The Eradication by author T Bison

19 Aug

EradicationThe Eradication is a novel by author T Bison, which will get the reader asking themselves some serious questions. The main one I found myself asking was,” how would I feel?”, when I learned what drove Hayden to do what he did..

Hayden is man who saw his world turned upside down, side- ways, and every which way that is possible in one evening. You’d think it was the event you find him facing when you begin reading the book. The fact he is in front of a Judge with a record of not showing compassion and caring more about protecting those in power then the little man. It’s in this court room we get a bit of insight into what Hayden has done. Those hints do no justice to what he really does and those stories await the reader.

What drives Hayden to accomplish what he does is one horrible event he comes home to find. He comes home after a few drinks, finds the door open, and his dog cowering in the corner. He finds out why the dog is so shaken when he sees his wife’s body, yes body, on the bedroom floor. She’s been beaten to death and violated brutally by an attacker and Hayden has the misfortune of finding her.

Hayden is one of those men that many today would categorize as a conspiracy theorist. He believes government is too big, too far reaching, and that people may depend on the government to much. So it is no shock that he does not call the police first, and when it’s time to deal with the police he has his own unique way of dealing with them.  I must say that the way the character is written at this point has me routing for Hayden more and more.

T Bison does a great job of creating the character of Hayden Burns and bringing the reader into this man’s mind and his impact on others. He can be the silent type, but if you are able to connect with him, he is a true friend. This becomes clear as he helps a young man get a job with his company, and later he helps give a waitress an idea for a new career path.

The book is set in a way that the reader gets to learn about Hayden and those lives he enters. The story follows his life and at times provides more information through needed flashbacks to younger periods. These flashbacks are not cumbersome but something that helps move the story forward. It will also help the reader get more information and explain why Hayden does what he does.

What T Bison does masterfully in this book is give you the appearance that Hayden has moved on from his wife’s murder. The ability of the man to move and accept what life has given him may have you feeling so happy for the main character. You will find yourself forgetting the opening scene, or wondering what got happened put him in front of a judge.

As the true depths of what Hayden has been doing over the many years becomes revealed you will find yourself in shock. The stories elements will flash in your mind as you remember moments on how and when he may have done, what he has done. The one thing you will take from The Eradication is a well written book with developed characters. The book will seem like a quick read as you will find yourself unable to put it down, and that is a sign of a great book,

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