Open Blog for the Holidays (Submissions Welcome)

25 Nov

GiftsThe Holiday season can be a hectic, insane and just down right crazy.  It’s often caused by the hustle and bustle of getting shopping done, food cooked and spending time with family. It’s why there will be a small hiatus over the Thanksgiving period with no reviews coming till we start a new month, December.

I plan to take a break around Christmas and New Years as well.

You may catch that I said, “Plan to”, in that past statement.  The reason is I am willing to do some work during the Holidays if YOU come through on your end.

Here again I am opening my blog for ANYONE to submit a story that fits into the Christmas or New Year’s holiday period. The story can be of any Genre of fiction.  If you have a true story you wish to submit just please be sure to mention that when you submit.

So here are the rules:

  • No more than 5000 words
  • You must be author of the story
  • Submissions due by 12/20/2013
  • Submission should be Title of Email
  • Email Body
    • Title of story, Author name and how you want name shown on the blog.
    • Any links or images you want posted with story.
    • The Story can be attached or below the above in the email.
    • Email to Knightmist72(at)Gmail(dot)com
    • (at) = @ and (Dot) = .


So what happens during those two weeks of 12/23/2013 and 12/30/13 is all up to you who submit a story.


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