The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

17 Sep

graveyard-bookHow many stories are out there about a child escaping their parent’s house and the police are called to find them? There are also stories of a child being found wandering the streets by people and you always are scared for the child. You also will wonder about the parents and how they could let their child out of the house that way.

The problem is that just maybe that the child is escaping a dangerous activity happening in their home. It’s highly possible that some mad man, let’s call him Jack, and is in the home silently going around killing everyone in the house. The only person this “Jack” misses is the young boy that nobody sees crawling up the street and into the cemetery. The cemetery becoming his salvation as this mad Jack is stopped at the gate from entering, and killing the child.

This is the starting point of the Neil Gaiman book, “The Graveyard Book”.

The book takes the reader into the life of a young child who has quite the unique childhood. He is raised by a very caring family of “ghosts”. Yes, I wrote the word ghosts and as a community the ghosts give the boy a name, Nobody Owens.  Owens being the name of his new “ghost parents”.

The young boy is raised in the cemetery and as the book evolves you learn more about those who care for him. Bod only really has one real “human” interaction for much of the first years of his life coming from the man Silas who originally turn the man Jack away that fateful night.  Silas making the bargain that he will help care for the child and if he must leave will find a proper replacement while Silas is away.

The great thing about the book is how Gaiman framed the book and its different chapters. Each chapter could be pulled out of the book and treated as a short story as they work greatly as their own individual stories. The fact that they help keep you involved with the ever growing and advancement of years that Nobody goes through in his life.

The book is one that will find fans in many genres. Those into suspense, murder, the supernatural, and even children’s books should enjoy this book. The aspect of getting to read along as the character grows from a child of youth to a young man with his own sense of being will help teach lessons as well.

The Graveyard Book is a novel that may throw readers at first but as you read you find a well written story. The story will engage readers who find the multitude of topics found within the book to be interesting. The writing that Neil Gaiman shows within the pages helps to show how Gaiman became such a loved author.

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