Reach: A Twin-Bred novel (Volume 2) by Karen A. Wyle

30 Jul

Reach ebook coverThe book, Twin-Bred¸ by author Karen A. Wyle introduced the reader to a new world and an alien race that “tolerated” humans on their planet of Tofarn. It was on this planet that interactions between the two races were troubled as neither fully understood the other.

It was here that the scientist Mara Cadell came up with the plan to create twins using embryos from a human and Tofa parent to create twins. These twins would be educated and become a new group that would help settle disputes upon the planet.

The problem when the children began going out into the world they were disliked by both humans and the tofa. Their only recourse was to leave their beloved planet and travel into the stars to find a new world to call their own. These beings, these “twin bred”, left much behind and reached for the skies in the hope of finding something new, and their purpose.

The book Reach: A Twin-Bred Novel takes the reader into space and allows the reader to continue the journey with the twin bred. Their lives still confusing and maybe leaderless give plenty of opportunity for them to grow as a group. They may have to suffer periods of time in stasis to last the long trip to find a new planet but they will do all they can to make it happen.

Mara having gone with this group will be on board to witness their growth and will be able to assist those children she helped to see brought into the world. Characters such as Jimmy, Peer-tek, Rose, and others return in this book.

Tofarn has also changed since the twin bred have left with the Tofa taking some control and like most governments there is turmoil.

Reach differs from its processor by taking you further into the characters created in the first book. You get to watch characters grow in not just stature but as a community. You are asked to travel along with the twin bred and read about their adventures. Their decisions could have far reaching impacts on not just their space flight, but those they keep in touch with back home.

Karen A, Wyte does a great job of re-introducing the readers to many characters and expanding on their personalities. She allows for growth as a people in both the humans and tofa no matter their location. She helps to bring this story full circle and gives the reader a great journey within the pages of the book. A journey that matches the one the twin bred under take in, Reach.

Karen has previously done the Author interview and if you’d like to see her responses just follow this link.

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