Ten +1 Questions with Author Angelika Rust

12 Dec

Angelika RustAngelika Rust is the author behind the book Ratpaths. If you want to get an idea on the mind behind the book all you need to do is check out the about the author piece in the book. After all, how many authors will admit to this when it comes to where the book idea was found.

“I had a story in my head. It started taking up too much brain space (And to those of you who’ll feel compelled to argue that there hadn’t been too much brain space to begin with: I know who you are. And I know where you live.), so I wrote it down, only to find that writing one story down will inevitably lead to others popping up and demanding the same right.”


So after you read that about Angelika, in her own words, let us get on to her responses to those Ten, plus one, questions. Oh and at the bottom find the video trailer for the book, Ratpaths.

Question 1: What inspired you to write Ratpaths?

From the moment I discovered fantasy for me, I all but stopped reading anything else. For years, I read all that was available in the fantasy genre, right up to the moment I got heartily sick of almighty wizards and divine intervention. You know, deus-ex-machina solutions. I wanted to read a book with no magic at all, one in which the characters would need to rely on their own wits, luck, friends, whatever, to help them out of whatever they’ve gotten themselves into. That’s when I started writing the story which had occupied parts of my brain for quite some time already. It probably sounds hopelessly arrogant, but I wrote the book I wanted to read.

 Question 2: Is there any significance to the name/names of your main characters?

Sorry, but no. No friends I wanted to honor, no long lost love. I made all the names up as I went along, trying to find the name most appropriate for the individual person.

Question 3: During the writing process did you find yourself thinking about any of your own memories?

Of course. Sometimes a character will do or say something reminiscent of some person from your own past or present. Luckily, though, I’ve never had to experience anything even remotely close to what I put my characters through.

Question 4: What were some of your favorite books growing up?

I’ve spent quite a lot of time with Michael Ende’s Neverending Story. I’m reading it to my own kids now. It’s a unique book, and every child should read it, and then read it again as an adult.

Question 5: Do you hear from fans of the book, and if you do what do they say?

I’ve received a lot of very helpful feedback already. People tell me what they liked and disliked, which characters they’ve grown fond of and want to learn more about. They make suggestions on how the story might continue. Most of all, though, people tell me that they love the way I bring the city’s culture to life with allusions to beliefs and superstitions in the characters’ everyday language. In other words, they like how I swear and curse.

Question 6: What was the feeling like when you saw the very first printed version of your book? 

Unreal. Absolutely, wonderfully, horrifyingly unreal.

Question 7: Do you continue to write?

Yes. I’m currently working on the sequel, and whenever I need a break I’m writing a novella about the more or less amusing side effects of depression.  

Question 8: What is the message you want people to take away from the book?

None at all. I want people to take my book, lean back and relax. I didn’t choose to write fantasy to teach a lesson, but to provide a means of escape, a few hours of entertainment.

Question 9: If you could envision a future for your main character, what would it be?

At some point, in a very distant future, I want him to grow old in peace and play with the grandchildren. He’s in his early twenties now. I have plans for him, which don’t include an early retirement.

Question 10: Who are those in the dedication of the book, and their importance to you?  

This book is dedicated to everyone who reads/has read/will read it. Books should be dedicated to readers, that’s why.

The +1 Question: If you had any one place in the world you could travel to for a book tour, where would that place be, and why?

Can I have more than one place? During the past half year, I’ve met a great many wonderful, supportive people, but only on the internet and never in person. They are all over the US, the UK, some in Africa, Australia, Canada,…I would dearly love to meet and hug them all, hence I’d schedule a book tour to take me to the places where they live.


The trailer:

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