Small Hour Stories by Michele Roger & Angie Nutt

23 Oct

small hour (2)Horror is often seen to be the real of primarily male writers with some female authors are making strides, and some outselling their male counterparts. This is an accomplishment that is rare and often comes as an encouragement to other female authors.  Michele Roger and Angie Nutt are two women that are putting their digital footprint out in the realm of horror. The two women have come together to create the anthology, Small Hour Stories.

The book contains five unique stories within its pages and each story gives the reader a hint of what is available for the ladies of Horror.  These are short stories by each of the two talented women and were thankfully published by Infinite Page Press. The great cover art is from illustrator Tom Duncan.

The book opens with the story Taste of the Dead by Michele Roger. The story will take the reader into the moment when a woman finds out her boyfriend is a bit more than obsessive. The man is bent on keeping the woman for himself and this means doing all he can to convince her to become like him. The story reads as you follow what goes through her mind as she must make a life and death decision.

The following story, by author Angie Nutt, involves an equally important decision of life and death. A housewife is home alone and afraid to go down her own stairs.  She senses, and sees, something at the bottom of her stairs. Whatever the shape is it has her deafly afraid to go down those stairs.  What is a woman to do? Is it her imagination or is what she saw real?

The book continues with two more short stories from Michele Rogers and another by author Angie Nutt.  The stories range from the unique fertilizer technique of women, to the dangers of owning a stray cat. In either case the stories will capture the reader’s attention.  The last story will show how far we will go for those we have loved after they passed to see them one last time.

Small Hour Stories may seem like a quick read at its size, but the stories are well written. Each woman uses her imagination to bring the reader well developed stories. Their work helps to show that although horror can appear male dominated there are women writing tales that are just as scary and though provoking.


Below is a video featuring author Michele Roger giving potential readers a taste of the book.

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One response to “Small Hour Stories by Michele Roger & Angie Nutt

  1. Sally Breen

    October 24, 2013 at 8:57 AM

    As a emergency room nurse, I see many things that would make the average person very uneasy.. It’s just another day at the office for me. Michelle’s story Taste of the Dead made me squeamish to the point of fidgeting in my seat and having to take a break. Well done, Michelle!


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