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Ten Questions + 1 with Author Gusty McCabe

Gusty1Paul aka “Gusty” McCabe, is the writer behind the book, “The Most Important Critter in the Whole Wide World. He has been a busy man and as time has allowed he has sent the answers to those Questions you should now be very familiar with.

So without further comment let’s take a look at Gusty’s responses.

QUESTION 1  What inspired me to write “The Most Important Critter in the Whole Wide World“?

The response it received from the children who heard me tell it.  I am (or was) a story teller and among the tales in my stock was a retelling of this old Indian legend that I had found in my story search.  When telling the tale to kids they would join in and yip, yap, wail and bay, they’d cock-a-doodle-doo at the top of their lungs and this was the tale
they loved best.  When my voice gave out and I decided to write and publish this tale came first to my mind.

QUESTION 2  Any significance to the names of the main characters?

None.  I used the characters as they came.

QUESTION 3 While writing did I think about any of my own memories?

Only those memories of enjoying well told stories as a child myself.

QUESTION 4  What were some of my favorite books while growing up?

The Thornton Burgess books, Kiplings Just So stories, and as a young adult I couldn’t read enough of Joseph Altshellers books for boys.  He was a wonderful writer, covering early colonial times, The Mexican war and Alamo period, and several first world war books too.

QUESTION 5  Do I hear from fans of the book and what do they say?

The book is still new but the local folks that have read it say it is very good and their children enjoy it.  They ask if I’m going to write another.  i say “Yes”.

QUESTION 6  How did I feel when I saw the first printed version of my book?

I was very proud.  I really felt good about it and made quite a noise to my Email friends and of course all my
relatives too.

QUESTION 7  Do I continue to write?

Yes.  I’m putting together another retelling of an Indian legend about Ol’ Man Coyote.  It is another one that the children loved to hear and it is called “The Day the Coyote Lern’t He couldn’t Fly”

QUESTION 8  What is the message I want people to take away from my book?

No message really.  I want them to enjoy the tale, especially the kids and I would like to hear that people read the tale aloud to young children, as I read aloud to my boys when they were young.

QUESTION 9  What future do I envision for my main character?

I want the rooster to keep wakin’ the sun and the coyotes to keep on wailin’ and bayin’ at the moon.

QUESTION 10  Who are those in the dedication of the book, and why are they important?

They are my sons, Thomas, John, and William.  They are now grown men but the joy of my life was reading
to them when they were little boys.

QUESTION 10+1  Where would I like to travel for a book tour and why?

As a teller of tales I would enjoy the British Isles mostly.  Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.  The Bards of old always intrigue me, and the image of the ancient seanachie passing through village and town finding a welcome, a meal, and lodging for telling the old tales by the fireside forms a quaint picture in my mind. Of course all of Europe has it’s image of troubadours, scalds, and minnesingers as well, and a journey there would be pleasing too.


Gusty provided some blogs that he follows.

They are, “Aviva Gittle Books“, “Diary of a Nascent Author(DNA)“, and “Karen McQuestion’s Blog

Karen McQuestion is the author of “A Scattered Life” and several others and her blog is very well done and informative.
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