An American Ghost Story (movie staring Stephen Twardokus)

09 Sep

AnAmericanGhostStoryI want to start this movie review by putting out a small disclaimer. It’s not about the movie but the fact there is a family connection between myself and the star of the film.  We both grew up in the same small town in Upper Michigan and he is a second cousin of mine.  To be honest I was not aware he was in the movie business and came across the movie while looking in the local video store and did a double take when I saw the name.  Now onto the review…………

You cannot turn on the TV today without coming across a television show that has a supernatural element involved. These type of shows are found not just in the reality realm but also TV series.

So it is not to shocking to find people all over trying to cash in on the new craze, and this is what writer Paul Anderson tries to do in the movie, “An American Ghost Story.”  Paul (Stephen Twardokus) is the fictional writer in the movie who, with his girlfriend Stella (Liesel Kopp), move into a new home.

The problem is that the Paul has not told his girlfriend that he rented the house with specific plans to trying to draw out the spirits that are rumored to haunt the home. As you watch the movie you will find out what kind of events happened in the home.  You will also discover it may not have been the best idea to try and return the home to its former look.

As the movie starts things seem to be going normal for the couple and they have a good relationship. Paul  and Stella have not been dating to long but they seem to have great chemistry. They are both excited to move into the new place, although Stella is in the dark on the reasons why.

It’s not very long before things start to turn “weird” in the home as Stella is the first to really get the home’s true “experience”.  It happens one evening while Paul is out in the garage and Stella is in the kitchen. The events that happen to Stella would surely leave any person as visibly shaken as she becomes.

The movie is low budget but director Derek Cole makes up for this in the way some scenes are shot.  You are brought into the movie through subtle actions and the suspense that is slowly built throughout the film.  Paul never really seems to be in the right place when events happen in the home, but as a viewer you get to see them.

As Paul investigates the homes past more and more he finds nothing but roadblocks as no one really wants to talk about the place. He will eventually find one woman to talk to him but will he get the answers he wants.

An American Ghost Story is a well written movie, and devoid of it’s obvious budget the movie is worth a view. Those who are deep into the fandom of the supernatural will really get a surprise from this movie.  Those who have a connection to Upper Michigan and it’s small towns will be pleased to see one of their own go so far.

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