A Horrorific Opportunity for YOU!

11 Oct

WritingThere have been certain holidays in the past where I have posted some original work that fits the theme of the holiday.  This year life has kept me busy and I’m personally just thrilled I’ve been able to keep up with the book reviews. 

All I’ll say about this year’s fun is that home ownership finally got to be a bit expensive this year. It was about time as the house has been ours for many years. So who would be shocked when a water heater from the late 1990’s finally calls it quits? I also learned a good plumbing lesson as a power vent system is more expensive.  So yeah I’ve had enough home horrors that I could write something on that.  

However, I want to try something and I realize upfront that this could be a futile (Borg Voice) endeavor. 

What I’m doing is putting out an open call to all the followers, readers, and lurkers of the blog to put on your thinking caps.  It can be something from a real life experience, a short story from grammar school, a crazy idea, or just a dream that keeps you up at night. So what am I talking about, err writing about here? 

I’m offering anyone the opportunity to have a piece of your work; yes I said it YOUR work posted on the blog. The post will be made during the week of October 28, 2013.  Why the year?  You never know when this could be read as things do stay on the internet for some time. 

So that’s right if you have a piece of writing you have wanted to share but have no outlet, this is your chance. I just ask that you keep the story creepy and please no worse than an R-rating.  This means gratuitous violence, swearing, and limited nudity are acceptable. Granted who cares about nudity as there will be NO pictures of that on the blog. (laughs)  The only limitation I have is please NO SEX (sorry 1980’s slasher film fans), or previously published work.  The story must also have an element of fear to work with the Halloween Holiday. 

The stories can come from anyone as the point is to allow others a chance to get a feature. I wish I could say there is a prize for best story but you read about the home ownership being costly. (Smiles) 

If this at all sounds like something you’d be interested in taking part in get writing.  Send any submission you have to my email address which is just below. To avoid, hopefully, spammers I did write out the email completely.   

Send your stories, real, fictions, or ludicrous to: 


Please put Submission in the subject line and keep the story to fewer than 8000 words.

If you happen to have an image, blog or website you wanted mentioned in your posting please include with the email.


The Legal and Submission Guidelines:


All rights will remain with the owner of the original writing, and will not be edited for content.  If at any time the author wishes work to be removed, it will be removed.


I am the final decision on if the piece will be published, and when it will be published during that week.

Deadline is 10/23/2013.


Story should either be in body of email, or attached as Word Format or PDF.

Any images requested to show in story should be in JPEG format.


Include Title of story and how you want your name to appear.  (I do have the right to go with anonymous for those who give an obvious crude fake name.)


Email Subject: Submission

Body of message should contain: 


How you want name to appear in posting

Story Title 

The story itself or mention attachment and any photos.


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