Losing Touch by Christian A Larsen

20 Nov

LosingYou can have a life you want for you and your family and in one day that can all change. Your job is gone after a company closes, your wife has to quit her job and you have children.  What are you to do? You borrow from family, maybe friends, and even max out credit cards.  What else is there for you to do?

In the book Losing Touch, by author Christian A Larsen, you will find out about the challenges that face Morgan and his family. He’s a Chicago Bears fan, loves his wife, and kids but has had no luck in finding a job.

As things get worse for his family I’m sure the man wants to find a way to make his problems disappear. The problem that face Morgan is that it’s not his problems that disappear it’s his sanity and his corporeal form that begins to disappear.

You begin to wonder as you read the book did Morgan find the answer to his problems and find he has a super power? 

In truth what begins happening to Morgan will lead to greater problems. His marriage, his family and his sanity all begun to crumble as he finds he’s able to walk through walls. The problem at the beginning of the book is he cannot control what is happening to him and this leads to some “odd” events.

Author Christian A Larsen takes the reader into a greater reality of what can happen when one finds they have a hidden “talent”.  This isn’t a story that has a man suddenly jumping through buildings in a single stop, but one who has food falling out of his stomach.  It’s so bad that he ends up having to wear adult diapers as he never knows when a drink, or meal, is suddenly not going to digest and come out of his body.  You can see why the need for a diaper as that would be hard to explain. When already broke can you afford to buy new clothes?

There are of course other concerns such as what happens during love making? What happens if he begins to lose his body as his making love to his wife? The book will go as far as explaining that sticky situation when it eventually happens.

There are some upsides to this newly found ability and the main one is he begins losing weight and getting into great shape. He even finds that any wounds well heal fast and almost disappear. There are many other possible perks of the ability and one maybe an easy way to get money for his family. Of course a search for easy money is going to be met with trouble. As most of us know, nothing comes easy.

Losing Touch is a well thought out book that takes the reader into a more real scenario when you find out you have a “super power”.  The book is summed up in a beautiful way with a forward but author Piers Anthony. 

Below are just a few things that Anthony wrote about the book that echo my thoughts on the book. As I think Anthony wrote them so eloquently I wanted to quote from his forward.

“Well, all this is the case in this novel. Morgan, the protagonist, has no idea what is coming over him, especially when he’s on the toilet. “I hope everything comes out all right” is no longer a joke. This is,  necessarily, an earthy, often crude story as he struggles through the dirty details before finally finding a feasible answer.” Piers Anthony, Forward to Losing Touch, December 19, 2012. 

All I can really add is that if you can get a forward from Piers Anthony for a book you have something very unique, a unique story telling style, or both.  In the case of Losing Touch the story is told through the eyes of Morgan and his family. 

The adventure he faces as he deals with a lack of income, generic soda (pop), and his corporeal issues would cause anyone to go a bit insane. So, as you read this well written book be prepared for some odd humor, questionable actions, and the man’s willingness to do all he can for his family.

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