. This is the time of year where weather in Wisconsin turns cold, and the past several days it has been frigid. Sadly this has brought on a small exasperation of my Multiple Sclerosis. It’s tolerable but enough of a pain that I find myself taking small breaks from writing this piece for you all.

Why write this you ask?  Simple, I will not let MS dictate how I work, and enjoy my time. So it took a bit longer than planned to put this together, but it got done.

You see I do not do New Year resolutions as the one thing I hate to do is break a promise. The promise might be to myself but I do not want to break it. If I made a resolution it would be to be an inspiration to at least ONE person on how something like MS is not a death sentence.

Now let me give you an idea what my typical day has been like since the exasperation started those several days ago. I work a nine hour day at a computer so a lot of tying, and working with a mouse. Yeah so all of that impacts my arms and eyes. The pain in the arms isn’t too bad but it can be constant. Imagine taking your finger nail and rubbing it against your skin.  It tingles and you may feel that sensation for a few moments after. Me it lasts for a good part of the day. The other issue is that my eyes after a long period will get blurry. It’s not bad it’s like when you close your eyes partially and try to look through them. I can rest the eyes by closing them and that equals a break for the arms. So yeah it’s not bad but does not make reading of books, or review writing easy when done with work.

So, the day offs are great when they happen but fatigue has been coming as well. The fatigue equals an urge to just sit and sleep on my day off. It’s not as easy to work through as the eyes and arms, but the key is to keep active and  not sleep.

The major thing out of all of that “complaining” is that yes it is a pain. I hate it and want to feel normal again. Wait, I do not think I have ever been normal, and I know for a fact my parents never had me tested. (Reference to TV show Big Bang Theory there).

Yeah I have an odd humor but that makes me who I am. Why bother letting the little things get you down? There are people with MS who have a situation much worse than I and I’m not going to ask for a pity party. I’d love a party but not a pity party.  I’d also like more money to pay some bills but hey, I’m not going to get into that aspect of life.

This post is more as a post to let people know I’m fine. I haven’t died, I haven’t stopped reading and the MS is not stopping me. I am not letting it stop me from doing something I love, reading, writing and arithmetic. Oh wait that is what kids should learn in school. I mean reading, writing and blogging. Yeah that’s what I meant.

I’ll  finish this “odd” running blog post with “Boy are my arms tired”. How Tired? Well I feel like I literally flew in from California without the aid of a jet. (Ha ha)

Seriously though, life is what we make out of it. It is our mind, our heart, and our soul that truly dictates who we are and how we will be. If you let either of those get clouded with sorrow and frustration your life can go in that direction. It’s important to stay positive no matter what life throws at you. As I say you have the choice to duck those objects and let them go buy. You can catch them and learn to deal with them, or let it hit you in the head and knock you out of the life you love.

So get ready for a great 2014, more book reviews are on their way. As always share with your friends my blog address as it’s great seeing the numbers increase. Submit your stories, and get ready for some new open submission calls. Peace and happiness for 2014.  Now get out there and let life come as it may, and remember it’s best to duck, or to catch, than take one in the gut.

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