Division by Karen A Wyle

16 Oct

DivisionTwins have a unique existence that many in the world may find themselves being envious of. People may have romanticized the way they have a sibling of the same age to grow up with. They may think of how much fun it would be to have someone to share experiences.  There is also the fact it is possible they have the joy of being identical and thus can try to blame the other when trouble comes calling.

Just ask yourself how many times have you seen stories on twins, ones that dress and act alike. There are also those who think twins have a unique unbreakable bond that allows them to feel when the other is in trouble. Now imagine if that bond was not through some mystical telepathic link but through the body.

Author Karen A Wyle takes the reader into just such a situation when she introduces the reader to conjoined twins Gordon and Jonny in the book, Division.

The story opens with a prologue where you get a small introduction to the boy’s mother, Ellen, and her love for her sons. The story will progress and we begin to see the family lives in an advanced world from ours, but some of the same issues are found.  There is hatred of those not “normal” and those who have such a strong believe they even threaten harm due to their ignorance, not the families.

The reader will find that Ellen and the boy’s stepfather Frank have a good life. It’s a very happy family where the mother has done as much as she can to protect the boys from the world around them. She tries to protect them from the stares and rudeness of others.  She tries to give them a normal life and the boys are able to excel from her love.

Johnny and Gordon share the body and each has control of one side of their body.  The boys have learned as they grew how to work together and share their lives. This will all come to a head by a simple statement one of the brothers makes. He does not realize what he says would have the repercussions on their lives it does but it will start a path that ends up in court.

The path in question is in the setting of the book society has advanced medicine and it may now be possible for the boys to live apart. This is a decision Johnny forces when he sues to separate from his brother. Gordon is devastated from this decision and it puts the boys at odds and leaves their mother in the middle. There are others impacted by this decision as there is also a long time friend both boys had dreamt of one day being together with.

I do not want to give too much away on this well written book. The story is complex and well thought out and will have the reader maybe choosing sides. The reader may feel sorrow for Gordon who wishes to live their live as they have together. Others may understand why Johnny wants to be able to separate and enjoy his own life.

Division is a book that will bring  you not only into the struggles of the boys but their triumphs. It will show you how the family unit is the one who really suffers.  The family is also the ones who conqueror the adversity brought by Johnny’s choice.  The book will reside will with those who came up in a family with multiple children, or those who have had to face hard choices. It is a book that may even bring a tear to your eye, but at the same time a smile in triumph.

**Note: I received an advance copy of the book and is why the books link is to Smashwords. If you find that this book maybe something you want to read keep an eye out for it as I personally enjoyed the book.

Division is available at this time for pre-ordering at B&N and Kobobooks and will be available on Amazon and Smashwords on October 29, 2013.

If you wish to pre-order here are the links. 

–B&N (pre-order link):

–Kobobooks (pre-order link):


Division is now available and for sale at the above retailers, Amazon and Smashwords.

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